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  1. Orlando to stick with Texas

    He did say “plan” but listening to his presser this evening it was evident he loves the horns and has major respect for Herman. Herman calling him to UH from Utah st still has a significant impact on Orlando. I think he stays 1 more year because he knows the horns Could make a real run next year. And that will only help his future
  2. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Already?!?! Wow, musta known he was very interested if we offer lol
  3. Interesting take aways from Herman media

    I’m not 100% sure I just know he said he’d lose the redshirt if he played. And that Beck has said he wants to come back for the 5th year so that’s the decisions they went with. And I did read some of @Jameson McCausland thread which was great but I like to listen to it as well. I’m a weirdo. @Sirhornsalot I know it’s “next” year but speaking of TE do you think Beck is the starter at this position next year? Even with the experience learned this year by others? And lastly could you play 2 TE set to help the run? Don’t know if many do this but with the talent hmmmm
  4. Wow, Herman made the comment that Andrew beck has been cleared and practicing for couple weeks but they can’t play him do to losing his red shirt year if they do... went on to say NCAA talkin about making a change as to where any freshman can play up to 4 games and still keep his redshirt. Which would helped right now with Beck and even a couple other CB studs he spoke about. Any thoughts? I like this idea and also Herman pretty dang wise and good a keeping it under the rug Beck was cleared to go but can’t. Unless somehow I missed that.
  5. Longhorns Going Bowling, but Where?

    Man that’d be a huge game but to be honest it doesn’t scare me. This Texas team has it in em to play with anyone. They have proved it. Maybe not by the record but game by game they have been in it to win it. I’m with you though, we won’t make it to #3
  6. Michael Dickson Named Ray Guy Award Finalist

    Gonna b making some very well deserved cash on sundays
  7. Longhorns Going Bowling, but Where?

    Soooo who’s the #2 ACC squad lookin like?
  8. Mayfield.. typical Jack***

    Saw Riley is sitting mayfield. Bet it’s only for 1 series knowing HoeU reputation
  9. Remember Deontay Anderson from Manvel?

    Maybe I’m missing something but Walker Little went to Standford. They aren’t under any Sanctions that I’m aware of so sure he is staying put. Wouldn’t that be sweet though lol I’m guessing your hopin
  10. Didn’t Les Miles get fired for his multiple 9-3 seasons? Although I know that LSU and not Aggy. I think it’s def still possible, lot of people want him out it seems.
  11. Yea I do take back the word garbage. But I do feel it’s not fair to assume that with a freshman and do believe the same happened with colt and he turned out pretty good. I can also see not getting the hopes ya because it’s been YEARS since a QB has turned out good at Texas. I do apologize for the wording. There’s just a lot of folks not giving him credit when I believe he deserves some. I’ll be glad to see him with a completely healthy line is all.
  12. Didn’t we hear garbage like that about colt when he came out also???? Agree with you 100% Daniel. Sam gonna prove some folks wrong in a hurry
  13. View from the Cheap Seats-WVU

    This is a great point. Sooners have a hell of a run game. Just fingers crossed TCU upset em In big 12 championship. I know that’s no way to be, should want it for the conference but I just can’t....
  14. View from the Cheap Seats-WVU

    Could could WVU upset HoeU at Norman? I don’t think it’s a lock for the Sooners. Watcha think?
  15. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    SHA, so the 18th commitment got pushed back I’m gonna assume?