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  1. All I care about is the bottom 6 with OL next to them.
  2. Can’t wait for the Aggy tears when Hullaby rises to a 4 star
  3. While I’m happy with the Oline recruiting, I would give my left testicul for us to get a 5 star or even a high 4 star dline man in the books.
  4. Bru seems to be happy with his choice to transfer
  5. "Bound for know" It took me reading this four times to understand what he actually meant.
  6. Vernon is a big 17 year old. Sign me up to his stock
  7. It's on ESPN now.... In Australia. Not sure if it is for you guys. Gbenda made the first tackle of the game a tfl looks aggressive. Roschon started at qb just overthrew a TD , looks good running it
  8. Boy they are sucking up Aggie ass in the UA game. Saying they are the next team to compete for a Natty
  9. Aggie melt down is incoming lol Best thing about today is how our freshman and sophomores have played. Excited for the future
  10. CJ looked like he was running limp on that long catch. Certainly wasn't striding
  11. Can't leave wheeler in coverage. We all know that, surely Orlando knows it
  12. Graham forces the fumble. Freshman are showing up on D
  13. Defense playing well. Waiting for Georgia to realise running to edge won't work. We have team speed. Running it right at us might be a different story
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