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  1. I think we may be done at LB. Would gladly welcome a flip from Josh White but we are not actively pursuing any LBs that we have a chance with. We seem somewhat thin at the position currently but have a lot of young guys who will be coming up through the system in the next few years. Probably a few that redshirt this year so we will have plenty of options going forward.
  2. We are in New Orleans where we have pretty consistent water issues. I'm thinking about having the gutters drain mostly towards the front of the property that is clearly graded towards the street in front of the house.
  3. @Sirhornsalot what is your advice for a lawn that is holding water after rain? We went by our new house after a rain storm and noted that the backyard was holding water in several spots. We are surrounded by neighbors on all sides back there so can't really drain it away from the backyard (unless we redirected towards our house). There is a strip of concrete back there (no idea why) that we plan to remove and we will add gutters to the house.
  4. Transferred to Trinity Valley CC and is now at Syracuse https://www.rotoworld.com/college-football/nfl-draft/player/39350/reggie-hemphill-mapps
  5. @TexCoyote watch for Jerrin Thompson to potentially drop.
  6. I wish it wasn't but seems the Foster info was off. Where did you hear that?
  7. Saw that. Some other media members have been mentioning it too. What's the thought on Stone vs. Milroe. Stone looks quite incredible on tape IMO, but I've heard whispers of behind the scene type of things. Milroe is great is in his own right, and may even be a better fit for our offense.
  8. Any updates on Jalen Milroe recruitment? Sounds like things are picking up there.
  9. It was very frustrating to watch games that we didn't easily put away (Kansas, Tulsa) or hold on to big leads we built against top competition (OU, Georgia). In some cases it came down to poor execution and silly mistakes that let these teams keep games close. To a degree, particularly OU and Georgia, we shifted strategy to try and run down the clock and we didn't execute well on offense or defense. With continued improvement by the team overall, I think we perform better in these situations and the computer models will probably like us better. Not that computer models matter all that much, winning matters the most, but they do often go hand in hand.
  10. I agree. It's impossible for a computer algorithm to be created that can truly assess a football team. Too many factors in play. Texas did not have a season that looks good statistically but we know from watching it was a very good season (with some unfortunate hiccups). All season, FPI had us underrated so it is not surprising that the predictions for next year (which use last years results) have us underrated.
  11. Not saying I agree with it but just reminding that these are computer models. FPI probably likes OU a lot more than us because they had many more big wins than we did. Even our "easy" games were close in final score and our big wins, even though we held big leads, ended with close scores. I think FPI has us severely underrated because our stats don't accurately how good our team was last year and will be this coming season.
  12. This is based on FPI, which is a computer model. Texas hasn't looked good in computer models based on all of our close wins - against bad teams (ex. Tulsa) and good teams (ex OU). FPI is also dinging us because of our lack of returning starters for next season. I think people who have actually watched our team from last year understand why FPI has us underrated. We lose a lot of "starters", especially on defense, but have plenty of highly talented and experienced guys replacing them. We didn't close out our easy games or big wins well last year but had those games well in hand. I think this is why you see us ranked higher in polls created by humans and we will be lower in anything put together by a computer algorithm.
  13. This is great stuff. Thanks SHA. Will keep you posted as we get to work on this stuff
  14. https://247sports.com/player/lake-mcree-46076726/
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