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  1. Bogey

    Forum Mobile Interface Issue

    Oh yes. My first go to whenever anything electronic acts up is "Did you reboot?". The thing is, it only does this on the summary page showing the topics, not the individual topic thread. On top of that, it isn't consistent. Sometimes it is delayed enough that I can click thru to a thread. Other times, it is far too quick to jump away from the link.
  2. Bogey

    Forum Mobile Interface Issue

    After a long period with relatively good stability, the issue of the page jumping to the ads at the bottom of the mobile interface has return with a vengeance. I can't even scroll down the page to view the recent threads without the page jumping down to the ads, let alone selecting them to view. This is very frustrating. Please fix this.
  3. Bogey

    Phil Steele's Preseason Top 25

    My wife says it's spelled "zen".
  4. Bogey

    Phil Steele's Preseason Top 25

    Is the pre-season poll not supposed to be a wild-ass guess for how one sees the season playing out? Last season's record notwithstanding, Phil is merely an optimist for the burnt orange to be much, much better this year. I'll have what he's having. \m/
  5. So based on current (potential) off-field success AND imagined future success, they're on top. Rat (bastard) doesn't even know what a brake pedal is. Typical aggy.
  6. Ridiculous. Typical Aggy, looking outside of themselves for validation. In 6 years since leaving the Big 12, they haven't had greater success than they did during the 16 years in the Big 12. Yet this "realist" thinks it's better to be the whipping boy among 13 other schools vs. the 11 in their former conference. Idiocy. I don't know a single Texas alum or fan who wants Aggy back in the conference –or to join them in the $EC. NOBODY is having any trouble "getting over not being in the same conference with the Aggies". They're now the butt of jokes for the other schools in the $EC as well as the Big 12. Still, it is interesting to peek into their world and witness the height of delusion. Oh yeah... F Aggy.
  7. Umm... Funny, but 23. Texas A&M: RB Trayveon Williams
  8. Bogey

    Forum Mobile Interface Issue

    Once again, stability has returned. If this is due to a change to the site, thank you, thank you, thank you!
  9. When I see this clip, I always get a kick out if it. Sums up my reaction to most of the drivel aggy puts out.
  10. Bogey

    Forum Mobile Interface Issue

    I thought the issue had resolved. I was right for a day. If someone is actually trying to fix this, please try again.
  11. Bogey

    Forum Mobile Interface Issue

    The issue appears to at bay. No playing Whack-a-Mole with the thread links tonight.
  12. Bogey

    Forum Mobile Interface Issue

    Well, I don't know if it was a coincidence or if something was tweaked, but Wednesday evening the issue seemed to have improved. But now it's right back as it was before.
  13. Bogey

    Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    Not only stupid, but foolish. $165 for a crappy belt?! ...smh... Note: They don't have similar belts for any of the other conferences.