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  1. While I like your enthusiasm, I could see Texas with an overall better record then they did last year, but end up short in a Super Regional because of the youth.
  2. @joeywa definitely a tough way to wake up too, but more importantly a tough way for the young man as this is his draft year. Hibbeler at shortstop and Bryce Reagan/Lance Ford at 2nd.
  3. Jared is one of those young men, that when he says that he wants to come to visit the campus, you make sure that everything is in order. He has been Committed to Schloss and company since he was a Freshman in High School, what happened between him and TCU, no idea, but David Pierce and company knew that this was a big opportunity.
  4. Second baseman Mitchell Daly (2020, Madison, Ala.) is a 6-foot, 180-pound scrappy middle infielder for the Astros. He brings an obvious mental and physical toughness to the ballpark. Offensively, the junior-to-be at Bob Jones HS has a middle-of-the-field, flat bat path, and advanced bat-to-ball skills. He is a tough out. On the bases, Daly is a heady and aggressive runner who will take the extra base. Defensively, he has plus quickness, soft hands, and a playable, accurate arm. Mitchell Daly (2020, Madison, Ala.) is the East Cobb second-sacker who is gritty and tough and plays with an edge that keeps his teammates alert and involved in the ball game. The 6-foot, 180-pound middle infielder shows surprising pop in his bat. His flat bat path and middle-of-the-field mentality, along with his noticeable bat quickness, allows the rising junior at Bob Jones HS to consistently drive the ball from gap-to-gap. He has a shortstop’s range at second base and always appears to be in the position to make any play on the right side of the infield. He shows plus arm strength and great accuracy in his throws.
  5. Here is Mitchell(on the left) speaking with Coach Miller and Coach Haig during the Longhorn Baseball Showcase in October.
  6. Add one more this time it is from out state. David Pierce and Staff are following the footprint the football staff is laying out. When the talent is not there and the player is there from out of state. Then you go get said player from that State. This time, this young man comes from Alabama, MIF Mitchell Daly all the way from Bob Jones High School which is in Madison Alabama. Daly also plays for East Coast Cobbs, one of the elite summer programs on the national level. My Video of Mitchell during his work back in October. He has not had time to make it public.
  7. Right now I am leaning toward him showing up on campus.
  8. David Pierce has some strong ties to Episcopal High School(assistant coach at Episcopal High School from 1992-95) as well as to the City of Houston, point being that I am leaning toward that Witt will make it to campus.
  9. Tanner Witt comes from an amazing family. His Dad, Kevin Witt is the hitting coach in the Miami Marlins organization. Tanner Witt's grandfather, on his mother side, is a graduate from The University of Texas and owns the Houston Kyle Chapman organization.
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