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  1. As always, ask your questions and we will address the best ones in Burnt Ends. We didn’t do one last week because of Junior Days. As always, shoot questions here or at hsmailbag@gmail.com.
  2. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Texas is already gaining some momentum on Wiley. Said it was a dream offer.
  3. The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker. Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask... Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends. +++++ This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports. Texas hosted their first Junior Day over the past two days, with 2019, 2020, 2021 and even 2022 prospects making their way to Austin. Although Texas did not come away with any commitments, Tom Herman and company did a great job of building relationships with some of the top targets on their board. Kids and parents raved about the relationships they have built with the coaching staff. Texas only extended two offers, one to Brock TE Baylor Cupp and the other to Arkansas tackle Stacey Wilkins. Let’s take a good at some key targets from Junior Day and what they had to say about the Longhorns: QB Roschon Johnson The lone commit in the 2019 spent much of his time interacting with fellow recruits and serving as the bellcow for the class. “Main thing I want to do is just draw everybody around me, and in my class I got the best position to do that.” Johnson said. California LB De’Gabriel Floyd was mentioned by name as someone who Johnson said he talked to a lot. Similar to 2020 Zachary Evans, Johnson was on campus last weekend as well, and met up with 2019 WR recruits Elijah Higgins and Garrett Wilson. As for other schools recruiting him, Johnson said he hears every once in a while from LSU and Stanford. RB Deondrick Glass Another year, and another standout Running Back coming out of Katy. Glass has been on the Texas radar for a while, and running backs coach Stan Drayton has done an excellent job connecting with Glass. “I can tell Coach Drayton isn’t fake, he wants to see me succeed and is willing to do whatever he can to get me to the next level,” Glass said. Current Longhorn Kyle Porter, who also hails from Katy, has been recruiting Glass hard. In terms of making a decision, Glass said he is in no rush and wants to continue to enjoy the process. Ohio State, Georgia and Alabama were all schools he mentioned about visiting. RB Zachary Evans (2020) For the second straight weekend, the 2020 North Shore star visited Texas. As a sophomore this past fall, Evans rushed for all 1400 yards and 27 touchdowns. So what has stuck out with him on his recent visits to Austin? “Film. Film and getting to talk to the coaches,” Evans said. “I feel like what is going to be big in my recruiting process is I got to be able to bond with the coach and the team, you can’t just commit to a coach” Tom Herman and Stan Drayton have made a huge impression on Evans and his family. It is paying off too, as Texas is beginning to separate themselves in his recruitment. “Texas has definitely separated themselves,” Evans said. “I know in the future of my recruiting process they are going to be able to break it down for me and keep it real with me throughout the process. I don’t want to just go to a school where they tell me what I want to hear.” Evans recently listed Alabama and Texas as the two schools who are recruiting him the hardest. Texas seems to be pushing all the right buttons and has prioritized him as their prize RB take for the 2020 class. Texas is in a very good spot early, but this isn’t a recruitment that will be wrapped up soon. “I am going to try to break down my top 15 heading into my junior year, so it should be coming in the next month,” Evans said when asked about a possible decision timeline. Texas is a pretty safe bet to make the cut. RB Darwin Barlow The standout RB from Newton made his way to the 40 acres on Saturday and came away very impressed. “It was nice. Top one so far.” Barlow said when asked about how the Texas visits ranks compared to others he has taken. “I just love the atmosphere and the coaches. It feels like home.” Should Texas choose to take 2 RB’s in the 2019 class, the state champion who rushed for 2246 yards and 38 touchdowns would be a good take. Barlow said he plans to make some more visits this spring, with Georgia, LSU and Texas A&M all being possible destinations. WR Garrett Wilson The Lake Travis wide out is one of the biggest priorities of the cycle for the Texas coaching staff and he was absolutely treated like it with the red carpet treatment on Sunday. Wilson spent a lot of time with the staff and was the last recruit to leave the complex before heading back up the road. Wilson told HornSports that the high points of the trip was getting to suit up in the icy whites with some of his boys (specifically mentioned Baylor commit Jaylen Ellis and Erick Young), as well as seeing how each player had individual plans to help them graduate. Texas' newly minted recruiting ace Bryan Carrington is hot on Wilson's trail and has already spent plenty of time coaxing him into playing his collegiate career in Austin. WIlson says he and Carrington communicate daily and were actually talking when we were exchanging messages. Wilson also spent time with both Drew Mehringer and the newly reassigned Corby Meekins during the visit and the trip ended with a sit down with Tom Herman. The message to the elite pass catcher was clear: "Represent your state". On top of that, the staff conveyed that they planned to move him around and play him both on the outside and in the slot. The staff did an excellent job keeping the state's elite talent home this past cycle and the message is not changing for 2019. While Texas is home for Wilson he also has roots in Ohio, and he made it clear that he would make the best decision for himself when it came down to it. Wilson went on to say he always feels comfortable when he visits Texas, which is always an important thing, and that he would be keeping an eye on how the passing game continues to develop this year since that directly impacts him. As far as his spring schedule goes, Wilson says he want to go see Arkansas, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and TCU, but didn't rule out another visit to Texas for the spring game as long as his schedule permits. WR Ke’Andre Street The 6’3 wideout from John Tyler showed up to Austin a little under the weather, but it didn’t stop him from enjoying his time. “It was good,” Street said. “I talked to Coach Herman. It was a great experience being here, love the place, why not be in Austin, Texas?” Street is currently hearing frequently from Houston, Texas Tech, North Texas and Southern Miss. Wide Receivers coach Drew Mehringer expressed Texas’ interest in the talented wideout, and there is a possibility an offer could be extended down the line. “Their interest level is very high. I think they are waiting to get some track times in,” Street said. WR Elijah Higgins Higgins has continued to blow up with offers over the course of the past month, but the star Austin Bowie wideout said he is continuing to take the process slowly and soak it all in. Higgins said he enjoyed being able to be the on the Texas campus for the first time since he was offered. “It was a lot of fun hanging out with all the guys, Garrett Wilson, Jaylen Ellis and all of them”, said Higgins. Stanford has already extended an offer, so Higgins is focused on a lot more than just life on the football field. He said Texas did a great job of telling them about their sports medicine program, which Higgins is interested in majoring in. So where does Texas stand at the moment? The Longhorns are definitely in a good spot for the 6’3 wideout. 