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  1. https://sports.yahoo.com/how-one-texas-high-school-became-the-countrys-top-qb-factory-014902016.html Great article on Lake Travis. They will have 10 straight quarterbacks play D1 football. Impressive list. Several good Hudson Card quotes in the story.
  2. Another kids dad shot Coach Kinne (GJs dad) over his son not playing enough. GJ still played at Gilmer His senior year. His mother had lived there already so that’s how he got his waiver.
  3. Is Eaton or Caldwell from last year’s class the better prospect?
  4. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/sports/texas-sports-nation/jerome-solomon/article/Solomon-Demond-Demas-ruling-a-bad-call-by-UIL-14364356.php Good article from Jerome Solomon on Demas. I agree with most points here.
  5. He tweeted he was staying at Tomball. Not sure I wouldn’t let him play. He upgrades his academics, tomball isn’t a good team, and a much safer community. Sucks for him.
  6. Hey @Sirhornsalot, Any idea what games will be on tv these next few weeks? I now have a baby so I won’t be able to go to many games thanks to his bedtime. Would still love to watch some Texas commits/targets still though.
  7. Where does Cedric Benson tank on the Texas all time RB list for you? For me, he is #3 behind Earl and Ricky.
  8. https://twitter.com/longhornnetwork/status/1163241311752900610?s=21
  9. Let’s go! Better safety prospect than Thompson as well!
  10. So who goes to Z? Burt or Epps? Or move Duvernay back and play Moore/Smith in the slot?
  11. Think his mom played basketball but not positive on that.
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