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  1. *****Texas vs. Michigan Game Thread*****

    FYI –The game is Tuesday, December 12 (today).
  2. Howdy - Aggie Asking for Help

    They teach you farming in band? Maybe they should teach you some compelling music. And... ...the aggy band fights?
  3. It’s Snowing!!

    Austin Blizzard 2017
  4. “The punter”

    TH also refers to "the kicker". Though I could swear he slipped once this year in an interview or presser and said Rowland's name.
  5. 2017 Texas Volleyball

    Assuming the ladies take care of Bailer Saturday, they will be undefeated in conference play. Their only losses are to Florida and Minnesota early in the season. Also, Texas' RPI is 3rd in the nation. I just can't fathom how they could be on the outside looking in and out if the coveted top 4 seeds.
  6. 2017 Texas Volleyball

    Big 12 Champions! The crowd was loud as hell as Texas dominated ou sucks! at home Wednesday night, winning in 3 straight sets. I went to the match with my daughter and granddaughter and we had a raucous time. I gotta tell ya I'm feeling the effects and may need to nurse my hoarse throat a bit. The Texas ladies have really hit their stride and are looking very good heading on to the final match of the regular season against Bailer and on to the post-season.
  7. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    72-69 in a playoff game?! Insane!
  8. I know I'm late to the discussion –I'm just getting a chance this cool Sunday evening to watch the game (busy weekend , so DVR). The B12 refs stunk it up again. I'm overcome with disbelief that they used replay (yet again) to assess a penalty when no flag was thrown. Is this a new rule or did I just have a misconception about replay rules? Also, on the drive following Texas' first score in Q2, WV was given 3 yards on first down when the catch was clearly at the LOS. I had to rewind the DVR to verify. Yep, caught at the 36; spotted at the 39. I don't expect perfection from the refs, but I'm only through the first half and already apoplectic over the calls by the refs for harshing the good feels for Sam, the OL and run game success. I wouldn't normally think it, but I guess it's a plus this time to know the outcome is a W for the good guys.
  9. Mack Brown for AD?

    Another hand-me-down coach from Texas?
  10. Mack Brown for AD?

    For any high profile critical position in an organization (such AD at UT), my money goes to the person with proven experience at that position when available. It isn't a guarantee of success, but it improves the odds. There is an adage in business that hiring should always be accomplished with the goal to improve the average. Taking risks on the unproven can be very costly.
  11. Horns win 4 of their next 5!!!!!

    Horns may need to go to OT twice to win 4 of their next 5 games. I will also continue to watch all the games to the end and hope they don't try my intestinal fortitude every week.
  12. Made it to Austin

    You're very welcome. So glad you enjoyed it!
  13. Made it to Austin

    I also recommend Texican Café. Really good El Paso style Tex-mex.
  14. Made it to Austin

    Matt's Famous el Rancho is a long-standing Austin traditional Mexican restaurant. I prefer Tex-Mex and my go-to is Chuy's –at least twice a month.
  15. 2nd little nit... Shane didn't take his first snap since Maryland in the OU game. He was the QB for the ISU game.