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  1. DisplacedTexan

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    @Sirhornsalot I suppose, if pressed, I wouldn't say that Jimbo has owned the state this recruiting cycle just like I wouldn't say Texas owned the state with its #3 ranked class last cycle. I agree that they have a good amount of "fluff" guys signed but there's also no disputing the fact that aggy has signed something like 7 of the top 16 players in the state. Much like Texas did a year ago. I think when the smoke clears we came away with a better and more well rounded class than they did. That's just my humble opinion. And, HELL YES. There are some young dudes strolling around campus that will be absolute junkyard dogs in a couple years! I can't wait.
  2. DisplacedTexan

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    The worst part about all of this is the fact that Jimbo really has owned the state in recruiting this cycle. aggy has 7 of the top 16 in Texas. Of course, most of those commits were long before bowl season and if they had any sense they would see that that particular conference is overrated.
  3. DisplacedTexan

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    If there is another Watson out there this year I hope we throw more than our hat into the ring. That guy was killer to have this year and the amount of knowledge he can impart on a young guy like Keontay in one season is immeasurable. Those are the types of guys that pay dividends long after they're gone.
  4. DisplacedTexan

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Yes, that is the type I'm referring to @TheContractor. @Sirhornsalot I am not as intune as you are but I just assumed Brown would redshirt and have a year with Yancy to beef up. Ingram played a ton as a true freshman but I don't think that's ever been an ideal situation. Not that Ingram hasn't done a great job because he has. I just feel that we would benefit from having more experience and size to help bear the load. Watson was a freaking spectacular get in the grad transfer market and I'd be content if we could replicate that level of performance.
  5. DisplacedTexan

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    4 Star RB Deondrick Glass just committed to Okie Lite. We need a RB to help shoulder the load along with Keontay Ingram. I have no faith left in Carter and Porter has had his share of issues. Who we gon' get?
  6. DisplacedTexan

    2019 Football season news (UT, Big 12)

    Just saw the notification that LJH is off to make them dolla dolla bills y'all. Congrats to him! I wish he had stayed.
  7. DisplacedTexan

    2019 Football season news (UT, Big 12)

    @Sirhornsalot As usual, you are a wealth of knowledge. Obviously, we're young at Corner but with the staff we have now I am sure we can move the pieces around to put kids in the best position to win. It would just be nice to have a couple of lockdown Corners that can free up a safety like Foster to play at the LOS more to help disrupt plays before they develop. Foster seems especially talented at this and he absolutely cracks folks when he gets the chance. I dig it.
  8. DisplacedTexan

    2019 Football season news (UT, Big 12)

    @DBut82 I meant to quote you in my last reply but that didn't happen. One thing though, isn't Brandon Jones leaving? Has that been announced yet?
  9. DisplacedTexan

    2019 Football season news (UT, Big 12)

    This is comforting. I knew we had Cook and Green who are both young and pretty highly recruited but I didn't know if they were the guys to step in immediately or if we would be searching for grad transfers or juco guys. I would rather play the young pups and let them get some experience but that's a pretty tall order in this conference. Yes, our safeties are going to be All Americans for sure in a year or two. BJ Foster is a killer. His legal hits just look like they should be penalties because of his ferocity.
  10. DisplacedTexan

    2019 Football season news (UT, Big 12)

    I know we lose a pretty significant amount of starters this offseason so I pose this question to some of you more seasoned gentlemen. Will we be able to effectively reload at all the positions in question? I think my biggest concern at this point is the Corner position. In this conference, it seems like every team we play has elite WR's and Slot receivers that can absolutely burn a DB if he's not on top of his game. Boyd had some really great games but he also had a few games where he got picked on big time. Will we be able to field some guys that can put a receiver on an island for an entire game?
  11. DisplacedTexan

    247Sports End of Season Ranking

    aggy is 9 spots ahead after their demolition of the mighty NC State Wolfpack. What amazes me the most is probably Nebraska. I know they finished stronger than they started but I wouldn't expect them to be a top 25 team next year given what other teams have done.
  12. This absolutely has to be a joke. I saw it over on the aggy forum and even some of their posters are saying it's ludicrous. https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/Alabama-Clemson-Georgia-Ohio-State-Texas-national-championship-football-power-index-Top-25-final-127401695/#127401695_6
  13. DisplacedTexan

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Bru to SC
  14. DisplacedTexan


    Congrats on a great season, boys! Next year is the natty for Texas! Hook 'em!
  15. DisplacedTexan


    From what I recall he had an affair and the administration was somehow aware of it but never punished him. Another female track and field coach, I believe, also had an affair with a student and was subsequently fired. She ended up bringing suit against the school for being biased in handling both situations and some thought that because of this the school would never employ him. Of course, this is all from my terrible memory and entirely oversimplified.