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  1. Welcome and Hook 'em Mia! Being the father to girls is special. I must admit, having raised two girls, I am biased. I have no insight regarding the experience of parenting boys.
  2. Says the fan of the team with Texas State, Lamar and UTSA on their schedule –in one season. I recognize they have 3 strong teams to play, but they definitely found 3 opponents that should be non-competitive to offset those losses.
  3. Yeah, but it's not a good look to recruits to have to cancel the spring game. Walk-ons should be available to fill gaps due to injury.
  4. Maybe another UT organization that wears chaps...
  5. For me, he's right. I don't "bring up" Jimbo. Doesn't mean I avoid the subject. Irrelevance needs no quarter. I have and will.continue to discuss Jimbo with anyone who wants to talk about aggy. I just don't normally bring aggy into the conversation. My distaste for them is no secret. I frequent the Frenzy and Oh, aggy threads purely for entertainment.
  6. THx for the info. Always looking for perspective with regard to the recruits. It's far too easy to get locked into a homer view of the process.
  7. Welcome Dina! Looking forward to another voice in the recruiting mix.
  8. Google says so. Texas tennis coach fired
  9. Let's keep political views off this forum.
  10. This article is a bit dated, but has some LHN related info that might be of use. https://heavy.com/sports/2018/08/watch-texas-longhorns-football-online/
  11. Agreed. The announcers for this series were as dry as scorched desert sand covered with sawdust.
  12. I'm OK with Sam's approach to this. He states his position in an inflammatory manner to encourage change where he sees inequity while recognizing what the organization provides for him. I doubt there has ever been or ever will be anyone who challenges the status quo that isn't told to stop rocking the boat.
  13. Agreed. It hasn't exactly been raucous good times thru the teens.
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