2019 QB commit Roschon Johnson threw passes to Higgins and Garrett Wilson last weekend, and the trio has discussed the possibility of playing together at the next level. TE Logan Compton Compton was quick to point out how good of a relationship he has with the Texas staff. “I had a great relationship with Coach Meekins,” Compton said. “He told me to call him the day he found out he wasn’t going to be the tight ends coach, and gave me Coach Warehime’s info. I was talking to Coach Meekins every day.” Texas has yet to offer, but the 6’4 TE could be in line for one down the road. “They’ve seen I’ve got a lot bigger, which they really like. They are going to come watch me in the spring.” TE Jalen Wydermyer The 6’4 tight end from Dickinson made his way to Austin for Sunday’s junior day. Wydermyer said he enjoyed getting to interact with new tight ends coach Derek Warehime, who stressed to him how Texas loves to utilize the tight end. Despite not holding an offer, Wydermyer said Texas is up there on his list of schools. “This would be one of my top schools,” Wydermyer said when asked where Texas stands in his recruitment. “I really have a good connection with coach Meekins and coach Warehime.” An offer would be in the works down the line, and Texas would be in a good spot if one was extended. Wydermyer grew up in nearby Del Valle, so he is no stranger to Austin. OL Stacey Wilkins Wilkins was the first new offer given out on Junior Day. The Arkansas native immediately named Texas one of his top schools and cited many reasons as to why he came away impressed from his time in Austin. “The coaches and what they have planned for the players, academics and relationship with the coaches”,Wilkins said. “Coach Hand is one of the best OL coaches in the country.” Wilkins also has Oklahoma, TCU and Arkansas at the top of his list, and is planning on visiting the Razorbacks this upcoming weekend. Texas has a very good chance of hosting him on an official visit at some point during the spring. When asked about the idea of playing his college career away from his home state, Wilkins said it is something he could be comfortable with. “I’m okay with getting out of state. As long as it fits me best and I have a good relationship with the coaching staff.” DE Marcus Stripling Heading into Saturday, Texas was hoping to make headway in the recruitment of 4 star DE Marcus Stripling. The Longhorns accomplished just that, with Stripling leaving impressed with what Tom Herman and defensive line coach Oscar Giles had to show him. “It was a great today at Texas,” Stripling said. “Very outstanding show Coach Herman put on. I learned a lot about Austin. Me being the #1 defensive end in Texas, just keeping everything in Texas sounds pretty good. Good scheme Coach Herman is drawing up in there. Austin’s just a great place to be” Stripling is hearing from schools all over the country, so where exactly does his recruitment stand at this time? “I’m open all the way up. I haven’t really decided yet. I am still just taking my time” The Mayde Creek product says he plans on making it back to Austin again at some point during the spring. “Of course. Everytime I come visit, it gets better and better. High hopes for Texas.” DT DeMarvin Leal Perhaps the biggest priority on defense in the 2019 class, Leal left junior day rocking a Texas shirt. The Converse Judson standout was impressed with the coaching staff and enjoyed getting to talk to some current players. “The love of the coaches. They really love the student athletes,” Leal said when asked what stood out about the day. “I talked to a couple of the freshman, B.J Foster and Caden Sterns. They just talked about the positive and negative of the school, there’s really no negatives. They just talked about how they loved it.” Leal said the visit definitely helped Texas and that he enjoyed interacting with Tom Herman and Oscar Giles. As far as what’s next, Leal said he is in the process of getting his some spring official visits lined up. He said there is a possibility he could make a commitment in August. Regardless, Texas has positioned themselves nicely for one of the top defensive tackles in the country. LB De’Gabriel Floyd The story of the day was California LB De’Gabriel Floyd. Floyd spoke extremely favorably about Texas and it appears Texas made a huge impression. “I love the hospitality here,” Floyd said. “It felt like every coach was my best friend. It was just a great visit.” Floyd said all his questions were answered without him even having to ask. So where does Texas stand in his recruitment? “Real high,” Floyd said. “The atmosphere of me coming down here, and I have family down here. It was just real comfortable, I didn’t feel out of place. It felt like I was at home. I got my top schools in mind, and Texas is up there.” Floyd said he enjoyed hanging out with freshman LB Ayodele Adeoeye and QB Cameron Rising, who is a fellow California native. Floyd has a very close relationship with Todd Orlando, and Texas appears to be a legitimate player for one of the top outside linebackers in the country. In terms of a possible timeline on a decision, it will be a while. Floyd said he could see himself announcing on early signing day or during an All-Star game. He still plans on visiting UCLA, USC and possibly Oregon. CB Marcus Banks The Dekaney High School corner is a high priority for Texas. Banks said Tom Herman and cornerbacks coach Jason Washington showed him a lot of love during his visit. “The talk with Coach Herman. We had a very good talk and reached out with building a relationship, especially with my mother,” Banks said when asked what stood out. “They (Herman and Washington) showed a lot of love.” Banks was originally slated to announce his decision on March 3rd, but announced he is pushing his decision back. Nevertheless, Texas definitely made a big impression on the 4-star. “This visit opened my eyes more, they are very high on my list.” CB/S Erick Young Prior to his visit, Young said he was not too interested in Texas, but the Longhorns made a big impression of the Fort Bend Bush standout. “It was a really good visit, it opened my eyes a lot,” Young said. “I wasn’t really feeling Texas, but after today I really like Texas.” Texas did an excellent job of making up ground in his recruitment, and a big reason is safeties coach Craig Naivar. “Coach Naviar," Young said when asked what stood out about the visit. “He said he wants to sign a good class again to win a national championship.” Young proclaimed afterwards that Texas was squarely back in the mix in his recruitment, naming them to his top 5. He expects to take official visits this spring and announce a final decision during his senior season. Texas and Texas A&M are two teams who are high on his list.
  4. Roschon Johnson

    The fact of the matter is the services put a lot of stock into camp performances. This is beyond me, because what does 7v7 prove in relation to when the pads come on? I think Johnson will continue to rise as the spring progresses.
  5. Burnt Ends - 02/12/18

    That ship has sailed. Most juco kids don’t sign with the colleges they planned on attending. Miller also tore his ACL last season. Hope he can get it together.
