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  1. I left OB a few years ago when Ketch wouldn't refund my subscription after viewing the free trial. I'd been a member before and left, but figured I'd give them another chance with the free trial. Turns out the free trial automatically charged my credit card since I was a prior member. I explained it to Ketch and he could care less. They have treated some former mods who left for other sites poorly as well. Ketch is pretty thin skinned and brings on a lot of heat to himself and is rumored to have several sock accounts on the site as well. Just not my kind of site to say the least and am glad I left.
  2. Sorry, but I'm not understanding what words Nahlin used that were a poor choice. He's the one who clarified yesterday that the May visit by Jase, when it happened, was under the radar. We all know about it now, but it was kept quiet in May.
  3. Jase visited us in May, but it wasn't reported. That's the under the radar OU commit visit that occurred. This is per the mods at Inside Texas. Then he visited again recently, which was widely reported.
  4. It's Northshore. What would you expect? The days of Aymond being the HC and an ally there are long gone.
  5. Bryson Washington has been on campus on an UOV since yesterday per IT.
  6. Am wondering if this or Bijan is the other big time recruit SHA was speaking of as being close to pulling the trigger?
  7. So does this have anything to do with why he and the lawyer his family hired have yet to submit his waiver request to be eligible at Texas immediately? Bizarre deal.
  8. Inside Texas along with Eric and Justin are beyond solid. Now Ketch, Burton, Chip etc... I can't say the same for whatsoever.
  9. Didn't say he wouldn't be successful and hope he will. I was pointing out that he's a tweener who's 6'4" and only runs a 4.8 40. Too light for a TE and too slow for a slot. I said I don't think he'll break as many tackles against NFL secondaries. I also stated that I think coming back another year would have only helped him. Ultimately he didn't get drafted. Not sure how much worse he could've done by coming back for his Sr. year. I hear you on the injury front, but that's a risk all kids take and is likely a bit more applicable from a $ perspective for higher round options. Kids that don't get drafted don't really have the same leverage or rationale to declare early to avoid injury. They clearly need too put more strong play, speed, route running on film for more than one season to improve their draft grade.
  10. So the fact he declared early and didn't get drafted in 7 full rounds makes you think he wouldn't have fared better by having come back for his Sr. year? I'm struggling with any kid declaring early and not getting drafted no matter how much I like them or hope that they'll do great. I think LJH is a bit of a tweener. I wouldn't call any kid that is 6-4 and 210lbs a freak who can only run a 4.78 40. I think he is a good athlete and is excellent with YAC, but I don't think he'll break as many tackles in the NFL unfortunately. Again, I hope he kills it in the league, but have to disagree on any kid declaring early, and not getting drafted, as not having a chance to have fared better by coming back for their Sr. year. Especially a kid like LJH who could have greatly benefitted from another year in S&C, route running, and simply featuring his skillsets for 2 straight seasons forcing the NFL to take notice of him.....since they clearly didn't during this draft. I think he could have improved his 40 time as well with the right program under Yancy, but that's just me, but it cost him some major $$ as well.
  11. I love LJH and what he did for our Horns and hope he shines with the Saints. The NFL appears to have viewed him as a kid with skills that dozens of others possess if not surpass. He could have used an extra year no doubt, but hindsight is 20/20
  12. Trying to determine the staff's view now of Scott at LB per the recent offers to other LBs and that Dorbah could now be a B Backer per his 6'2" 210 frame vs what we thought was 6'4" 225.
  13. I thought Rodriguez moved to center and Kerstetter played guard.
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