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  1. Wonderful new sir, glad to hear all are healthy
  2. Dang it, wanted another. Oh well, glad we were there
  3. All it takes is to lose to the team that your entire culture is hate based on. If they had lost anywhere else, would this had been generated?
  4. Them goons declaring themselves big brother while continuing to wallow in mediocrity regardless of what conference they are in tis silly.
  5. Soooooooo, LSU is their "Primary Rival"?!??!?? Wonder of LSU knew that
  6. Watched that too. Slow start but came on strong. Should do better in the 110's outdoor
  7. Tremendous efforts. Great to see this type of success early in season. Even if LSU is overrated, it's still great to get a sweep against a typically stout opponent
  8. Granted it depends on the opponent, but it boggles my mind how this team can look so good one game and so terrible a second game, esp in the 2nd half. Kansas, Baylor, NC = great. TCU, KSU = eh, not so much
  9. So let's keep the fun going, who's next up for 2019 (a side from Sheppard)
  10. Soooooooo, they will inflict revenge on eATMe by beating UT??? The same UT that the degenerates spend their life denouncing???
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