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  1. Hell, I'm just glad we won. I caught the highlights on YouTube and it sure looked like we may have stole one that we probably should have lost. A win is a win!
  2. Please dear Lord let Texas beat the hogs. For all of us living in piggy country. I played my first round of golf of the year yesterday. My bag is a Texas Longhorns bag and the first guy I ran into when checking in said, "Well since we can't beat y'all in football or basketball we'll just have to settle for baseball" and I wanted to tell him YOU WISH but then I remembered that they are pretty damn good and I know very little about baseball lol
  3. The sad part is I actually erased the last part of my comment where I was going to say that I wish men's basketball would get their act together but too late now! Seriously though, they have a great game against a good opponent one week and then lose to junior high teams the next. That, to me, indicates that it is not a lack of skill on the court but rather on the sidelines. Smart is wholly on the hotseat in my opinion. But I know less about basketball than I do baseball so I could be way off base. Pun absolutely intended.
  4. Chris Del Conte stated that the goal is to be top 10 in every sport Texas competes at. I think that is very specific and a great goal to have. With the new staffs in place I believe that goal is far more attainable now than in recent years.
  5. Geez. I read up on this thread and we got WHOOPED by Stanford. That sucks after such a great series against LSU. Almost glad I didn't watch now! Oh well it's still Hook 'em all the live long day!
  6. So, we always cancel our Cox TV for the summertime because we are never around to actually watch anything on it. Is there a LHN app or any other way to watch? It'd be great to be able to watch (or listen) while I'm rolling to and fro.
  7. @joeywa Thanks for the offer. I know the absolute basics but I have no idea on timelines, important milestones throughout the season, when the postseason starts, format, etc. Most of this I can learn just by watching and listening so I'm trying to set reminders and record games.
  8. My girlfriend played all of her life and was pretty good but two blown ACL's isn't good for anybody. We haven't followed the sport in years but we have been watching Texas play and it really brings out her competitive side haha
  9. I have never been a baseball fan but I've started watching Texas baseball and softball recently and it's pretty fun to get into. I know nothing about the players and I've had to Google a few of the rules and terms but I dig it so far.
  10. I watched the same video. It is pretty awesome how humble Devin seems for a kid with his level of talent. I get the feeling he is going to have a special season. I'm eager to see how well LSU's defense fares against that type of speed while also having to account for CJ, Whittington, Moore, etc. I think Texas will run those cajuns until their wheels fall off and hang 40 on them.
  11. @MikeV73 I'm mostly Scotch Irish but my buddy tells me I'm the picture of Hitler youth so there's that.
  12. @MikeV73 I'm Cherokee, Creek and Seminole. I'm also blue eyed, blonde headed and get AT LEAST one sunburn a summer. We are the face of Native America nowadays. I still have full blood family members that look like injuns but they aren't the norm anymore. So lay off my people!!!
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