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  • Texas will face Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship on Saturday, December 1st @ 11:00 AM in Arlington, TX. Game will be televised on ABC
  • Texas Basketball (5-1) loses to Michigan State in title game of Las Vegas Invitational 78-68


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  1. 247 just reported he is leaning towards returning. So it may not matter. Hopefully we can convince one of CJ or LJH to return as well
  2. I hope he comes back. I have already seen him in Mocks as high as the 1st round. One thing that has annoyed the heck out of me all year is the Delay of Games off the kick return. We had another one today , we have had at least 1 a game. It's just poor coaching
  3. We get 2 more years of Sam. I'm also in the believer group. Our corners will be more athletic next year. Our front should improve (which I think is our biggest defensive issue, we get 0 rush). I believe LJH is gone is think CJ comes back. Our biggest loss outside of LJH will be Brandon Jones he has really improved this year and I don't see him coming back
  4. noonan05

    *****GAME THREAD - TEXAS vs. IOWA STATE*****

    They think that now. CJ I can see coming back. LJ is going to get told by the Draft advisory he is at worst a 2nd rounder. Hard to pass that up
  5. noonan05

    *****GAME THREAD - TEXAS vs. IOWA STATE*****

    LJ is gone. At worst a 2nd round pick
  6. noonan05

    *****Texas vs. Texas Tech Game Thread*****

    Over / Under of plays before I complain about PJ. I'm setting It at 3.5
  7. Judging by Jones reaction I think it was wheeler or Johnson
  8. Pj again. . . God damn
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/ccosmi68/status/1051484988347179008 Can someone tell who is on the far left. I think it's Tope. He is God damn enormous I'm impressed
  10. noonan05

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    I said it last week and I'll say it again. Locke needs to see the bench
  11. noonan05

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    Sam keeps moving his shoulder around. I think the cuts are the least of his issues.
  12. noonan05

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    I would really like to see Ingram now
  13. noonan05

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    6:30am kickoff I could get used to this. Coffee and bacon eggs are ready. Ingrim 20 carries 150yards and 2 TDs. I can see it
  14. noonan05

    *****GAME THREAD - TEXAS vs. OKLAHOMA*****

    I know I'm probably going to be in the minority here but does anyone else think P.J Locke needs to see the bench. He has never been great in coverage and he doesn't seem to be the hitter he was early on.
  15. noonan05

    *****GAME THREAD - TEXAS vs. OKLAHOMA*****

    I have never been happier to wake up at 4am. Woke up my 8 month old child screaming at the T.V when dicker made that kick. All worth it