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  1. I would love for Dallas to pick up Foreman. Especially with all the Zeke Contract Mess.
  2. Alright!! I Appreciate the info! Been out of the loop here lately.
  3. Does Camp start this morning? Or is it starting next week?
  4. OU's Offense is firing on all cylinders! Our Defense better be ready. Lets hope the Offense doesn't come out sluggish again.
  5. I think Sam playing hurt. That arm isn't firing like it has been the last few weeks.
  6. Have to clean the Defense up. It will be a 70-60ish game at this pace.
  7. What happened over the bye week?? The D looks like a completely different group of guys.
  8. If Texas would have brought it in the first half we may be celebrating another W.
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