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  1. 65 days till the season starts just win and everything will fall into place .
  2. Oh well move on let him go to Alabama and wait two years to play
  3. I hate to see a player like this leave but if he wants to go back to that dumpster fire or even thinking about it his heart not in Texas probably why he delayed the tranfer papers this whole time hope he changes his mind
  4. Any chance Texas makes a run for Chris Steele Daniel Seahorn I believe him an Bru McCoy are good friends
  5. That's what georgia said we will have more offensive weapons than you think
  6. Thanks for the great Intel Seahorn always keep it 100 good or bad also Happy Birthday
  7. Now we wait on Brandon Jones hope he stays we need some leadership on defense next year
  8. This is the reason herman recruited all these receivers who's gonna step up
  9. My thoughts exactly I wish him the best
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