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Oh Aggy, Part Deux

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I never said that there was anything wrong with the aggy dancers outfits.....on women. 


J.B., you know the best thing about Aggy women, they are all so tired of competing with the sheep that a player with no game has to fight 'em off with a stick.  :lol: :lol:

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These jerks that accuse kids of being afraid to play in the SEC make me laugh. I wonder if they ever played football. Quit making excuses, your football program is going in the tank right now. Hell your coach evaluated and offered these alleged cowards, what does this say of their evaluation of talent. Sorry for getting worked up but when they call these kids cowards it pisses me off.

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Put her in a milkman's uniform and aggy's got their new yell leader...


The list eater episode is, without a doubt, the funniest thing I have ever read about aggys.  What was the icing on the cake is how perplexed the ags waiting in line were.  Their comments were off the wall and I was gasping from laughter - to the point of hyperventilating.


Only can happen at:




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