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Nate Boyer, signs with Seattle. . .national phenom

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The irony that A&M prides itself as a military academy-institution (all the honor and code that would go with that), yet ended up nationally branded by Johnny Manzel while Texas has made this latest national mark by such as Nate Boyer.


"You fall in love through the process with guys and give people opportunities for different reasons all through the draft," Seattle general manager John Schneider said. "Through a good friend of mine I've become aware of who this guy is at his core and what he represents and what he's done every single year at Texas and three tours and coming out of high school, he's just a phenomenal person. And he's a competitor, and he's tough and he represents a lot of really, really cool things that quite frankly I think will be good for all of us to be around."




An additional irony.... Nate Boyer is going to an NFL stadium known for The 12th Man. :o





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