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  1. Any grad transfers that can come in on short notice?
  2. So 15 current commits, I would guess 5-8 spots left. RB- Jordan WR- Johnston, Hester?, LVBS? DL- Collins LB- ?? DB- Eaton?, Alford? (Continue to try and flip Washington or Thompson?)
  3. So how about a DB class of: Alford and J Thompson at S Crawford and Pouncey/Eaton at CB
  4. Texas Football Twitter account posted a video with practice clips from this morning.
  5. I'd feel good about a LB class of White and Scott, along with Dorbah at B-Backer.
  6. Mpagi could slide down to a end. He is similar to Omenihu when he got on campus. Tall and lanky, but needs to fill out.
  7. WR Quay Davis of Dallas Skyline just committed. Any relation to former Longhorn WR Mike Davis? https://247sports.com/Player/Quaydarius-Davis-46055970/
  8. One site is saying Texas leads for Hester, don't remember which one is was though.
  9. Lake Travis kid, could easily commit quick. https://247sports.com/player/lake-mcree-46076726/
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