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  1. November Landscapes – That Special Touch

    Wow, great information. Much appreciated sir!
  2. November Landscapes – That Special Touch

    SHA, thank you for the information, Pre Emerging today. I live south of Houston and have St Augustin Grass. What if any fertilizer do you recommend now? I fertilized in March and in July this year. Much appreciated
  3. *****Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    Really don't understand that last series; run on 1st down????
  4. *****Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    Can the whole defense with coaches go in for the offense?
  5. Break Out Years

    I think Brandon Jones will solidify himself as starter and become Texas' next great safety.
  6. Austin Eats: an attempt to revive the board

    Huts, Matt's, Dirty's, Magnolia....old time favorites. For a breakfast suggestion aside from aforementioned Kerbey Lane (prefer original location), try Counter Cafe on Lamar; between 6th an the "air Conditioned" Tavern. Pan sausage, homemade biscuits, fresh locally raised eggs, and great pancakes
  7. Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    When at UT in 80's I enjoyed reading the AAS Sports. Now days,....... when Golden and Bohls leave will be a spectacular day!!!
  8. Question for the Board on Brewer and LHN

    So Brewer can be like Thomas and Leitao can be like Finley (minus the leave school really early). Both on team at same time. I'm ok with this
  9. Signing Day Wrap: Herman Inks Transition Class

    Great summary. Appreciate all the effort put in over the year by the staff hear, all you out there with those unique contacts and sources. Makes the casual readers and horns sports enthusiasts life entertaining.
  10. Has the Off-Season Conditioning started?

    In that story it mentioned Aaron Ross involved in program. Does any one know to what degree?
  11. *****Texas vs. OU Hoops*****

    Well how about that ending!!!!
  12. 2017 Recruiting Thread Part 1

    Such great news. Could open up so many options now for the defense now if he pans out. Malik can move to outside with the Shark. And with the DE now and hopefully in future, hummmmm
  13. Official Visit Weekend 2 Thread

    One of my favorite longhorns
  14. Welcome HornSports' Newest Writer - Emily Stone

    Greetings and welcome. Hookem
  15. Tevin Mack suspended

    Man, with Coleman it's like Malik 2.0. That's a lot of eggs in one basket. Are there CBs in basketball recruiting??? Just curious where we stand with the perineal juggernaut Duke.