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  1. Daniel's Crystal Ball Picks

    I think so...he's taller than most of the other players and they're not small. He's probably got some growing left in him, too.
  2. Daniel's Crystal Ball Picks

    I've seen Ojomo play a few times this year and he was certainly impressive against Northshore a few days ago (as was the entire Katy defense). Would love to see him on campus. In addition to his physical attributes, he's going to have the mental part down too since Katy plays such disciplined defense.
  3. I bleed orange like everyone else on this board, but being from Katy I've watched Anderson the last several years. While I don't know him personally, I do have friends who know him and his family well. All you hear is great things about him and this just doesn't fit his profile. I think there is a high probability that this is a false accusation, and if so, the girl should be prosecuted.
  4. Daniel's Crystal Ball Picks

    Mowry is the nephew of a good friend of mine. There's a lot of aggy leaning in his family, so he probably ends up there, unfortunately.