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  1. Commitment Spotlight: Junior Angilau commits to Texas

    This helps put to sleep the rumors of negative recuiting and discontent behind the scenes IMO.
  2. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    That's good to hear. Herman's alignment antics are ripe for twisting by people outside the program (and some on their way out), and I've been a little worried about them myself with all of these departures.
  3. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Of course we need players. We're not going to stop recruiting. And we need OL most of all. But the poster who said "they are all his players now" is right. You make them your players. You find the guys on the roster (full of 4 stars) that fit your scheme and coach the hell out of them. That Tech game was a huge canary in the coal mine and a lot of fans here have their heads in the sand about it (mixed bird metaphor!). I hope the canary lives and the Ostrich starts kicking ass, but it's very concerning.
  4. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    There it is! I've been waiting for the "he needs to get his people in here" excuse. That just doesn't fly man. Following that logic we won't really know for three years. No, he needs to turn things around next year. And if he doesn't he'll deserve to be on the hot seat. There are examples all over college football of new coaches turning things around. Don't tell me they were all stacked with talent and just needed the right fit. