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  1. I should say bantering as I was merely harassing them mostly.
  2. Been arguing with some self proclaimed brilliant Aggies on another site about how the Aggies couldn’t pass Texas as the best program in the state while Texas was down. They finally started taking personal shots at me and used the ole “didnt go to school there” tactic. It irks them
  3. Wasn’t Bjork the AD at the school that was under the heaviest NCAA investigation of the decade?
  4. Pretty sure I read that George would sign nsd1 and Evans in February. Seems odd to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if George signs somewhere that he wasn’t a take (except as a package deal) for Evans to sign elsewhere in February
  5. Aggy has been offered a home and home with Texas twice since they left. They’ve taken neither opportunity. Are they scared of a program with less draft picks than Allen ISD a funny note..... number 1 draft pick and heisman winner was in their laps and they couldn’t figure out to play him or not
  6. Add in the fact he said he hadn’t been running routes and catching passes before his workouts I kinda wonder his reasoning for declaring early. In his interview with Lowell Galindo before the draft, he felt he’d be drafted due to the passion he played with. I can promise you, there are Wr’s that play with passion for the game and run better than a 4.79 in the 40. Correct, he’s not a freak, he’s a plus athlete that is physical.
  7. had to leave the house after Texas made it 8-6. Not one bit surprised this team lost
  8. This season has been weird. Sweep the #1 ranked team then lots of headscratchers
  9. The fact that Woodward agreed to the no buyout clause tells me something. Maybe he was planning them to LSU all along and didn’t want a big obstacle when the time came
  10. Different kind of hate for each. Hate OU because they’re the biggest thorn in our side on the field, recruiting and all things. Hate Aggy because of obnoxious Aggies.
  11. It’s still funny to me that nobody knew much of this til the morning it was to be announced. It’s like Woodward didn’t want anybody to know he was leaving until it was time to leave. Also, you can’t make me believe that he didn’t expect to be going back to BR and signed Fisher’s contract with no buyout. I think it was his plan all along
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