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  1. Oh boy, more drama ahead. Don’t think this is outlawed but I’ll delete if so @Daniel Seahorn no doubt
  2. Thank me for this post. Enlightened me about the UIL. I also just read some of the reason it was a 6-0 vote and if half of them are true then I am see why the kid isn’t eligible to play. Sounds like it was about bettering his academics. Thanks again!
  3. Hoping this is only a rumor, but it’s everywhere. Anyone know?
  4. Agree, I’m at -27 so I just quit posting and just reading lol once your in negative douchbags just Neg you cuz they can
  5. @TheContractor you are on it when it comes to recruits and hudle tapes, what do you think of Ty Jordan and is he better then the 3 star rating? And I know there just “stars” and Forman was 2 or 3 star but wondering your take.
  6. Thought the same thing when I read that statement. Everyone has been drooling over him. Im going to stick with the people that’s saying he is a badass
  7. I read that it was a change to cloudy CB.
  8. I read that completely wrong 3 damn times.... every time I thought you said she left as an A Hole and was very confused lol
  9. That’s a great point. She was always talking to @Sirhornsalot on here. Haven’t seen her In a long time. Can’t even remember her handle dang it. Wasn’t the avatar like rocky and bull winkle? Fun poster
  10. Wow, I will leave it at that so I don’t keep the convo going. Thanks for the insight. Sorry @Daniel Seahorn for bringing it back up lol
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