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  1. Longhorns Going Bowling, but Where?

    True, but do you really see Texas being chosen over TCU and OSU all things considered? Both have been legitimate playoff contender for most part of the season, with TCU still having an outside chance of making it in.
  2. Per Brian Davis from the Statesman, Orlando will stay at Texas for the next season: IMO, this is some pretty good news.
  3. Longhorns Going Bowling, but Where?

    Wouldn't that be either Clemson or Miami, depending on who wins the title game and goes to the CFP? That would be both intriguing and very challenging. But in order for us to be #3, OSU would have to lose to Kansas. So my money is on the Texas Bowl, if I'd had to guess I'd say against Mississippi State
  4. Mayfield.. typical Jack***

    If Baker is learning from his mistakes so well, then why is this a topic every week
  5. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Maybe Trey Stratford? https://247sports.com/player/trey-stratford-93565
  6. Common Guy Prediction Thread - Hillbilly aggy

    Texas 31 WVU 27 #hook'em
  7. Five Thoughts Following The Win Over Kansas

    Saw an article over on 247 with the PFF grades for our team. Actually both Kerstetter and McMillon were ranked in the top 10 with a high 70 for Kerstetter and a mid-80 grade for McMillon. Both together allowed 1 QB pressure (by Kerstetter) on 76 total pass pro snaps (38 each). Although Kerstetter was overmatched at times during the season, the right side isn't our biggest problem. Bringing Conner back will do a great deal to solidify our left side again and IMO will also make Vahe look better again. Thus, we would only be left with our problems in the middle.
  8. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Probably a real long shot, still would be a nice get. Any word how Ford liked his visit?
  9. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    If a report was filed wouldn't that have already gotten some kind of publicity? I call BS, but still would like to know who this is.
  10. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Exactly. I'm happy for him, but there's is no telling what he'd be doing in Austin. IMO Little is the bigger/biggest loss in terms of need from the '17 class
  11. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Well, we haven't cracked the 1k mark as a team collectively by much so far, I think we stand at 1.3k or something and our best rusher has 300 something. Don't think JK would look as good at Texas right now as he does at OSU...
  12. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Whatever it is, it does sound promising and I like it
  13. Five Thoughts Following The Win Over Kansas

    That was by no means pretty, especially against Kansas. But I'll take an ugly victory over a shoulda/coulda/woulda-defeat. At the end of the week, we're 1-0 even if it is against Kansas. Eventually, the defense was going to have a game in which they don't play lights-out. Don't know the reason, if it was a lack of focus or anything else, but we tackled poorly at times and didn't finished like we have done so far this season, especially in 3rd down situations. As a result, the D didn't got off the field as soon and as much as they have done the past couple of weeks. Still we managed to create 3 TOs on D, including 1 pick six. We could've played better defensively but I think the unit as a whole will bounce back the next weeks. On the offense, I really don't know what to say. It's shameful when you max protect and still have free rushers getting to the QB in a hurry and this does not happen once, but repeatedly. I really hope we get Connor back next week, because we need him badly. LT is our biggest liability right now, I think if we get that fixed we might make an instant jump offensively. Tristan seems to either get beat or commit a penalty on every play. I liked CW3 in the H-back, I think this will help our running game going forward. Porter wasn't able to get anything going again, I think he averaged under 2 YPC, just keep feeding the ball to Young and Carter. And Shane needs to learn to throw it away when there is nothing there. I think he basically sacked himself twice because he tried to get something going with he legs but ran straight into the rush. Plus, his INT reminded me a lot of his Baylor INT, pretty much the same mistake, he needs to get that fixed. Special teams pretty much the same old story. Punting great, forcing one TO as well. Rest, not so much. I think you stick with Becker going forward, I really felt for him because his miss was super close and he had great air under the ball. Not a bad kick, but still another miss. I would've liked to see them going for the kick in the second half once in a while just to try and get some confidence in the kicking game. Kick returns pretty much summed up our special teams play. Kris Boyd had a nice return at first and then managed to fumble his second. It just seems that for every good play the kid makes, he manages to f**k another one up. In total, I think we got the W and this is what should matter most right now. On another note, lets have a look at our two QBs passing statistics: Individual Passing Statistics # Player GP Rating COMP ATT INT % YDS TD Long AVG/G 11 Ehlinger, Sam 6 125.80 109 194 4 56.19 % 1428 7 90 238.00 7 Buechele, Shane 6 130.18 125 190 4 65.79 % 1316 6 49 219.33 Although some have pointed out Sam's lower completion % (56.19 vs. 65.79) he still manages to get more yards per attempt (7.36 vs. 6.93). Just throwing it out there: I think if Connor is healthy you start Shane, if he isn't I probably would take a shot with Sam.
  14. *****Texas vs. Kansas Game Thread*****

    There always guys almost getting to Dickson. Eventually he will have one blocked...
  15. *****Texas vs. Kansas Game Thread*****

    My thoughts exactly