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  1. WR Quay Davis of Dallas Skyline just committed. Any relation to former Longhorn WR Mike Davis? https://247sports.com/Player/Quaydarius-Davis-46055970/
  2. One site is saying Texas leads for Hester, don't remember which one is was though.
  3. Lake Travis kid, could easily commit quick. https://247sports.com/player/lake-mcree-46076726/
  4. LB Scott? I think he is on campus this weekend
  5. What position is Texas offering him to play?
  6. Need to work on defense, too many errors and pass balls/wild pitches.
  7. Sam Houston St on Tuesday UTSA on Wednesday LSU on Friday-Sunday If I had to guess, Bocci and Madden will start the 2 weekday games.
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