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  1. 5 Thoughts Following The Loss to OU

    Good observations. I am not entirely sure why they did not run the outside runs with Carter that were successful against Kansas State. Early in the game, Orlando dropped guys into coverage and Mayfield absolutely picked the defense apart. This forced him to bring more pressure, and the best spy at the LB position (Malik) also happens to be the best blitzing linebacker on the team. It was a trade off they had to make, but Mayfield hurt them with his legs mainly due to the inability of the defensive line to keep contain.
  2. Offensive Grades from the loss to Oklahoma

    In regards to an Offensive Play Calling grade, I thought Tim Beck tried to make the Longhorns something they weren't in the first quarter, which was a drop back passing team. After a beautifully designed screen to open the game, Texas tried to run between the tackles with zero success and try to drop back Ehlinger to go through possessions. Neither of these things are who Texas is right now. They do not have the offensive line fire power to hold blocks for that long. I thought there were some nice things that Tim Beck did, though. The increased use of the screen game was encouraging, and the addition of speed option plays is something that helped manufacture what little running game they could muster. In the second half, the offensive staff did a much better job of using the short passing game and setting up some successful passes down the field (double move by Devin Duvernay). The offense still has a long way to go, and questionable play calling put Texas in a major hole by gaining one total first down on the first 3 drives of the game. I am encouraged by some adjustments that are being made in regards to personnel and scheme, and it proves that the coaches know they have to find a way to move the football consistency. Overall, it was a mixed bags of results against OU, but having #11 behind center is beginning to open the play book more and more every week. Grade: C+
  3. https://twitter.com/craigway1/status/919578651657506818 Oklahoma State-Texas is set for an 11 AM kick on ABC. I thought this game would at least get the 2:30 slot, so this is mildly surprisingly.
  4. 5 Thoughts Following The Loss to OU

    I will break this down more in my defensive grades, but Texas did a terrible job of keeping contain on Mayfield for the majority of the game. Guys were just flying upfield and letting Mayfield step up in the pocket all game. With all the negative, it needs to be pointed out that Malik Jefferson is playing at an elite level right now.
  5. 5 Thoughts Following The Loss to OU

    Good read. At this point Texas is having to use the short passing game as a run game (just like the 2009 team had to do with Colt). If you go back and look at some of OU’s runs with guards and tackles pulling, the running lanes are huge. Texas needs to get to a point, whether it’s next year or in 2 years, where they aren’t having to manufacture a run game by running a QB 22 times.
  6. Naashon Hughes and Anthony Wheeler will have to be better than they have been in pass coverage, especially if Jefferson is asked to spy Mayfield for most of the game.
  7. Key Injuries for Oklahoma

    Parker would be a huge loss. They could probably find ways to get by without Lamb or Adams because of Mayfield, but that defense without Parker would not be in a good place.
  8. Key Injuries for Oklahoma

    Lincoln Riley said in his weekly press conference yesterday that RB Abdul Adams, WR CeeDee Lamb and S Steven Parker are all questionable for this Saturday's game against Texas. Adams and Lamb both exited Oklahoma's game against Iowa State early and never returned. This is something worth monitoring closely as the week goes along. Adams and Lamb are two huge parts of the offense, and if either were to miss the game then it would be a big break for Texas.
  9. Elliott makes Mid Season All American Team

    Poona Ford is another guy who serves as the glue who holds the defense together. There is not one play I've seen where #95 isn't busting his butt.
  10. Yep. It's tough to get a read on intangibles in a quarterback in high school, but if you just watched and read about Sam when he was at Westlake, you could tell he was something special. Texas has been desperately trying to find a quarterback that is a true difference maker both on the field and in a leadership role, and they found their man.
  11. Elliott makes Mid Season All American Team

    Well deserved for Elliott. He has grown maybe more than any player on the team. Surprised Dickson isn’t on there for punter.
  12. Big 12 Power Rankings

