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  1. They beat the spread, that's a moral victory to them. Lol
  2. I'm predicting another turnover here by TCU
  3. Heck of a play by Johnson
  4. How about a sack right here?
  5. That should have been picked!
  6. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!
  7. They didn't stop the run at all that drive and yet we give up on it
  8. Cat got your tongue ref?
  9. If your 5 yards deep, call a fair catch!
  10. Did they not go over double move during the half?
  11. Is this what average punting looks like? Did Dickson just spoil us?
  12. Turn you head around Davis! Finally Jones caught one!
  13. Another not so good punt there.
  14. Another missed PI there
  15. Boyd getting punished by Reagor. Was that not a push off?
  16. Locke looked bad there by the QB