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  1. One bird is worth two in the bush. You take Milton if he wants to commit early and you keep recruiting Evans like nobody’s business.
  2. I hope you are right Sirhornsalot. Our linebacking core will be pretty stacked and competitive if LH jumps on aboard.He and his mom seem pretty lit up on their visit here.
  3. Why is there a whole thread devoted to little brother’s penis envy? Let’s just meet on the playing field and see who comes away the winner. I would love to meet in a bowl game sooner than later just so we can put them in their place one more time.
  4. I thought he was too small for pass pro? Trust in Herb.
  5. Seems like he’s lived a pretty good life considering the abuse he put his body through. Being a modern day gladiator comes with some consequences, no doubt. I wish Tommy Nobis all the best.
  6. Over the top!!! Kids. What do we learn from Bru McCoy? Commit to the college, not to the coach... especially the assistant coach.
  7. This may be the biggest kick in the balls Texas has ever delivered to USC and that is saying somthing. With Bru our WR class becomes absolutely ridiculous. Wow! Hope he comes here and gets the waiver.
  8. What a weird turn of events. Bru obviously should have stuck with the stable option originally. USC is a dumpster fire.
  9. Can’t wait till we knock him on his ass later this year. Rattler is one ugly, ugly, ugly looking dude.
  10. Check again. Neither UCLA or Texas have offered.
  11. Casey and Roschon are both much better fits for Herman’s offensive scheme than Rising and Buechele(sp?). I can’t wait to see how Casey plays when his number is called. The kid has jets and a pretty live arm... not to mention a winning pedigree.
  12. We should hope like hell Casey Thompson stays. I like his potential far more than Buchele’a portfolio.
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