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  1. Keeping Smart for another year would show Texas isn’t committed to being a good MBB program. The guy flat out can’t coach, and for a supposed rah rah type coach his team plays flat far too often. If boosters are willing to foot the buyout bill and show the next coach that mediocrity isn’t tolerated at Texas then I’d hope CDC pulls the rug out from under the Smart expirement.
  2. Having a daughter that plays and helping coach, I’ve gotten to where I enjoy softball as much as baseball
  3. 4.79 doesn’t help him after some NFL guys had already spoke on his lack of top end speed
  4. Lindberg? Is that the cheese or that big German aircraft that blew up?
  5. I didn’t figure him to be much taller than 5’10”
  6. You understand the meaning of local right? They recruit nationally because they’re good. That doesn’t change the meaning of local
  7. Great pitching and not very much hitting. Pierce did a great job last year, but I want to see the sticks working better this year.
  8. He only has to please himself. If he tries to please others he’ll spend a lifetime doing it. Chose the team that makes you happy. If that’s Texas we’ll be happy. If it’s Arkansas we wish you the best.
  9. Remember who you’re talking about. They don’t get a whole lot of stuff.
  10. Lol, I don’t pay $5 for something I’ll know in a few more hours. Some people do.
  11. Lol, $4.99 and you can find out today.... such big news but now it has to wait. Must not be happening. Need more $4.99s
  12. I believe he has $omething else in mind.
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