  6. Burnt Ends - 02/12/18

    The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker. Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask… Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends. This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports. Moving on to 2019 With Texas wrapping up the No. 3 recruiting class in 2018, it’s now time to move towards next year’s class. Texas only has 1 commitment in the 2019 thus far, but that can easily change once the football staff ramps up the heat on the recruiting trail. Here, we preview a multitude of 2019 offers and where the Longhorns stand with each. Offense Commits Quarterback Roschon Johnson - Johnson is the lone commit for the Longhorns’ 2019 class thus far. We only expect Tom Herman to take one QB in this class, and there is nobody better equipped to run a Herman offense than the Port Neches Groves product. In his junior season, Johnson passed for nearly 3000 yards and rushed for 1500+. In one playoff game, he had 10 TDs by himself. That is insane. Johnson is locked into Texas and informed HornSports that he plans on signing early in December. Great news for Longhorn fans. Targets Running Back Noah Cain - As a junior at IMG Academy, Cain did not put out the product that many expected. He only played in 8 games, in which he received 86 carries for 526 yards. As a sophomore, Cain had 210 carries for 1683 yards. This has not phased big-time programs, however. Cain is still Texas’ No. 1 target at the position, and they will have to fight off some fierce competition. Texas was the clear leader heading into Cain’s junior season, but other schools have emerged as threats - namely Ohio State, Miami, and LSU. Texas will have to fight off surges from other schools, but we feel good about where the Horns sit as of now. Deondrick Glass - Glass is the latest running back to come off the Katy high school assembly line. Glass became a bit of known commodity when he spelled current Texas running back Kyle Porter a couple years ago, but now it is his turn to be the feature back and he hasn’t squandered it. Glass has offers from everywhere including Texas and will be one of the most sought after backs in the class. Wide Receiver Jordan Whittington - Whittington is more of an athlete, but right now we have him listed at WR. Texas has done a great job in this recruitment, and we feel they are the clear-cut leader at this time. Whittington is one of the must-have athletes for the 2019 cycle, and Texas has prioritized him as such. Many believe Whittington’s true potential lies at safety in college, but regardless, he’s a take. Texas is in a great position early. Garrett Wilson - The Lake Travis native was ecstatic about receiving a Texas offer in November, and the Longhorns became the early favorite. Since that time, a multitude of teams have emerged with offers that have forced Wilson to slow down with the process. Wilson is one of the best WR prospects in the state, and Texas is in a prime position. If they could get Wilson to pull the trigger early, that would amount to a huge recruiting victory over the likes of Alabama and Ohio State. If not, things could get interesting down the stretch. Dylan Wright - His production may not be as sexy as some of the other top flight wide receivers in the state, but Wright MIGHT have the most upside of them all. Wright has the skill set and athleticism that is borderline absurd to go along with a ridiculous catch radius. Wright is already close to 30 offers and recently received offers from Alabama and LSU. They won’t be the last either. Elijah Higgins - Fast rising local kid who just recently saw his stock go through the roof. Offers are pouring in from all over the country, including Stanford, TCU, and Tennessee all in one day. Seemed like Texas arrived to the party just for the blow up and will get a chance to get face time with a kid who grew up just down the street from DKR. Higgins splits out for Bowie, but I could see him growing into a flex tight end down the line if he keeps on growing. Tight End Boomer Grayson - With a name like this and hailing from Oklahoma, you would think Grayson was destined to end up in Norman, but instead is committed to the Cowboys of Stillwater. Grayson might be the best tight end prospect in the country, and while the chances of him staying home are probably good, I would be beating down his door from now until NSD if I was Texas. Thomas Gordon - With the top 2 TE options in the state committing to OOS schools, Texas needs to focus its attention elsewhere. A sleeper is Strake Jesuit TE and Northwestern commit Thomas Gordon. At 6’4 and 218 pounds, Gordon has tremendous upside. The state is very thin at the position past Gordon, and Texas needs to get into this recruitment sooner rather than later, before it’s too late. Otherwise, the Longhorns will have to go OOS for TEs, which will be tough to do. Offensive Line Kenyon Green (OT) - Green is the best player in the state, and the No. 1 target on Texas’ big board. He is the most important recruit for the Longhorns 2019 class. Right now, Texas A&M is pushing Green hard to buy into the early hype and pull the trigger, but we do not expect him to do so. Green is a smart kid who wants to take his time with the process. With that being said, we believe Texas is in a good position early on. Green likes what the program has to offer, and the hiring of Herb Hand will only help in this recruitment. Things could change, but this appears to be a Texas-Texas A&M battle. Tyler Johnson (OT) - Johnson is one of the state’s best tackle prospects in a year where there are several good ones. Texas offered fairly early and has placed themselves in good position here for the big man from Conroe. With Joseph Ossai ending up in Austin, you can bet he will be putting the hard sell on his former teammate to join him. Javonne Shepherd (OT) - Shepherd might have the most upside of all the blue chip in-state tackle prospects and that’s saying a lot all things considered. Shepherd possesses a great frame with good athleticism and lots of upside that likely projects to left tackle. This looks like an A&M/Texas battle early, and the Aggies left a good impression after he visited recently. EJ Ndoma-Ogar (OG) - Call him Mr. IHOP because he is always serving up all you can eat pancakes. EJNO spent some time out in Florida at IMG, but made his way back to Allen for his junior year and didn’t miss a beat upon his return. EJNO put on a show down at the Army All-American combine and showed he is one of the nation’s best interior offensive line recruits and he’s a major priority for Texas early on. Branson Bragg (C) - Texas was the early leader for Bragg, and very well could still be. However, an offer from Stanford made things a little interesting. This recruitment reminds me a lot of the Walker Little saga. Texas is in a prime position early on, but Tom Herman will have to earn his reputation as a solid closer with this one. As of now, we like where Texas sits. Bragg, Gordon Discuss Recruiting As the No. 2 center in the country, Branson Bragg has a multitude of DI football offers. With that being said, a couple of schools stand out from the pack - Stanford and Texas. So, what stands out about Texas to Bragg? “It’s close to home, a legendary program and has great coaches,” Bragg said. One of the coaches that stands out to him, although fairly new to the state, is new offensive line coach Herb Hand. After speaking with Hand the first time, Bragg came away impressed. “[Coach Hand] speaks my language. The hiring of Coach Hand boosted Texas for me. He is so respected.” With offers from Stanford and Texas, it appears that life after football is just as important as life during football for Bragg. That is a huge selling point in his recruitment. “I want a degree that will matter after my football career is over and I want to be around people that I’d like to be around all the