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  1. Well Alfred Collins told IT he's visiting the aggy spring game. This would be absolutely pathetic if we lose this kid to aggy after the season we had and all the connections to the program.
  2. Aggy is negative recruiting like crazy our 3 man front on defense to guys like Umanmielen and Collins. I mean, it's pretty much all they can do at this point, telling these guys they can play DE. Pretty sure Brown will be on the interior this year and so will Leal.
  3. Michigan the latest to offer little Brockermeyer.
  4. IT says the staff "covets" both of them so IDK what the hold up is. He's not coming here as a PWO when he already has a handful of P5 offers, including places known for its OL play.
  5. Luckily we seem to be in a real good spot for JoJo Earle in 2021 class. Dynamite slot guy from Aledo. But don't think we'll find another Mookie for this class.
  6. He's been a lean for over a year and was the one telling Marcus Washington to get down and visit Texas. This is odd all the way around. Illinois is a garbage program that isn't winning more than 4 games this year. His loss.
  7. Lots of smoke about a Mookie decommit coming.
  8. Hey @MBHORNSFAN , Looch had a podcast and he was saying that Garrett Hayes is now the top OL in Texas. Bahaha dude didn't even know who this kid was until a couple of weeks ago when aggy offered. Also is now saying Garth is overrated, never mind the fact before committing to Texas Looch said he was a "must get top 3 player" for aggy this class. And lastly he wanted to compare Bankhead to Parr saying Bankhead is better.
  9. Yeah but it's not like James is some JAG. He's a lot closer talent wise to Tommy than Don. Duvernay is to Dev. Iowa, OU, OK State offers. 3 schools that have had real good OL play over the years.
  10. OU just offered James Brockermeyer. We might not want to fool around to much with this one.
  11. Do you guys think the other Brockermeyer gets an offer sooner than later?
  12. He's had thr Bama' offer as his pinned tweet for a while.
  13. Probably going to have 5 guys that will end up as a 5* or borderline high end 4*. It's that good of a group. And that's not even counting guys like Byrd from Duncanville, Erik Cade, James Brockermeyer, or whoever else pops up between now and then. We wont land all 5 ( Brockermeyer, Fatheree, Foster, Conner, and Jackson ), but I bet we get at least 3 of those guys. Maybe 4. We'll see.
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