    Here are my personal Big 12 power rankings through 2 conference games. Leave your own rankings below. Power Rankings 1. TCU (5-0, 2-0)- Gary Patterson has the Horned Frogs playing at a very high level right now. Kenny Hill has limited turnovers and is one of the most improved players in the Big 12. The defense isn't as stingy as some of the past TCU teams, but the overall balance of the team has them sitting atop of these rankings. 2. Oklahoma State (4-1, 1-1)- The Cowboys rolled through non-conference play before losing their Big 12 opener to TCU. Mason Rudolph has thrown for over 300 yards in every game so far, and James Washington is one of the most electric players in the entire country. The offensive line has been hit hard by injuries and the defense has struggled, but Mike Gundy has will almost assuredly have the Cowboys competing for a spot in the Big 12 championship well into the seasons final weeks. 3. Oklahoma (4-1, 1-1)- Oklahoma would have been a lock for the number one spot if not for an embarrassing loss on Saturday at home to Iowa State. All the defensive question marks entering the season came to the forefront when Iowa State scored 38 points with a backup QB and QB-turned LB-turned QB Joel Lanning. Regardless, Baker Mayfield is still one of the best quarterbacks in the conference and the Sooners showed what they are capable of when they defeated Ohio State on the road in Week 2 of the season. 4. Texas (3-2, 2-0)- This is as high as I am willing to put the Longhorns at the moment. Texas has improved every week since week 1 and is undefeated through 2 conference games for the first time since 2013. The defense is playing well and a quarterback seems to have emerged in Sam Ehlinger. Despite shaky offensive line play and an inconsistent running game, Tom Herman seems to be pushing the right buttons and has Texas playing with confidence. The Longhorns will have a chance to make a statement the next 2 weeks, when they face off against Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. 5. West Virginia (3-2, 1-1)- New QB Will Grier has been as advertised, but the Mountaineers have been on the short end of two 31-24 losses this year, including Saturday's loss at TCU. Dana Holgerson and defensive coordinator Tony Gibson had to replace a lot of defensive talent from a 2016 squad that won 10 games, and the defense has gone through some growing pains so far. Offense has never been a problem in Morgantown, but the lack of defensive firepower will likely keep the Mountaineers in the middle of the pack of the conference. 6. Texas Tech (4-1, 1-1)- Entering 2017, I thought Texas Tech would find itself in the bottom tier of the Big 12, but the Red Raiders have surprised so far. They gave Oklahoma State all they could handle a few weeks ago and the offense seems to chugging along despite the loss of Patrick Mahomes. I still need to see the defense slow down Big 12 offenses consistently, but they seem to be making small strides. Kliff Kingsbury entered the season on the hot seat, but this is about as good as a start as any Red Raider fan could have expected. 7. Kansas State (3-2, 1-1)- The Wildcats had high expectations coming into 2017, but ended non-conference play with a loss at Vanderbilt and suffered a double overtime defeat at the hands of Texas last Saturday. The offense has sputtered at times and QB Jesse Ertz has been banged up. On defense, the Wildcats lack a premiere pass rusher that they have had in past years and have struggled defending the pass at times. Bill Synder will need to find a way to make sure his team keeps up with the high powered offenses that await them. 8. Iowa State (3-2, 1-1)- Matt Campbell is building something in Ames and people are beginning to take notice. Campbell got a signature win last week against Oklahoma and has put the Cyclones in position to try to get bowl eligible. It is unknown how much time starting quarterback Jacob Park will miss, but the WR duo on Allen Lazard and Hakeem Butler will be tough to slow down. Iowa State will get to host Kansas this weekend before getting ready for a tough 4 games stretch against Texas Tech, TCU, West Virginia and Oklahoma State. 9. Baylor (0-5, 0-2)- For as much talent has Baylor has lost in recent years, I don't think anybody expected an0-5 start. It's not a good sign when you have a player post on Snapchat that they were kicked off the team, and then have the head coach say he is still on the team because he was given a "second chance from the teams leadership council." Matt Rhule has a tough rebuild ahead of him. 10. Kansas (1-4, 0-2)- I actually thought Kansas was going to make some progress this year, but I have not seen it yet. The defense has been unable to stop anybody and transfer QB Peyton Bender already has 8 interceptions on the season. David Beaty is trying his best to get Kansas back to a respectable level, but 2017 does not look like the year it is going to happen.
  13. Eric Nahlin of InsideTexas tweeted this during the game last night, and it is 100% true. When people talk about a quarterback having an ‘It’ factor, that’s what Ehlinger has.
  14. 5 Thoughts Following The Win Over KSU

    As a football coach, you can’t fear failure. The great coaches take calculated risks and aren’t affected by what’s happened in the past. As a whole the past 3 season, Texas seemed to wait for the game to come to them and never was the aggressor. Herman is trying to change that and he has a “go in for the kill mentality”, which this program needs.
  15. 5 Thoughts Following The Win Over KSU

    Ha, very true. It’s easy to play with the “nothing to lose mentality” when you are on the road against USC until you actually have to say “hey let’s go for 2 and risk everything”