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  1. Horns win 4 of their next 5!!!!!

    Horns may need to go to OT twice to win 4 of their next 5 games. I will also continue to watch all the games to the end and hope they don't try my intestinal fortitude every week.
  2. Made it to Austin

    You're very welcome. So glad you enjoyed it!
  3. Made it to Austin

    I also recommend Texican Café. Really good El Paso style Tex-mex.
  4. Made it to Austin

    Matt's Famous el Rancho is a long-standing Austin traditional Mexican restaurant. I prefer Tex-Mex and my go-to is Chuy's –at least twice a month.
  5. 2nd little nit... Shane didn't take his first snap since Maryland in the OU game. He was the QB for the ISU game.
  6. Osu/Texas

    Cooper's or Stiles Switch for savory BBQ. County Line offers a nice view, but mediocre BBQ. Cooper's is on Congress at 3rd –within walking distance to see the bats. Stiles Switch is at the Violet Crown which was prominantly featured in Dazed and Confused. Bonus BBQ selection: Slab BBQ at Burnet and 183. Great BBQ sandwiches that keep me and my out-of-state visiting customers coming back. Hut's or Hopdoddy for burgers. Hut's is an iconic downtown Austin joint. Hopdoddy is relatively new to the scene, but really good and they make a great milkshake. Bonus burgers: Moonies Burger House. All 3 locations are N/NW. Very good burgers and the fries are fantastic!
  7. 2017 Texas Volleyball

    So far this year, Texas has been very good with a lot of improvement in several aspects of the game. Not totally unexpected with 2 true frosh starting. The serving errors are hurting them –kills momentum. But they have out-talented the competition for the most part. I hope they put it all together by the end of the regular season and host a regional for a chance to attend a post-season game. Making it to the final 4 as they have 8 of the last 9 years, and the championship game as they have 3 of the last 4 years would be awesome. I'm always ready for awesome.
  8. 5 Thoughts Following The Win Over KSU

    In the presser following the USC game, TH said they used the practiced 2-pt play to score the TD and didn't have a second play available. He agreed that going for 2 would be his first choice otherwise.
  9. QB Tidbit For KSU Game

    I'm looking for some confirmation that this coaching staff sees what I think most see —that Sam is a gamer and should be the man at QB ...period.
  10. QB Tidbit For KSU Game

    Confirmation bias?
  11. 2017 Texas Volleyball

    We made to the K-State game Saturday . It took my granddaughter Jade a little while to get into it, but once she did, she had a really good time. The Horns were dominant and the match went very quickly, which was probably the best case first experience for a 6 year old. After the match, we went down to the court and Jade was pretty stoked to get to meet the players. For pictures, the ladies would crouch to get at her level. After taking a picture with Morgan Johnson, Jade asked if she could take another with Morgan standing so she could see how tall she is. As you can see in the photo, Morgan got a kick from the request. We left Gregory gym and walked around outside for a while. It was such a nice day. As we were headed back to the car we ran into Morgan and Jade said "Hi". Morgan was so gracious to stop for several minutes and chat with her. I think she earned a new young fan.
  12. Site updates

    Suggestion: Make the dot/star open to the last read post on the target page in a new tab by default. This would be a tremendous improvement since there may be others besides me whose man-size fingers have a bit of trouble locating the exact spot on our mobile device.
  13. Aggy just blew a 34 pt lead, lost

    BTW. I felt like last year I got a taste of what it is like to be an Aggy. I did not like it. Not one bit. I hope we get things moving in the right direction soon. I really want to look forward to Saturdays again.
  14. Aggy just blew a 34 pt lead, lost

    This game is a microcosm of a typical Aggy season —start off hot; believe they're better than they actually are; choke down the stretch. I guess this will somewhat mitigate the commentary by the farmers regarding Texas' week 1 woes.