time,” Bragg stated. Although Bragg does not have a decision timeline set, he does have some future visits planned. The most concrete of those is Stanford’s Junior Day at the end of the month. Bragg informed HornSports he would attempt to make the Longhorns’ Junior Day this weekend, but if not, he would definitely make it in for a spring practice. Although Bragg declined to name a leader, this one appears to be a Texas and Stanford battle. Hopefully the Longhorns can come out on top when all is said and done. Before Texas looks out of state to find a couple of TEs, an under the radar prospect that deserves attention is Strake Jesuit’s Thomas Gordon. Although Gordon is a Northwestern commit, Texas has been in frequent contact. When asked if Gordon would attend Texas’ Junior Day, he stated that the Longhorns offered, but he declined the invitation. “I’ve visited [Austin] multiple times. I’m not interested in visiting. I am solid on my commitment.” What made Gordon pull the trigger on Northwestern so early? “The academics, football, and a great winning tradition and town,” Gordon said. As one can see, Texas has some work to do in this recruitment. However, it’s a positive sign that the coaching staff is contacting Gordon and prioritizing him. Gordon is a high-upside prospect that would be a good take at TE, and would alleviate some of the pressure for Texas to find more than one prospect out of state. Although Gordon is not looking around right now, it’s very early. Never count out Texas and Bryan Carrington on the recruiting trail. Basketball Note The Longhorn basketball team is coming off a tough week where they dropped a close contest to Kansas State and were then blown out by TCU. Questions have began to surface about whether Shaka Smart’s job could be in jeopardy should the Longhorns miss the NCAA tournament. One important detail that many forget is Shaka Smart received a contract extension following his first season in Austin, when he led to the Longhorns to the NCAA Tournament, where they fell to Northern Iowa in the first round. The contract extension raised Smart’s base salary to $3 million per year without incentives and extended him through 2023. So what does this all mean? If Texas were to let go of Smart at the end of the season, he would be owed more than $15 million. To put things in perspective, Texas paid Charlie Strong $5.2 million this past season and will be sending him a check for the same amount this upcoming season. All things being said, we fully expect Smart to return for the 2018-2019 season. The Longhorns will return every scholarship player except for Mo Bamba, and will add the 11th ranked recruiting class in the country, according to 247sports. Texas will also welcome transfer PG Elijah Long, who was forced to sit out this season due to NCAA transfer rules after transfering from Mount St. Mary’s. Long averaged 15 points and 4.4 assists per game during the 2016-2017 season. Burnt Ends Mailbag Q: What is your perfect world OL and DL for next year? A: In a perfect world, Texas would get to redshirt all incoming lineman on both sides of the ball. Unfortunately, it is not a perfect world and Texas will probably need freshman to step up on both sides of the line. Offensive Line - Texas would love to land Calvin Anderson and plug him in at LT. This would allow Sam Cosmi to slide to RT or get another year of development. Cosmi, Derek Kerstetter and Elijah Rodriguez would battle it out at RT, with either Kerstetter or Rodriguez sliding inside to RG to take over for Jake McMillon. Patrick Vahe and Zach Shackelford should be the favorites for LG and C, respectively, but JUCO transfer Mike Grandy could push for a guard spot. Patrick Hudson will also be back from his ACL injury, providing competition and depth across the offensive line. If a freshman were to push for playing time, it would most likely be Junior Angilau, who has not decided if he will take his 2 year LDS mission. Defensive Line - In a perfect world, Chris Nelson slides over to NT, leaving Breckyn Hager, Charles Omenihu and Malcolm Roach to rotate between the two end spots. TaQuon Graham and Jamari Chisholm will provide depth at defensive end. Freshman Moro Ojomo and Keondre Coburn will both see snaps at NT, along with Gerald Wilbon. The bottom line is Texas is in a pretty good spot in terms of depth and competition along both lines entering the spring. Q: What do you think LB will look like this year? Can you predict a 2 deep? I was looking at the roster and thought Cameron Townsend could fit as a Rover, but he hasn't done much since he got to campus. A: Towards the end of the 2017 season, Texas basically rolled with Malik Jefferson and Gary Johnson as the two linebackers, opting to get a 6th DB on the field. Johnson will head into the 2018 season with a firm grasp on the starting rover role. Middle linebacker will likely be occupied by Anthony Wheeler, and Jeff McCulloch will be the early favorite for B-Backer. It is not likely that Cameron Townsend factors into the linebacker equation in 2018. The Longhorns are very thin at linebacker. The potential 2 deep could look something like: Rover - Gary Johnson, Ed Freeman MLB - Anthony Wheeler, Ayodele Adeoye B-Backer - Jeff McCulloch, Joseph Ossai Q: Anticipating any more coaching changes on the offensive side? Tom Herman’s presser made me feel he wasn't 100% confident with the staff on that side of the ball. A: We believe Tom Herman is done making coaching moves. Corby Meekins should slide over to coach inside-receivers and Derek Warehime will take over TE’s. Recruits speak very highly of Warehime and he has good relationships with several key 2019 targets. The only possible change, which Tom Herman hinted at in the press conference, is how heavily the head coach will be involved in play calling. Herman stated he will call plays if it gives Texas the best chance to win. After checking around, it is a real possibility that Herman is heavily involved in play calling in 2018, similar to what occurred during the Texas Bowl. Q: Any clue / insight / prediction as to what CTH might do when Orlando leaves for a HC job? Promote from within, go after another hidden jewel (like Orlando when he was hired at UH) or money whip a high profile DC? A: It is still too early to predict who will take over at defensive coordinator if Todd Orlando were to leave for a head coach opening. When Orlando was hired at Houston, he came from Utah State and was not considered a big name. If Herman promotes from within, it would most likely be safeties coach Craig Naivar. Naivar was the defensive coordinator at Texas State from 2011-2013. He has also had defensive coordinator stops at Rice and Sam Houston State. Naivar is very highly regarded in the coaching profession and loved by the players. Q: Have the coaches started visiting recruits yet and if so who have they seen? A: 2019 recruiting is starting to crank up. QB commit Roschon Johnson visited Texas on Saturday and will serve as the bell-cow for the class. Coaches will begin making their way back on the road when spring practice starts up for the various high schools. Until then, Texas will focus on juniors days and breaking down film of potential offers. Q: Who are some of the key names you think the staff have targeted for 2019? What do you see today at the biggest position group needs? And what are the areas of Texas HS talent this year (ie last year was WR and DB) A: The staff is already working hard on several key 2019 targets like WR Garrett Wilson, WR Jordan Whittington, RB Noah Cain, DL DeMarvin Leal and OL Branson Bragg. The biggest position group of need will be linebacker and the offensive line. The good news is the offensive line class in Texas is deeper than 2018, but the bad news is the LB class is not deep at all. Texas will likely need to go out of state to fill their need at LB. Wide Receiver is another position group that has a lot of talent in 2019.
