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  1. TB14

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Mpagi finally got his offer! Seemed to have really worked hard for it.
  2. TB14

    NCAA passes new transfer and redshirt rules

    I like it both. Kids should be able to transfer wherever as long as coaches and administrators can. Never liked that double standard!
  3. That was the craziest game ending for such a big moment. How bad for a season to end.
  4. So pumped! Great job men! NOT DONE YET!!!! Hook em!
  5. TB14

    Scouting Report: Tennessee Tech

    I believe they moved their ace to Sunday to give him an extra day of rest because he pitched Friday and Monday last week. I think it made the most sense coming off a 5 game regional. Don’t think they were trying to save him.
  6. TB14

    Scouting Report: Tennessee Tech

    We already announced Kingham is going today I believe.
  7. John Burt finishes 8th in the 110m hurdles! Good effort! But stumbled halfway down the track. Now go put up 1000 yard season this fall! #HookEm
  8. TB14

    2018 MLB Draft Thread

    I think we lose all 5 that were drafted. All 5 were anticipated I believe.
  9. John Burt just ran a personal best 13.46 to qualify 5th for the 110m hurdles finals at the NCAA track finals. He was .08 from the lead and has a punchers chance at being a national champion.
  10. TB14

    Scouting Report: Tennessee Tech

    I think they have had 7 players drafted so far. 2 more than us.
  11. TB14

    2018 MLB Draft Thread

    Agree on all points! Kingham will probably start as a starter early in the minors but long term I think he’s a good big league reliever. And Sawyer is a good story. Hopefully he can become a good Loogy. The longer Henley goes without being picked the more likely he is pitching Friday nights next year.
  12. TB14

    2018 MLB Draft Thread

    Braves got a steal. Baseball America had Kingham as the 100 overall prospect. Can’t believe he fell so far.
  13. TB14

    Scouting Report: Tennessee Tech

    Damn. I didn’t realize how good Tenn Tech is. 52 wins is a ton! Against any competition. Better get back to work to avoid a let down like the Big 12 tournament.