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  1. Time for the staff to push for Ty Jordan. Guy wants to be at Texas and seems like a great culture fit in the program. Plus he's pretty damn good.
  2. This is going to be a roller coaster recruitment. Kid is all over the place.
  3. Has Princely lost his spot in the class or would we still take him?
  4. Should be noted with Milroe is that he's been buddies with and played touth football with Adeleye, Foster, and Conner.
  5. Nahlin justed posted "F5". Sounds like it could go down any moment.
  6. TE/ATH Juan Davis getting a lot of Texas picks today. Also, Milroe is getting more.
  7. Lot of crystal ball movement for Van Fillinger to Texas.
  8. So you think it's been arranged/talked over not to put out a "sshh" before the video drops so it can be a surprise and catch everybody off guard?
  9. Anybody else think Broughton is throwing everybody off and is going to drop the video at some random moment with the "sshh" dropping minutes before?
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