  7. Wrapping up 2018

    The Longhorns finished with the No. 3 recruiting class in the country for the 2018 cycle. With the implementation of a brand new early signing period in December, this cycle was not without its twists and turns. Ultimately, Tom Herman closed out strong and added some nice additions on Wednesday. Here, we look at the storylines behind each February signee, what went wrong in some recruitments, and who can open eyes as a freshman. Signees Keondre Coburn Texas fans were overly worried about Coburn. If you paid close attention to the reporting of our Daniel Seahorn over at HornSports.com, you would know there was nothing to worry about. Miami made a late push, but that was a minimal threat. In the end, Coburn’s heart was with Texas and the idea of playing as a freshman - which he should do. After signing, Coburn got into a spat with former OU quarterback Baker Mayfield. The Red River Rivalry is going to be fun for the next 4 years. Keaontay Ingram If there was worry about Coburn, there was even less reason to worry about Keaontay Ingram. The Carthage product was solid to Texas from the day he committed. One offer that gave me a bit of pause was Auburn, strictly because of Gus Malzahn’s reputation as developing good backs. However, Stan Drayton had his own staple of success stories - Ezekiel Elliot and Jordan Howard, to name a few. In the end, Ingram knew his heart was in Austin. I won’t go into detail about Texas A&M pushing late because they honestly had no chance, and Ingram made that known. Daniel Carson This is the type of recruitment Bryan Carrington earned a raise in. Carson was a heavy Nebraska lean, and heading into his official visit with the Cornhuskers, we fully expected him to commit there. However, he was not overly impressed with the visit, which led to Bryan Carrington swooping in. After Carrington went on the road as a temporary assistant and visited Carson coupled with an official visit that blew Carson out of the water, Texas sealed the deal. Carson has a very high ceiling and will be one to watch over the years. Mike Williams Ultimately the Longhorns lucked out here in that Alabama and LSU did not have room to take Williams. After Texas offered, it became pretty apparent Texas is where he wanted to be. The official visit was the icing on the cake and shortly after, Williams committed. This is the type of evaluation and recruitment that made up for an abysmal start by defensive line coach Oscar Giles. Moro Ojomo I still firmly believe that Ojomo would be one of the best in the state if he were a senior next year. At 16-years-old, he has so much potential and his frame is unreal. This one ultimately came down to Texas and Oklahoma. For a while, it appeared that Oklahoma had the edge, but Texas slowly began to gain traction. By the time Ojomo took his official visit to Austin, Texas had widened the gap and the visit itself sealed the deal. Texas A&M was the early favorite, but the hype surrounding the offer did not last long. An Alabama offer can always be a game-changer, but the Tide were a little too late in this one. Texas got an absolute steal here. Joseph Ossai Ossai was considered a heavy Texas A&M lean for a long time, but the firing of Kevin Sumlin changed things. After that and even with the hype surrounding the hiring of Jimbo Fisher, the Oak Ridge DE began to give Texas a harder look. As time went on, Ossai began to develop a better relationship with the Texas staff and Bryan Carrington. In the end, Carrington was a huge factor in Ossai’s decision. When Ossai was asked what the major difference between the Longhorns and Aggies was, he listed one thing - Bryan Carrington. Christian Jones This recruitment was not as obvious as some would think. Ultimately, Jones’ preferred college position is on the defensive line. Cal did a great job of selling this to Jones, and it made him take a serious look at moving out west. However, the Longhorns were ultimately able to sell Jones and his family on his offensive potential on his official visit, and Jones pulled the trigger. At 6’6, 280 pounds, Jones is an intriguing prospect that can make some noise after a couple of years under Yancy McKnight and Herb Hand. Josh Moore From the get go, we knew this recruitment would have some twists and turns. The first was when Moore committed to Nebraska. At the time, it didn’t make much sense. Nobody really expected Moore to stick to that pledge. After a short stint at IMG Academy, Moore returned home and his recruitment got interesting. After his decommitment from Nebraska, Texas A&M became the heavy favorites. For whatever reason, Jimbo Fisher and Jordan Moore, Josh’s brother, could not do enough to get him to pull the trigger. This allowed Texas to re-enter Moore’s recruitment. Ultimately, Moore fell in love with Austin and liked how he fit schematically in the Texas offense. Although maybe not a true slot, Moore is Texas’ take at the position. It will be interesting to see how he develops, since he also has the ability to play in the defensive secondary. What could have been Vernon Jackson - Texas A&M This recruitment wasn’t even really close until NSD. Things got interesting when A&M took 2 running backs on Wednesday - which is Jackson’s position of choice. Because of this, Jackson became a bit worried that he would not get his chance with the way the roster was filling out. With this sense of wavering, Texas came back and began to push hard. We aren’t sure what type of effect this hard on Jackson, but he ultimately never sent in his LOI. As of yesterday morning, Jackson still hadn’t sent in the LOI. Finally, the fax was in. Ultimately Texas just couldn’t do enough to pry Jackson away, and he felt more comfortable with where he fit in College Station. Andrew Parker - Arkansas This recruitment was strange because Parker was not highly touted until after the early signing period. Some teams that offered Parker after December include TCU, Texas, Texas A&M and Ole Miss. Parker had to decide if he wanted to stick with his commitment to Arkansas or head to Austin. Soon after the offer, it appeared contingent that Parker would be a Longhorn. An Arkansas reporter of 247Sports even reported that he was set to go public with his commitment to Texas the Monday before signing day. For whatever reason, Parker changed his mind. After Parker failed to go public on Monday, reports surfaced that he was maybe waivering with his decision. He was set to announce at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, but pushed it back to 10:00. He did not announce at that time, either. At 12:00 p.m., Parker announced on Twitter that he was signing with Arkansas. Credit must be given where it’s due. Chad Morris did a fantastic job of holding off a late surge by Texas and getting Parker to honor his commitment. Linebacker continues to be a need for the Longhorns. Tommy Bush - Georgia Bush was always a fan of the Longhorns. After speaking with him at Junior Day in 2017, it was apparent that Texas was the favorite. But in the fall, the Longhorns stopped contacting Bush. This rubbed he and his family the wrong way. When Texas tried to come back late, Bush did not explicitly tell the Longhorns no. He listened to Tom Herman’s justification for the lack of contact and even took an unofficial visit on the Sunday before signing day to speak with the coaches. Texas was Bush’s dream school, but he just could not get past the fact that the Longhorns did not prioritize him like other schools did. Bush signed with Georgia as part of one of the best recruiting classes in recent memory. 