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  1. Daniel Young is out for a couple of weeks, I say we suit Daniel Seahorn up. lets see what he can do!!!!
  2. Please give her a strip search and full interrogation. Longhorn nation needs to know
  3. Sure that's what we will tell everyone. Wink Wink
  4. So my question is Jimbo trying to take credit for Myles Garrett for recruiting and developing his talent? That picture is so misleading. He did nothing for him. Thats like TH taking credit for Vince young and Rickey Williams.
  5. Daniel. Congrats. Nothing more special.
  6. I was thinking the same thing, and when it gets close to national signing day, watch Bama pull the Scholi from George.
  7. A lot of CB's coming in from Clint Buckley"Texas Contributor"
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