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  1. I see they’re figuring out Leon O’Leon is more mouth that actual talent.
  2. I laugh when I think about the Aggies. They’re better just by being in the sec, but they’re recruiting slacking off is because Georgia didn’t do something the right way. These clowns....
  3. I believe there’ll be attrition and they can take 24ish
  4. Practices so hard they quit halfway through them
  5. I have a ton of friends that are LSU fans. I’ll order a couple of those shirts for them if Texas wins
  6. Lol, I like talking a little shit myself, but I prefer to have the W in the column already....
  7. Every LSU fan I’ve talked to said they win walking away. I think it’ll be a good tight game.
  8. Very true, but looking at previous openers I see 0-2
  9. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Sorry, just my opinion. We always rag the Ags about doing stupid stuff prematurely, this could be just as dumb.
  10. It’d be better if this shirt was made after Texas started the season 2-0. If we stumble out the gate like the last two openers we’ll have Louisiana egg on our face by the “little brother” of their state. Poor timing on putting this out there.
  11. I think a lot of folks are expecting to see Texas open up the passing game to setup the run more. Here’s my thoughts. Moving DD to slot does a few things. It puts our most sure handed and fastest guy getting quick throws and puts a guy that’s possibly just as fast (eagles) in the Z. Eagles will have the bigger catch radius. With improved OL play I see the ground game better than last year. I think Texas will use the run and quick passes to draw safeties closer to line and you’ll see eagles have success deep. heres what I see out of our offense. Ingram - 1000+ yds rushing Whittington - 6-700 Sam 2-300 rushing with 2500+ passing Johnson 75 receptions, 1000+ yds DD 50-60 receptions, 800 yds eagles 40 receptions, 700 yds. Eagles will be the pleasant surprise and a great deep threat.
  12. All new starters played significant snaps last year except the CBs. They’ll be tested early and often, but they’re a talented group. Orlando has said this is the fastest defense he’s had so I’m hoping the front 6-7 can get after the qb and help the back end out
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