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  1. okiehorn

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    So IF, big IF Texas reels in Bru. Would this be the best WR haul in recent history for UT? how does it stack up @Daniel Seahorn or anyone and that’s assuming Bru would play WR obviously
  2. okiehorn

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Yea I posted that in the Bru section. But I’ll take it
  3. okiehorn

    Update on the #Bruuuuumors

    Dudes getting torched for being a terrible journalist and no credibility lol but I’ll take it!
  4. okiehorn

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    https://www.usc247.com/news/2019/1/24/mccoy-set-to-transfer-from-usc says he should be on campus next week!
  5. okiehorn

    Casey Thompson reportedly staying at Texas

    That ain’t a good thing
  6. okiehorn

    Jalen Hurts chooses Oklahoma

    Was nice to hear on radio here in Oklahoma TWO talk show host on sports animal said going into next year they’d rather have Sam then Hurts at QB.... Gaining respect, 1 game at a time. They also went on to make a excellent point that all OU fans thought hurts wasn’t a talented player and couldn’t throw the football a year ago loL now he is god
  7. Wish him the best, kids been awesome in his role with the horns.... can’t blame these kids. Getting out of hand but is what it is. Sam/Thompson/RJ is my bet
  8. And now with pressure from media the grant the transfer haha what a program
  9. Lincoln Riley and OU block Austin Kendall transfer to in conference WV... I know that’s the rules that school can do that but such chicken shit on OU.
  10. okiehorn

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Glass wasn’t heavily pursued by Texas right? My brother (okielite season ticket holder) is pumped they stole a 4 star away... I burst his bubble when I said Texas wasn’t even pushing...... they are excited though that’s a fact.
  11. Maybe so, but OU has serious WR core coming in also and Riley is an offensive genius. Even if it’s tough to admit.
  12. Eh maybe, but it def didn’t help. Hurts visited this weekend. Wish they’d have to rebuild for a change but if not screw em