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  1. He's the only one. Anyways, he'd be jumping all over it with a crystal ball pick. He loves putting in early aggy picks on everyone, look at all those 2021 picks he has that aggy probably doesn't even lead for half of them.
  2. @Sirhornsalot any new update on the "Big Fish" that could possibly commit? Or are we going to have to wait a while?
  3. Because Georgia, along with Oregon, are the 2 dirtiest programs in the country right now ( with aggy, Tennessee, and a couple more right behind ). Guess Ringo was asleep for the Sugar Bowl. Herman has kicked Kirby's ass twice ( once as HC, once as a coordinator against him ). All these guys from the Saban tree know how to play the game. I don't think Kirby is that great of a HC. Seems like he does some boneheaded stuff in big games. He also lost to the 3 best teams Georgia played last year and if OU had any type of life on defense they would have beaten him 2 years ago. The thing with Georgia is they play a crappy OOC schedule and the SEC East is garbage. Maybe Mullen can challenge, but the rest are scrubs. Tennessee is a dumpster fire ( maybe not for long, Pruitt is playing the game big time ). One thing with Ringo is none of the Georgia mods or Wiltfong have crystal balled him to Georgia, so let's see if this plays out some more.
  4. Crazy thing is the 2021 linemen class may be even better. We are close to being where we need to be at all positions. OL may still be a year or 2 away but we're closer than we've been in a long time and saw glimpses last year of bullying people around. It wont be long when we'll be able to just lineup and maul people up front. All the 2021 OL guys love Hand.
  5. Johnny Wilson will now take his OV's in the summer and make a decision afterwards ( Texas OV will be end of June and still unofficially visiting in 2 weeks ). A west coast mod put in a crystal ball pick for him today saying Oregon has the "slight" edge over Texas. Not sure what to think on this since he hasn't even visited Texas yet or if he thinks he's already made his mind up on Oregon.
  6. Rivals saying Johnny Wilson will visit June 1st and take an OV in the fall.
  7. The Brainiacs hinted at a possible commit or 2 by the end of the month. No idea who it could be.
  8. Sounds like we are trending for 5* RB Bijan Robinson. Ringo is supposed to be back in Austin next month. Lathan Ransom will be on campus in a couple of weeks. I think in about a month we'll start seeing a string of commits happen.
  9. It may be mid-late June until we get another 2020 commit. But we should see a string of commits before the season starts and possibly have around 12-15 commits before we kickoff the season.
  10. If we land him fine, if not, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. His 40 and shuttle times at the Houston Opening were kinda meh'. Like I said, I'd take QJ over him.
  11. I wish I liked Omeire more. Give me Quintin Johnston.
  12. We're close to having an elite OL with quality depth. Another class or 2 and we'll be among the elite at OL and red shirting all incoming OL like a healthy program.
  13. Wish we'd go after Nate Anderson for the 5th OL spot.
  14. We need to go all out for Bijan Robinson. Can't risk being left empty handed like class. Wish Milton liked us more.
  15. Hopefully the recruits in town still get to go.
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