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  1. Yeah, I don't see him putting a hand in the dirt. I see him possibly in a Gary Johnson capacity.
  2. Agree DS. I have a question... I really like Brennan Scott...smart and has a motor. Seems like he's ranked lower than his film indicates. Why? Is he maxed out size-wise? Any thoughts?
  3. interesting drg. Thanks for posting. I also thought it interesting Broughton tweeted this on Tuesday in response to his mom...
  4. I'm feeling 25% confident, 40% comfortable, 50% unsure...so about 115% sure I know absolutely nothing from this.
  5. Is this of any significance? I didn't know they made vids.
  6. If my kid had a choice between two schools and I preferred one over the other for whatever reason, I would certainly let them know my preference. It doesn't mean I would force them, of course. Remember, Broughton did say he would sit down with mom and grandma and discuss the plusses and minuses, so he apparently looks at this as a family decision.
  7. Just a frame of reference, the sky is NOT falling. At this point last year, we had 12 commits. If we get one more tomorrow as we expect (or hope), then we're at 8. 12 verbals at this point last year-- Roschon Johnson 7/21/17 T’Vondre Sweat 2/28/18 Jordan Whittington 3/10/18 De’Gabriel Floyd 3/31/18 Kenyatta Watson 5/1/18 Brayden Liebrock 5/8/18 Tyler Johnson 5/25/18 Jared Wiley 5/26/18 Jake Smith 6/3/18 Peter Mpagi 6/16/18 Chris Adimora 7/1/18 Marques Caldwell 7/7/18 ————————————————————— 11 verbals after this point-- Marcus Tillman 7/28/18 Javonne Shepherd 7/29/18 Derrian Brown 9/16/18 Tyler Owens 9/24/18 David Gbenda 9/30/18 Marcus Washington 10/26/18 Myron Warren 11/19/18 Jacoby Jones 11/21/18 Caleb Johnson 12/17/18 Kennedy Lewis 12/18/18 Isaiah Hookfin 12/21/18 ———————————————————— 3 JUCO/TRANSFER-- Willie Tyler* 3/4/19 Parker Braun* 3/7/19 Juwan Mitchell* 5/13/19
  8. Really? What the hell happened over the weekend? I thought Broughton was a lean??
  9. The move he makes at the 5:00 mark -- impressive. I've seen lesser talent get D1 offers. No doubt this kid has some shake to his game.
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