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  1. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    List of schools that have a commitment from a top 250 ranked player at each of the following positions; QB, RB, TE, WR, OL, DL, LB, DB. Texas Georgia Ohio State has all except QB. Everyone focuses on the DB haul, but having a stud at every position is how you build a team with no weaknesses. Pretty impressive.
  2. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Poor OL means we can't get easy yards rushing, are put in bad down and distance situations, and the defense can play the pass. Combine that with the fact that Sam is hesitant in his reads, and not accurate deep, and really there is nothing that stresses the defense. If there were plays that could overcome all of that, I'm sure any idiot could call them. Back to 2018 recruiting...any unsigned kids at the UA game our guys can work on?
  3. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I don't expect to see the class fall apart. These kids know it wasn't them losing games...when they get to Texas they will never lose!! I think we missed a chance to be one of the "storylines" of the season. If we could have gone 8-4 with a win over USC or OU or OSU, we could have attracted attention from recruits nationwide. But we are still going to add a lot of talent to the roster.
  4. For the "Jefferson shot out of a cannon" play...while his athleticism is pretty amazing, I think that play is a positive for a different reason. ISU ran the same play in the second quarter with 3:10 left to play. They motion #19 across the formation and have him run out to the flat, while the 2 outside receivers clear out the DBs and try to cause traffic for Hill, who is in man coverage. It works for a 9 yard gain. They run it again in the 4th quarter on 4th down, and Hill seems to recognize it and get across to close the distance a lot faster. You can see Park looking in that direction and hesitating, which is when the Predator strikes. Good on Hill and/or the coaching staff to make an adjustment.
  5. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    What is strange is with 10 seconds left in the first half Herman called a timeout and decided not to play prevent defense, but then with 5 seconds left did. Also played prevent defense with 45 left in the 4th. I know that they like the idea of McCulloch and Hager rushing, but I thought it was too obvious that they would try to get the edge, and all Darnold had to do was step up and deliver. I wish they would have rushed 4 with the 2 inside guys staying in front of Darnold. As far as Warren goes, I know everyone says he should have got the ball more, but that is a lazy complaint. Go back to the game and the actual individual situations...down and distance, defensive alignment, capabilities of the OL, and see if a Warren run would have been a "better" play. Maybe it was a bunch of times, maybe it wasn't, I haven't watched it on replay yet. But it sure seemed like as I was watching it live that SC was selling out to stop the run and/or get pressure on the QB. Running Warren may not have helped. People would have been pissed with 1st down run for 2 yards, 2nd down run for 2 yards, 3rd and 6 every time. Maybe the only solution is a better OL and a more experienced QB that can make a defense pay. I hate to pick on individual players, but unless the coaches somehow told him to do it, I don't see how you put Hemphill back for punts again until he earns your trust.
  6. Saturday chat

    I think 8-4 is more likely than 10-2...I just get nauseated at the thought of losing to Okie state for a third straight year, or TCU for a 4th.
  7. Saturday chat

    With nothing much else going on, may as well predict next season... Maryland - W San Jose State - W USC - L ISU - W KSU - W OU - W OSU - W Baylor - W TCU - W KU - W WVU - L TTU - W I don't know if this team is a 10-2 type team yet, but I also think this is certainly possible. I think the middle of the season (KSU, OU, OSU, TCU) will be huge, I want revenge against all of those teams, and I refuse to think there is any good reason why we can't take 3 out of 4.
  8. During his press conference Herman mentioned the potential for one of these guys to watch film and see a specific tendency or weakness in an opponent, which leads to calling a play at a certain time to win the game. He basically said if you can afford it, which Texas can, you should do it, as long as you trust the guys.
  9. Saturday Staff Chat - the CFP is Here!

    Would it be better for said OC to win a championship before coming here? Couldn't hurt for recruiting. Also, always good to see Harbaugh lose.
  10. Tom Herman

    Les Miles could work with 2 conditions: 1) bring an equivalent defensive staff to what he had at LSU 2) keep Gilbert as OC and keep Les completely out of the offense. Essentially the same thing people are hoping Charlie can do if he stays...
  11. View from the Cheap Seats WVU

    Jeez nobody who thinks Charlie should stay thinks 5-5 or 700 yards of offense or whatever are ok. It is a false argument. Nobody is saying they want to keep Charlie AND go 6-6 for the next 10 years. If you think Charlie should stay, it is with the expectation (or hope) that the team will improve and/or there are no other better options. Being happy with the current state of the program and thinking Charlie should stay are not the same thing.
  12. Texas Tech Film Review

    On the bubble screen TD, to me it looks like Davante Davis keeps outside leverage and tries to make the tackle and his held/pulled down. He is ahead of the defender going for the tackle...and then he is on the ground. Maybe he tripped... Was it my imagination or was there a toss play to Foreman where Shane initially spun the opposite direction? I'd be curious if that was just outside zone with a different way of getting him the ball.
  13. FYI: Strong apparently sold his house.

    I thought I remember him leasing his house.
  14. Texas Stuns #8 Baylor in 35-34 win.

    He leads the nation in rushing yards against Power 5 opponents.
  15. If we could replay this season so far with moderately competent defensive teaching and game planning, what would our record be? Undefeated or 6-1 at the worst. Add to that all the young guys who will be better than the guys they replace (RT, DT, S for sure) and yes we should win next year.