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  • Texas will face Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship on Saturday, December 1st @ 11:00 AM in Arlington, TX. Game will be televised on ABC
  • Texas Basketball (5-1) loses to Michigan State in title game of Las Vegas Invitational 78-68


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  1. Bogey

    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    But maybe, just maybe, it could work out to have all three. Always good to have depth with talent competing for playing time.
  2. K-State HC Bill. Snyder retires (again). https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2808102-bill-snyder-reportedly-retires-as-kansas-state-football-coach-after-27-seasons.amp.html?%24deeplink_path=article%2Fbleacherreport.com%2Farticles%2F2808102-bill-snyder-reportedly-retires-as-kansas-state-football-coach-after-27-seasons&%24fallback_url=https%3A%2F%2Fsyndication.bleacherreport.com%2Famp%2F2808102-bill-snyder-reportedly-retires-as-kansas-state-football-coach-after-27-seasons.amp.html&_branch_match_id=336654637452220170
  3. 1998 Big 12 CCG #10 Aggy 36 #2 K State 33 20 years. And to think the 9 years since the Horns last played for the trophy feels like an eternity.
  4. I went to Freebirds for dinner this fine Sunday evening. The guy behind me in line was wearing an ATM shirt and the girl behind the counter asked him if he watched the game against LSU last night. He said he did and they went on about what a great game it was. So I looked at him and said "Sounds like it was a barn-burner. What was the score?" "74-72." "Wow. 146 points –where was the defense?" "It was only 31-31 at the end of regulation." "62 points is a lot in regulation. How many TDs in OT? Must've been 5 or 6 for each team. Was it good offense or bad defense that pushed the score so high?" Sidestepping my question, he said "You must be a Big 12 fan." "I'm a fan of my alma mater –Texas. I didn't attend the Big 12 and I don't identify with the conference." He literally looks at his shoes, at a loss for words. I then moved right to ordering and the exchange ended. • • • • I get a certain satisfaction knowing the conversation concluded with Aggy staring at his shoes.
  5. Another poorly officiated B12 game. There were more than an understandable amount bad/no calls, but the worst: • No-call on the late hit by Texas early in the game • Face mask no-call on the clothesline of Ingram in the open field • Onside kick prematurely called for KU possession was atrocious. Not a pretty offensive game for the Horns. Sam was definitely off his game and limited. The D looked good, with a couple exceptions. In the final analysis, I wouldn't read too much negativity into this game, assuming Sam is healthy for the CCG.
  6. What? No venomous remarks about bringing political views to the boards? </sarcasm> But seriously, I don't see how this has anything to do with political leanings.
  7. Always a great sight...
  8. Don't stop believin'...
  9. D getting pressure on Purdy. Interception! Chris Brown! \\m//
  10. Good to see CJ making extra effort blocking for KI on that TD.
  11. The Pokes did their part. Now go put it to the Clones. Hook 'em! \\m//
  12. Bogey

    5 Thoughts Following The Win Over Tech

    ...and last week vs. LSU too.
  13. Bogey

    *****Texas vs. Texas Tech Game Thread*****

    I watched the game on delay (DVR makes commercials and halftime disappear). D was a MASH unit and played like it. O was solid. Would've liked to see a few more passes sprinkled into the 4th. The last TD pass was shades of '08 in reverse. Glad to escape the tortilla throwers in a night game. Hook 'em!!! \\m//