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  1. Never heard of spinal stenosis getting better, but we will see
  2. I’ll bring up jumbo all day. Makes no sense why a coach would leave a top university, after having winning seasons 7 out of 8 years. The first year he has a losing season he bolts. You can’t tell me it was for a better football program or money, something is fishy.
  3. When is the deadline for LJH to put his name in to turn pro?
  4. No idea he’s sitting on the west bench with a Texas jacket
  5. they’re all doing it around Caden sterns on the bench. Dude hasn’t even looked up or acknowledged them.
  6. Every OU player has come out with the horns down during intros
  7. If I remember right it was one of the duvernays, around the time everyone thought they were going to transfer
  8. I saw him for a brief second on the sideline. Didn’t notice Thompson though.
  9. Why would you commit and sign with a university if they already have a QB committed. If you’re in a 2 QB class you know your either going to compete to start or sit. Crazy to transfer after one season. Honestly if they are that mentally weak, ✌️.
  10. I think this was posted right after the Johnson Commitment
  11. Everything they are saying is him and CJ are leaning towards coming back
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