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  1. Yea, surly he knew that. But I got a chuckle from it. Thanks @UTfish
  2. Jesus now Ossai hurt in 4th and wouldn’t have been able to go back in.... need him for chubba, hope MRI comes bck positive
  3. Where’d you see that? I knew he said most likely sit during his presser but all I see is game time decision still. Thanks!
  4. @Aaron Carrara any scuttle butt on if Collin sitting this one out? Need to know for my DK obsession lol
  5. Nice, Daniel Young cleared to play vs rice. Least it’s depth.
  6. And I read no time table for a return. Damnit. I know it’s football but this injury bug is a plague at Texas
  7. Investigation complete. Just a raging alcoholic spewing lies https://247sports.com/college/texas/Article/Texas-internal-report-shows-air-conditioning-in-LSUs-locker-room-worked-fine-135502906/
  8. Let’s Close the door on this topic. Confirmed Lie from a alcoholic https://247sports.com/college/texas/Article/Texas-internal-report-shows-air-conditioning-in-LSUs-locker-room-worked-fine-135502906/
  9. I just keep thinking.... if he would have got the snap on 4th and Goal (the 2nd trip) there is no way he isnt getting in. He runs with a serious attitude. Is awesome to watch
  10. Hey, go visit surly.... you will Meet some very reasonable horn fans there. Give it a shot
  11. Agree, but what would we been saying if Ingram doesn’t muff it?
  12. I don’t know why that jackass is still around, like we give 2 shits about what his team has to say
  13. Nothing to do with this but can anyone walk me through blocking someone on here? It’s best, or I’ll get kicked off for my cursing. And I kinda like it around here
  14. Yes there so full shit there brown in the eyes.
  15. Del conte went on and said that’s completely false. Said A/C working just fine. There just trying to mask all those “cramps”
  16. Thanks. I figured that was the right move. Isn’t worth getting into it with someone. And I’m sure as hell not wearing a OU shirt like my buddy suggested.
  17. https://247sports.com/Article/Texas-Longhorns-football-College-Football-Playoff-contender-LSU-Tigers-135378307/Amp/?__twitter_impression=true maybe this article will work. LSU has good things to say bout the offense after the game. I will give them that
  18. Thanks for the response!
  19. Yea, that muff was all on Ingram. D1 RB gotta make that catch all day. Can’t always blame someone else. And he knows it, sure he isn’t happy with himself at The moment. No competitor would be
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