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  1. Good for that coach. We dodged a major bullet there.
  2. No inside info. Just my opinion. Read on Inside Texas today that he's doing fine, but concussion protocol can be weird so we'll know more next week, but that's all I got.
  3. And Wiley, but am guessing they'd like to redshirt one of those 2. I think Brewer will be cleared for La Tech.
  4. Yup. I've only missed 3 OU games since I started going in 84. We've always been on the side opposite the tunnel.
  5. This article is from Aug of 2018 fyi. We definitely better-dealed our little bros with the schedule we set up instead of them.
  6. Not a rumor per confirmation from his family. Local affiliate KVUE and the Statesman have confirmed via tweets as well. Sad, sad day.
  7. SHA, was QJ's commitment today your second Kate appearance or was that for another who has yet to go public? Seems like Eaton and Jordan are just a matter of time.
  8. Watch for him and Quentin Johnson to commit very, very soon. TCU insider just crystal balled Johnson to us as well.
  9. Q Johnson, Alford, Jordan, and maybe Eaton all seem like they're about to drop. I think Eaton is a good kid with good athleticism, but am wondering if we should slow his recruitment down a bit in case Rogers comes back around to us and based on the mess going on at Florida.
  10. Yeah. I posted it there too per the same question.
  11. Mentioned on the non-recruiting thread that most media twitter accounts including IT noted that it's a walk-on, but that the coaches wanted to chat with the parents first before releasing the kid's name. Hoping the young man makes a speedy recovery.
  12. Being reported on IT and other Twitter/Media accounts that it's a walk on player. Coaches first needing to contact player's family before releasing the name. Hope the young man recovers asap and he'll be in great hands/care.
  13. Agree with 11-2. One key injury changes everything, but I'll go with this for now.
  14. I think DL is still a need just due to numbers. Collins would be nice no doubt.
  15. Jesus S was there when I joined years ago and it was a paysite then and still is. Never knew of them being free, but I went to most of the same schools growing up with Clendon Ross, who is a great guy and owns the site after buying it many years ago from Robert Heard....thankfully.
  16. IT shares news with their paying subscribers. Some like me are also on free boards and paraphrase some of that info, but I always give IT credit when I do so. Daniel does a great job here as well. Nobody is forced to pay for their info, but my opinion is they are the best paysite covering Texas and it's not even close. I've been a member at both Orangebloods and 247 and the info and detail is far better at IT. Their info typically leaks out, but not normally via cut and paste. If others find it interesting, they're welcome to sign up, but if you're good with getting it later or getting less of it, then don't sign up.
  17. No idea and Jesus S. hasn't been a contributor there in quite a long time.
  18. Agree with Dr. Gilbert. IT provides info to its paying subscribers. If you want to post info in your own words from them and give them credit, which I've done here, feel free, but copy and pasting their info from behind their paywall is typically a big no no.
  19. So you think it's cool to cut and past the IT Scoop here? Interesting
  20. Why do you have to change your handle if you're such a "valued" contributor to the various boards you frequent? Monarch, GClass, BevoPride.......what's next?
  21. I've already put him on ignore, but have heard he's already been perma-banned previously by Aaron when he used Monarch as his handle. It's the same guy and unless you want the board to suffer mightily, you'll ideally re-ban this person.
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