2018 Recruiting Class Superlatives Most likely to start as a freshman Daniel - While Daniel Young and Toneil Carter showed some nice things down the home stretch of the season, I think Keaontay Ingram will be the best back on campus the moment he arrive this summer. Ingram is a complete back that will excel as a zone runner and he has the potential to be a feature back during his time in Austin. Jameson - Aside from Cameron Dicker, who should start at kicker, the player most likely to start as a freshman in my eyes is Keondre Coburn. The departure of Poona Ford leaves a big need at NT, and Coburn has all the tools to anchor the middle of the defensive line. He looked very good at the Under Armor All American game, and will be counted on heavily during his freshman season. Harrison - A pick that I think is not so obvious - but one that stands out to me - is Caden Sterns. With the departure of DeShon Elliot, Texas needs a leader in the secondary. I believe Caden Sterns is that guy. Sterns took over at the Army All-American Bowl, and stood out as a leader both at practice and in the game by calling out plays and making sure his cohorts were in the right position. Sterns displayed the same traits as a safety at Cibolo Steele. On top of leadership traits, Sterns is the most fundamentally sound prospect in the 2018 class. Simply put - he does not make many mistakes. That coupled with his high football IQ makes for early playing time. Texas needs that type of leadership and style of play in its secondary. Highest Upside Daniel - Almost went with DeMarvion Overshown here, but then I remembered the monster in the trenches the staff landed in Moro Ojomo just before signing day. Ojomo will arrive in Austin at the age of 16 and as good as his film is, he still has a ton of untapped potential left in his game. The big man from Katy has chance to blossom into an absolute monster in the trenches. Jameson - Regardless of whether he ends up at safety or linebacker, there is little doubt in my mind DeMarvion Overshown will be a stud. He is arguably the hardest hitter in the country and his upside is endless because of how athletically gifted he is. His football IQ is off the chart and Todd Orlando will be able to utilize him in a variety of ways because of his skillset. Harrison - Remember this: Daniel Carson is going to be a force to be reckoned with. At 6’5, 260 pounds, Carson has a great frame and fits perfectly with the 4i scheme of Todd Orlando’s defense. After a year under Yancy McKnight, Carson will be ready. I think Carson compares well with Charles Omenihu. However, I believe Carson will produce much sooner than Omenihu, who didn’t have a very productive season until his junior year. Time will tell, but Carson has immense potential and one of the highest ceilings in the class. Most Underrated Daniel - Byron Hobbs jumped in the boat early on in the cycle and was one of the class’ biggest assets on the recruiting trail along with his mother Natalia Vaughns. On the field, Hobbs was off to a monster start for his senior year until he suffered an injury that sidelined him for awhile. Hobbs’ athleticism and upside are undeniable at this stage in his development and it was clear he was going to outplay his three star rating before the injury. Hobbs recently checked at 6’4, 219 pounds, and his frame isn’t even close to filling out. When he hits the weight room and a meal plan… look out.. I don’t think he is getting nearly enough love from the recruiting services given what he could develop into on campus. Jameson - He may not be underrated by some anymore, but Moro Ojomo is the real deal. He shot up recruiting rankings in the past month once his film spread like wildfire, but I still think he should be ranked higher. The fact he had his senior season at 16 years old and dominated the way he did should get Texas fans very excited. A lot of people know him as the second defensive tackle Texas took behind Coburn, but Ojomo has just as much upside and skill. Harrison - My pick here is the obvious choice - Byron Hobbs. Hobbs reminds me of a young Malik Jefferson - a quiet kid that puts his head down and goes to work. You can’t teach work ethic, and Hobbs has it. Hobbs could benefit from a redshirt year and an entire season in the weight room with Yancy McKnight. After that, he may be just the person to fill in the void left by OLB Gary Johnson when he graduates and heads for the NFL. Hobbs is not as quick or athletic as Jefferson, but he has all the right traits to fill the void. Hobbs position in college depends on how much he grows into his frame. He’s still growing and can easily gain much more weight. If he gets up over the 250 pounds mark, he may consider moving down to defensive line. Regardless, Hobbs will make an impact at Texas. Biggest surprise from the recruiting cycle Daniel - Tom Herman flipping Caden Sterns and Cameron Rising from LSU and Oklahoma will go down as to of the biggest shockers of the cycle for me. Both commitments were huge eye openers early on in the cycle and they set the tone for the rest of the cycle for how the staff was going to hit the trail and lock down the nation’s number three recruiting class. Landing these two sent an early message to regional schools that the Texas staff wasn’t going to back down from anyone and will go toe to toe with the nation’s elite programs to land top tier talent. Jameson - The biggest surprise for me from the 2018 recruiting cycle was Tom Herman’s ability to secure commitments from Daniel Carson and Josh Moore. Despite a 7-6 record, Herman was still able to go out of state and get a huge commitment from a guy who is a great fit at defensive end. Carson seemed destined to end up at Nebraska, but Bryan Carrington and Herman never gave up. Moore had one of the craziest recruitments of the 2018 cycle. Texas A&M, Florida State and Alabama all seemed to be the favorite at one point or another, and then there was the commitment he made to Nebraska. Even after he decommitted from the Huskers following Mike Riley’s firing, he still seemed likely to end up in College Station or out of state. Drew Mehringer, Jason Washington and Herman did a great job of getting Moore on campus for an official visit, and the rest is history. Harrison - The two big surprises of this cycle were Ryan Bujcevski and Cameron Rising. The cousin of former Texas kicker Michael Dickson, Bujcevski was almost a guarantee to end up at Texas. Nobody really knew who he was, so nobody expected his name to pop up on signing day. Regardless, Tom Herman filled a big hole with the departure of Dickson for the NFL Draft. If Bujcevski is even half the punter Dickson was, Texas will be in good shape. The flip of Cameron Rising from Oklahoma to Texas was a huge recruiting victory from the Longhorns and completely unexpected. Rising instantly became a fan favorite when his commitment talked about knowing when you’re in the right spot, and how he felt that way with Oklahoma. Then, Rising uttered the famous words of the 2018 cycle: “And then, I went to Texas.” This is where the narrative surrounding Tom Herman’s magic on official visits began. And boy, did it not disappoint. Rising was the first of many to choose Texas after officially visiting Austin, but none surprised more.
