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  1. Good stuff! Is he the same position as Dorbah?
  2. Barnes is staying and getting a good raise at Tennessee. Crazy how wild this UCLA coaching search has been. A program of that caliber has swung and missed quite a bit.
  3. Pierce has already coached 2 top 25 teams in 2 years and took one of them to the equivalent of the elite 8. This team is still in position to host a regional. Please don’t compare him to Shaka.
  4. Bottom 9 bunt single and 2 walks load the bases with no outs for Baylor. Going to need a miracle.
  5. Well 2 of our best hitters are out with season ending injuries. We did score 5 runs already with several chances at more. Have to hit to at least get in scoring position. I get we’ve had some bad at bats but it’s not that bad. Augie had several great teams who hit worse than this.
  6. Top 9. Horns get 2 walks before Zubia grounds out to short. Still tied at 5.
  7. Ellis is the only player I trust in this lineup in those situations.
  8. Horns up 4-0 through 2. A two run Mason Hibbler home run and RBIs for McCann and Kennedy.
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