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Oh Aggy, Part Deux

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On ‎3‎/‎20‎/‎2018 at 4:58 PM, Baron said:

I saw this in a souvenir shop in Lewisville.


You should have offered them $5 for just as novelty.

Either the person who made this screwed up or they were a genius, if you know what I mean!

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Franchise Quest

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    • It looks like Kris disagrees with you. “I give myself a C, C-minus,” Boyd said. “You don’t get no good grade if you get scored on at all. I don’t care if you’re beating a team 41-7.   And there’s freshman Caden Sterns, who followed up his USC performance with another star turn against TCU. Sterns had two interceptions and five tackles and will be a strong candidate for Big 12 defensive player of the week honors.     With Texas secondary swarming the field, 18th-ranked Longhorns gaining steam, confidence https://www.hookem.com/story/texas-secondary-swarming-field-18th-ranked-longhorns-gaining-steam-confidence/
    • I’m seriously considering it. Looks like there may be some correlation...
    • LOLLOLLOL....Probably where I read it....Dont worry. The way my old man memory is I will probably give you that "news flash" again next page.
    • Yeah y’all got me excited!  
    • While I'm glad we won,  our play calling lacks creativity and often fails to get stars/key players in the best position to succeed.    Our offense is bottom half of the BigXII (though in the 6-7 range) despite more talent than everyone but OU. CBS looked at 2 INTs.   While I was impressed with Sterns play, he was my runner up, I simply think Boyd going mano-a-mano vs an NFL quality WR was more impressive.   Had we been forced to double Reagor, defense looks much different. Just the humble opinion from the cheap seats.