  8. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    As Jameson stated, LB and TE are going to be thin in-State. OL is probably the best position group in the state. Texas needs to load up.
  9. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Hello, 2019. Look out for some analysis of this class on Monday...
  10. Burnt Ends - 02/05/17

    The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker. Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask… Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends. This is a free site, so anyone can read this report. If you share it with someone, please take time to attribute the information to HornSports. Remaining Texas Targets and Confidence Levels Keondre Coburn Coburn sent folks into a panic over the weekend when it was reported he would be in Austin for an unofficial visit then never showed up. Coburn proceeded to send fans into a bigger panic by removing Texas related stuff from his profile. Miami thinks they have a shot at the flip, but I am not buying it. If a flip is going to occur, it is going to be A&M or TCU, who have been deemed bigger threats for some time now. To our knowledge he didn’t trip to either campus after not making it to Austin. Unless Coburn took a stealth visit somewhere this month, I am putting my money on him sticking with Texas on Wednesday Confidence: 8 Keaontay Ingram Ingram made a quiet visit to College Station recently with some of his teammates, but it doesn’t seem like it moved the needle at all in his recruitment. I still fully expect him to sign with Texas on Wednesday. Confidence: 9 Vernon Jackson Texas had a pulse going into the weekend as Jackson took his final visit to A&M and coming out of the trip it sounds like Texas is still alive and kicking. There is buzz that Texas is the leader when it comes to in-state options and with Jackson considering staying close to home, the Longhorns could potentially pull off an upset here. Stay tuned. Confidence: 6 Andrew Parker Coming into the weekend, I felt optimistic about Texas’ chances of flipping the Arkansas commit from NOLA, and it seems that visit to Austin went over well with him and his mother. The Arkansas side of things doesn’t seem confident they can hold onto him heading into the dead period. I think Texas is trending in the right direction here. Update: Sources have indicated Parker could announce sooner rather than later, and Texas looks good. Consider the confidence boosted to a 9. Confidence: 7 Tommy Bush When Bush announced he was taking his final official visit to Baylor over the weekend I figured there was nothing left to see here in regards to Texas. Then Bush and his family decided to make a stop in Austin on their way home to San Antonio today. I don’t know if Texas is going to pull it off, but they are alive and kicking with a chance to still sign the four star pass catcher heading into the dead period. Confidence: 4 Lawrence Keys Texas made a solid push with Keys in the final month of the cycle, but I’m afraid it was too little too late. Notre Dame is still viewed as the leader here as we head into the final stretch and I think the Irish will be able to hold off Texas. Confidence: 3 Jaylen Waddle This one is a bummer any way you slice it given Texas’ need for a dynamic slot receiver. The word going around is he is bound for Tuscaloosa. Confidence: 0 Christian Jones Did he make it to campus or did he not? Jones has been radio silent the entire weekend, but I have a hard time believing he didn’t make the two hour trip up the road to see his childhood dream school on the final weekend before NSD. If he indeed made the trip like some think, then I like Texas’ chances here. Otherwise, not so much. Confidence: 8 if he made the trip, 3 if he didn’t. Calvin Anderson Probably the most important recruit Texas is after right now since he is an instant starter a huge need position. After taking an official to Michigan, Anderson reported that Texas and Michigan were out in front with other schools behind them. Anderson was in Austin this weekend to see his family and made his way to campus to take in the basketball game against Oklahoma and go some face time with the staff. I already liked where Texas stood after his official and I like it even more when he is able to make impromptu follow up visits like this. Confidence: 8 Mailbag This is a friendly reminder to submit your questions for the mailbag every week, available until Sunday at 5:00 p.m. You may submit a question by posting on the HornSports.com mailbag thread or by emailing us at hsmailbag@gmail.com. Q: Will Texas hoops make the tourney? How far will they advance? A: As it stands right now, Texas should make the NCAA tournament. They have several quality wins and should reach at least the 8 win mark in conference play, which will be good enough to punch their ticket to the Big Dance. It’s hard to envision the Longhorns receiving anything higher than a 7 or 8 seed with their body of work, which means a potential second round matchup against an elite team. They have shown all year they can play with anyone in the country, but it would be a tall task having to beat a team like Purdue or Michigan State. Right now, I see Texas getting their first NCAA tournament win since 2014, but ultimately failing to make it out of the first weekend. Q: What are the weak positions in-state for 2019? A: The weakest position in-state is probably LB. After Marcel Brooks, the state does not have much talent at the position. Don’t be surprised to see Texas reach into other states here, similar to what they did with Ayodele Adeoye in this class. Other than that, DT isn’t as abundant as one would like past DeMarvin Leal, but there are options there. Q: Will Tom Herman be the play-caller next season? A: This is a tricky one to answer. Tom Herman was heavily involved in play calling during the Longhorns bowl win over Missouri. Offensive Coordinator Tim Beck is still on staff and Herman has added Herb Hand, who was given the co-coordinator title. If there is no more shuffling among assistant coaches, we expect Tom Herman to take on a larger role in play calling, similar to the bowl game. It is not likely that Herman would come out directly and name himself the play caller, but all plays would go through him and he would have a play sheet at his disposal to make calls. Q: How do you think Jimbo Fisher’s recruiting will go next year? A: Jimbo Fisher is off to a really good start in the 2019 class. He has gained commitments from Brian Williams, Kam Brown and Bobby Wolfe in the past 8 days, and has put the Aggies in good position for several other highly rated recruits. The 2018 class should be relatively small for A&M, allowing them to take a big number in 2019. Fisher is a great recruiter and has several assistants who are known for their recruiting ability. A&M should end up with a good class if the early signs are any indication. How good remains to be seen, because the state of Texas is deep at certain positions and not everyone can go to the same school. It will be an interesting battle between Tom Herman and Fisher once focus fully shifts to the 2019 class. Q: Who is the No. 1 target for the 2019 class? A: Texas needs to load up in the trenches. This is no secret. The No. 1 player in the state right now is OT Kenyon Green, and Texas is prioritizing him as such. Green is easily the top must-have target on the Longhorns board, and they are in a good position early on. On the other side of the ball, DT DeMarvin Leal is a must-have. If Texas can keep Keondre Coburn in the fold, that’ll be 2 high-end DT prospects in two straight signing classes - something the Longhorns have failed to do for the past half decade. Note on Reggie Hemphill-Mapps Although there have been rumors that Hemphill-Mapps would end up staying with the football program after all, that does not appear to be the case. Mapps is not participating in team activities right now and is actively weighing his