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  1. Trying to determine the staff's view now of Scott at LB per the recent offers to other LBs and that Dorbah could now be a B Backer per his 6'2" 210 frame vs what we thought was 6'4" 225.
  2. I thought Rodriguez moved to center and Kerstetter played guard.
  3. As others have said, the Naivar stuff is more about keeping him as other schools pursue him. The promotion should get him a nice raise which will help.
  4. What's funny is the heavy amount of DGAF about this recruitment on our side. If he sticks, great, if he flips, great. It's all about 2020 except for a possible Juco or GT. Loogie can prance around and do his celebratory dick dance however he wants at this point and nobody will give 2 $hits.
  5. Unless he heads to College Station for the super bowl party after his OV, which is being rumored.
  6. There was info/rumors that came out prior to last season about the interest from Herman and CDC to convert the field back to natural grass. At one point there were rumors it could've happened prior to last season. Obviously it didn't and I wasn't sure if anyone had heard anything more about whether it may be getting consideration prior to this season. With the North endzone hall of honor stuff and the soon to start SEZ renovations, I'm guessing the field may not be reviewed again for a while.
  7. Typically insurance covers 60% of the structure value towards contents which includes clothes, appliances, and whatever else is lost.
  8. Any word on the status of converting the field to natural grass?
  9. The 247 link doesn't apparently have all the names in the portal for what it's worth.
  10. Kinda wonder if the big news is simply the jump in recruit rankings/composites etc. Who knows, but feels like this isn't going to be that earth shattering. Hope I'm wrong.
  11. Burton also saw nothing wrong with Chip’s bs hit piece on Herman and the program prior to NSD 1 last year. Burton basically told subscribers to F off if they didn’t like it to which I canceled that day. Funny how quiet daddy Foreman is these days
  12. Good ole Chip Brown of course. Chipper may need to find another line of work based on all his F ups.
  13. Inside Texas mods have indicated we are improving our position with Catalon. Am curious if this may be why we can't take Jordan as well.
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