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  1. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    A sign you are getting old. :-) Welcome to my world. LOL
  2. I guess this has been removed from their records.
  3. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    For those of us who don’t speak Tweetese, what does that mean? Thanks in advance.
  4. Keith Jackson Passed Away

    One of my favorite broadcasters, Keith Jackson, passed away. I love his lines like “Whoa Nellie!” or talking about the offensive line as the “Big Uglies.” My favorite line by him is describing Vince Young’s winning touchdown against USC (team ESPN called the greatest college team of all time): “He’s going for the corner...he’s got it!”
  5. Baylor Coach Interviews @ Indy

    Remind your friend Texas beat #1 Alabama and the great Joe Namath in Orange Bowl in 1965. Also Darrell Royal never lost to Alabama and Bear Bryant. Texas beat a Saban led LSU team in the Cotton Bowl. Then show him this. It is the most embarrassing moment in bowl history.
  6. Baylor Coach Interviews @ Indy

    I think it is telling that he INTERVIEWED after basically saying he is committed to the long haul of turning around Baylor’s program and culture. Obviously he is not. At minimum that would be a huge red flag for any Baylor commitment.
  7. Report: Colts interview Baylor coach Matt Rhule. https://sports.yahoo.com/report-colts-interview-baylor-coach-003322709.html/?.gg_forward=true&chromeless=1
  8. National Championship prediction

    Yes, he got pulled.
  9. National Championship prediction

    Looked like Ga got a bad call on the offsides penalty.
  10. Houston Hires Kendal Briles and Randy Clements

    Please tell more. Inquiring minds want to know.
  11. Best UT Class Ever?

    I hope this year’s class produces a Happy Feller. We sure could use one. For you youngsters, Happy Feller was a good place kicker.
  12. Best UT Class Ever?

    On a humorous side, this discussion/debate made me think of those classic and funny Miller Lite commercials: Taste great! Less Filling!
  13. Best UT Class Ever?

    Perhaps, but they “realistically” played in two. That is more than the 2002 class. :-) To my earlier point unless there is a metric that can effectively be used there will always be the debate. Speaking of things being different, I know all of you have heard the great Aggie claim of their national championship. That claim was based off of a newspaper. The official recognition cane from another source. The official NCAA champion that year was awarded to USC. Guess where the 1939 national championship trophy is? It’s at USC. Special thanks to Randolph Duke for that information.
  14. Houston Hires Kendal Briles and Randy Clements

  15. Best UT Class Ever?

    I understand your points. One of my points was in reference to the Worster class that won two national championships vs the 2002 class. I would inquire how does the class of J Saxton, Koy or Nobis would rank. Those classes were talented, too. Of course, those classes were very huge. That would be another intangible or layer of onion to peel. Just some thoughts. Thanks.