options. That does not mean he will not ultimately decide to stay with the football program, but at this point, it seems unlikely. We will continue to monitor the situation and update you with any new information we receive. PWO’s Deserve Love, Too In every recruiting class, recruits are defined by stars. Major programs such as The University of Texas focus on 4 and 5-star players, with some higher end 3-stars joining the mix. But what about high school players that love the game just as much and work just as hard, but don’t get the same attention major prospects do? Major programs have uses for these types of players, and Texas took advantage. Stars may define some prospects, but heart and a sheer will to succeed define the class of 2018 PWO’s at The University of Texas. Matt Frost As a junior in high school, Frost had to overcome multiple obstacles. As an offensive lineman at only 200 pounds, it was difficult to see any playing time on the field. This led Frost to work harder than he ever had before. “Because I played for one of the premier programs in California, I rode the bench most of my junior season. This led me to hopping the fence to the football field every weekend of the offseason to push sleds. I spent countless hours in the weight room and managed to get up to around 260 pounds by the start of the season. I’m comfortable with the grind. I embrace it.” You can’t teach determination and work ethic, and Frost has both of those. With other opportunities at high-end DII schools and several Ivy Leagues, one would think the choice to come to Texas would be difficult. Not for Frost. “I grew up watching Texas football and have gone to a game nearly every year since I was 6-years-old. I’m excited to prove myself at the program I have idolized since I was 5.” At Texas, Frost will be apart of the School of Undergraduate Studies, where he plans to transfer into the Cockrell School of Engineering. If there’s one thing that Frost’s story can demonstrate, it’s that hard work pays off. “It feels good to know that all the hard work my family and friends have put in and the work I put into both football and school has paid off.” P.S. for all of you Longhorn trivia fans out there: Matt’s full name is Matt Wilson Frost. The Wilson comes from his great grandfather, Wilson Homer “Bull” Elkins, who played football for the Longhorns in the 30s and is recognized in the Texas Sports Hall of Honor. Jarrett Smith Smith is the perfect example of a deserving athlete that is passed up by most major programs due to one measurable - height. At 5-foot-5, Smith is not your ideal running back. He doesn’t play like an average running back, either. For Smith, being overlooked only adds fuel to his fire. “It only makes me want to prove myself even more, work harder each and every day and just get better one day at a time. Hopefully one day, people will start to notice what kind of football I am, without even paying attention to my height.” Smith was in a similar situation to Matt Frost, but was majorly considering playing for an Ivy League school like Princeton or Cornell. What made him pick Texas? “Texas had the best of both worlds for me. It had the successful football program that I wanted to be a part of and contribute to, and it has the best collegiate academics I could possibly dream of. It has one of the best chemical engineering programs in the nation and one of the best finance programs in the nation. I also chose Texas because it was closer to home. I didn't want to be far away from my family and friends, yet still be able to get a good education. Texas made me feel welcomed, and made me feel like I was apart of the family before I was even admitted into the college.” A large part of what made Smith feel like he was part of the Texas family was running backs coach Stan Drayton. “I think of coach Drayton as a role model. He has believed in me ever since he met me, and I respect that, because a lot of programs have overlooked me because of my height. I feel like coach Drayton can relate to me and I just have the utmost respect for him.” Texas fans should keep an eye out for Jarrett Smith in the future. Don’t be surprised to see him on the field sooner rather than later. Justin Mader As the No. 2 long snapper in the country, Mader’s recruitment has been anything but ordinary. For long snappers, the recruiting process is a little different, even if only being offered roster spots as a PWO. “The process has definitely been unlike anything else. Especially at my position, where a lot of times I’m recruiting the schools more than they recruit me.” Even though other schools like Army and Air Force are recruiting Mader hard, Tom Herman and Craig Naivar have done a good job recruiting Mader. “They have been up front with their situation since the spring, and Coach Naivar has visited me at my high school multiple times. I really appreciate their honesty how they have made me feel wanted.” If there’s one thing to learn about this recruitment, it’s that Tom Herman will leave no stone unturned. If Mader sides with Texas, Herman will have completed the special teams trifecta for the 2018 class - kicker, punter, and long snapper. Mader is set to visit Air Force on February 8. Texas Baseball Prepares for 2018 Season In their first year under David Pierce, the Texas baseball program fell one win short of a super regional berth. Expectations remain high for the 2018 season despite losing 5 starters and 2/3rds of the weekend rotation from the 2017 squad. Here are some baseball nuggets to chew on as the team prepares for the season opener against Louisiana Lafayette: Two new players who will play key roles on the 2018 squad are infielder Masen Hibbeler and outfielder Duke Ellis. Hibbeler makes his way to Austin after 2 years at Odessa Junior College, where he hit .493 with 10 home runs as a senior in 2017. Those around the program rave about Hibbeler’s bat and ability to make consistent hard contact, as evidenced by his 15:22 strikeout to walk ratio in 144 at bats last season. When Hibbeler announced his commitment to Texas over the summer, I talked to an opposing pitcher who faced him last season, and he point blank said, “He was the best hitter we faced all year.” Ellis spent last season at Panola Junior College, and figures to slide into to the CF vacancy left by the departure of Zane Gurwitz. The sophomore hit .415 with 21 stolen bases in his lone season at the JUCO ranks. As far as the rest of the outfield, Tate Shaw and Austin Todd seem to be the favorites to take over starting roles in LF and RF, respectively. An outfield of Shaw-Ellis-Todd would give Texas one of the most athletic outfields they’ve had in years. Todd was said to have had a great fall and is a guy who will be counted on as a run producer. One of the storylines to watch as the 2018 season begins is the health and role of LHP Josh Sawyer. After battling injuries the past few seasons, Sawyer is fully healthy and figures to be major bullpen piece this season. In 2016, Sawyer was up to 96 with his fastball coming out of the bullpen. This past fall, that type of velocity was on display and there is a growing sense of confidence that Sawyer is in store for a big 2018 season. A healthy season from the left-hander would be a huge boost for the bullpen.
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    As Daniel has reiterated, nothing to worry about with Coburn. Fans will find reasons to worry when there are none
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    Didn’t understand the context since the rest on the board were uncommitted prospects. Lol.
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    Carson and Williams are already committed so... lol. I’m not that confident on keys. Texas has work to do.
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    That’s what is great about being here. We can disagree civilly and leave it at that haha! We shall see.
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