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ZZ Top & Jeff Beck

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Beck & ZZ Top have been fans of each other for a long time. For you young'uns, Jeff was one of three legendary lead guitarists who played with the Yardbirds in the 60's (along with Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page). He first saw ZZ Top when they were the lead-in act for the Rolling Stones on one of their first stadium tours. If you haven't seen Jeff Beck Live at Ronnie Scott's, you should check it out on Netflix. Also, You Tube has a fabulous show that Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughan put on in Hawaii for Epic Records employees and friends. 

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OK, I know this has nothing to do with Longhorn sports but I went to see them tonight & it was awesome, totally awesome. Oh, ZZ is from Texas so.....

Oh, but there IS a historical connection between ZZ Top and Texas Football.  On September 1, 1974, ZZ Top

headlined the "First Annual Rompin' Stompin' Barn Dance and BBQ" which occurred on the football field at

University of Texas' Memorial Stadium.  I did not attend, but apparently, during the day, some person carved a

chunk out of the new artificial turf covering the football field. Suffice it to say, DKR made damn sure that was the

"Last Annual Rompin' Stompin' Barn Dance and BBQ".   

I remember reading in the Daily Texan afterwards that the chunk cut out was shaped like the State of Texas. 

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