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Devonaire Clarington

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Per an OB poster:

Clarington's issue has always been the transcript and trying to get it through the clearinghouse. That was going to be the challenge. Texas took a gamble on Clarington because sometimes those things fall your way, but by no means was it ever a guarantee he would make it to campus.

Both Horns247 and HornsDigest are now saying Devonaire Clarington won't qualify. Higdon is saying the reports/rumours are accurate. Jeff Howe mentioned that Texas might try to get him back after a year of prep school and/or try a sign-and-place with a junior college.​
I'm not saying it's true, I don't know. Just posting this as a take-it-or-leave-it.

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The problem is I think all the sites are basing his qualification on the fact that he started looking at junior colleges. Thing is that's fairly common for recruits that are grade risks. 


D'onta Foreman and Poona Ford did the same thing last year. Maybe they have other inside info, but it seems like they are basing these new reports on Clarington looking into JC's (which really doesn't tell me a thing, it's common). 

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While DeAndre McNeal gives up some height to Clarington, he also adds some agility and YAC advantage possibilities. McNeal could be a better blocker as well in the sense that he may have more of a take-one-for-team personality. (Pure conjecture on my part.)

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Franchise Quest

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    • First half was 12min quarters, 2nd half was 10min.  OL didn't get enough push on run plays for sure, hard to tell from 3rd row at stadium about pass pro.  i thought most punts were pretty good, looked like he had a 60yarder in there.  3 10+ yard runs from RBs all game that I can remember, 1 by Young and 1 by Carter, Carter just isn't impressive.  J McCollough with a few pressures and a coule sacks. Maybe he gets more time a B-Backer?  Collin and LJH both played well. Reece played decent from what I rememeber.  4th Q, Thompson with back to back dimes and then a 20yarder couple plays later.  Overall, first half, we just arnt crisp. Penalties will kill drives again. I just don't think we can recover from a penalty Bc yards seem too hard to come by at this point. OL needs to spend every waking second together. Maybe sleep next to each other in sleeping bags. RBs are opposite of dynamic. Duvernay with 1 very nice deep catch where he got hit and held on. No much else. LJH and CJ are studs. No huge drops on the day. Few close calls on tipped passes. Sam no Shane stood out, neither will take over the game. Neither was bad. Horrible fumbled exchange on RPO early btw Sam and Carter.  Zero sum game, many guys that will play snaps out and Anderson should take over at LT in a couple months.  Hope recruiting went great this weekend! Weather held up great. 
    • Think we're offering Card as a QB or ATH?
    • We don’t like to reach out to kids during their trips. Will reach out once he leaves campus.
    • My five quick thoughts 1. The offensive line isn't much better than last year's version. 2. The defense looks salty. Roach and Hager definitely stood out tonight. 3. LJH is the best running back on the squad, with Yoder coming in second. 4. The two young QB's will be at the top of the depth chart next year. 5. LJH and Johnson will be the offense this next season. After what I saw tonight I am downgrading my expectations for next season. 7 wins in the regular season.