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  1. Yeah. Top dog. Not top mascot.
  2. The aggy mascot can’t even make a mark on this list. Uga gets top dog accolades.
  3. I care. I’m stoked! Optics matter, and it’s always good for recruits to see big Mo runnin’ with the good guys. Hook’em! \\m//
  4. Meant to say: No team other than Texas cracks the top 20 of the 247 composite with fewer than 15 commits. Edited. Sorry for the omission.
  5. The Horns are on fire with recruiting, building on past positive results CTH and the staff have laid down. No team other than Texas cracks the top 20 of the 247 composite with fewer than 15 commits. Texas also ranks 3rd with a composite average of 93.21.
  6. I like Shotime too. She left a bit of a hole on this forum.
  7. I have always thought Texas could capitalize on horns down and turn it into a positive. Bulls lower their horns when they mean business.
  8. Really? I don’t buy this load of bull for a millisecond. If Texas is just another game for ousucks!, why is their hand sign a derivative of Hook ‘em? .And while on the subject... Why should horns down be considered an insult? When a bull puts his horns down, he’s about to get after you. Just ask Uga.
  9. Welcome and Hook 'em Mia! Being the father to girls is special. I must admit, having raised two girls, I am biased. I have no insight regarding the experience of parenting boys.
  10. Says the fan of the team with Texas State, Lamar and UTSA on their schedule –in one season. I recognize they have 3 strong teams to play, but they definitely found 3 opponents that should be non-competitive to offset those losses.
  11. Yeah, but it's not a good look to recruits to have to cancel the spring game. Walk-ons should be available to fill gaps due to injury.
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