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  1. If Eaton commits I'll assume that the coaches think there's no chance anymore with Ringo. Hate to let go on that one, but they probably know better than I do.
  2. He's the one I've been most nervous about, despite his ranking he has seemed completely open to choosing a school like TCU or OSU. Sure hope he picks the good guys. Now where are we going to find some LBs?
  3. I haven't even watched his film, but his testing numbers look solid. His shuttle time (under 4.4) implies that he's got some quickness. Seems like a project, but if you believe in your staff then those are good risks to take.
  4. I certainly hope we'll sign a LB or two. Sure hope we can flip Josh White.
  5. I haven't heard any buzz about Javian Hester, but seems like he would be a priority with Wilson off the board. How are we looking there?
  6. I've been assuming we take 3 WRs this year. My hope has been they are Wilson, QJ, and a slot (Mookie? Achane? This Bunkley-Shelton kid?). Now there seems to be chatter about Hester, does he replace one of the above? Or might we take 4?
  7. I too grumble about Drayton as each 5-star ditches us, but if Ingram and Whittington end up being the players we think they are we've ended up with a solid RB room nonetheless. And though we're not leading for any top guys right now there's a lot of time before signing day. The only thing that would be shocking is if none of these top RBs have another twist in their respective recruitments. He could still pull something off. If we don't get a top RB this year and don't have Wheaton committed then I have to wonder if Drayton moves on.
  8. Jumping back in time a bit here, but does it seem likely that Ja'Quinden Jackson was a silent commit for a while, and the coaches waited for an opportune time for him to go public? If so that proved to be a genius move, as it reversed a bunch of bad press at the time.
  9. Wow. I believe that's their fourth top-100 WR, and Mookie may be the lowest rated of the bunch. If Mookie is going to be their slot, can we have local boy Smith-Njigba?
  10. Sounds like the staff got a little cocky in thinking some guys were in the bag before they were. Herman can coach but he definitely rubs me as a guy whose hubris may get the best of him at times. Hopefully a lesson learned here, with time to salvage things. After consecutive top-5 classes it's hard to believe that a 10-win season with a BCS win over UGA doesn't result in a windfall.
  11. Interesting how Elite11's rankings have differed significantly from 247's every day of the event. https://247sports.com/Article/Elite-11-Finals-QB-rankings-133390523/
  12. Sorry to interrupt this thread but looks like someone deleted the 2020 thread. Can we get that back?
  13. Noooo! Damn crootin. I wish these guys wouldn't get me excited about them if they aren't coming.
  14. Crawford and Rogers would be great gets, but are we really writing off Ringo? I know the momentum has been with UGA, but we seem to lead with his two AZ buddies and he did choose to spend the last weekend before the dead period at our biggest recruiting event...
  15. That's a strong list. Feels like we have a great shot at every one of those guys save for Evans (and okay don't know much about Oxendine). Hopefully this weekend establishes the heart of our 2020 class. Then we go figure out where the hell to find some LBs.
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