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    • We have 3 scholarship QB's this year (Sam, Casey, & Roch). 
    • I’ll be at the LSU game this year but man I need to experience the RRR game in Dallas. 
    • ou game................so you can see ou suck in person.
    • Tough call, but I'd go Texas/LSU.  More hype around this one than last year's Texas/Georgia since not many gave Texas a chance. It'll be Big 12 vs SEC for real now that we've bloodied their nose. The ou game is awesome, but one of many to come and go.  The LSU crowd will be LOUD!  The Texas crowd will be LOUD!  DKR will be rocking off the ground!!!  We will be the underdogs again and a win here will be unforgettable.  OTOH, next year, LSU/Texas may even be bigger. Kick'em in the teeth twice and they'll have tears in their eyes.  Hope that helps.   Or...you could get your wife to fill in for you and go to both?  
    • Hello sportsjam, Welcome to the HornSports forums!  Thank you for joining our online community to discuss Texas Longhorns Athletics - please feel free to browse around and get to know the board and other posters. If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can improve the community, please don't hesitate let us know! --HornSports Staff
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