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  1. I think if we land anything over half of those 16 uncommitted players we should be very happy! If we can get 9 or more I think it would be a great class. Big IF though. Not that easy to do.
  2. I thought there were 2. One left from the 2 that came with the Jackson commitment. Obviously one was Jackson and the other possibly Thompson or some Dallas area recruit. Then we got 2 this weekend. One was Crawford and still waiting on the second one to drop. Is that correct?
  3. Ringo is in the class if he wants to be. Much like Bru McCoy, if a player that talented wants in then you find room. I think Crawford could become the nickel take for this class if two other corners want in.
  4. Agree. I like Jordan because I don’t think we have another player on the roster like him with his exact set of skills. I think that makes him the perfect RB2 in the class.
  5. Well here is a very good and realistic possibility for RB2!
  6. That’s one impressive list. This one may be harder than I thought.
  7. 1. Dorbah 2. Washington (Think we can beat out OU) 3. Crawford
  8. Seems like a great Z receiver to succeed Duvernay! Loved some of his blocking in his highlight. 247 ranks him as a top 100 player. Great way to start 2021! Welcome Quay! Hook Em!
  9. One more name while I’m asking for updates on players I haven’t heard from in awhile. Brennan Scott. I really liked his film when I saw it. Need position.
  10. Also what is up with Dwight McGlothern? Haven’t heard his name in a while.
  11. PS I know Bryant is a super long shot. Need to close Broughton.
  12. This looks like really good news to me. For Texas to give officials to guys that close to campus in the summer means they think they can close the deal right? Plus they are working on Alec Bryant in the comments. Lock those 3 in and that’s a solid DL class already!
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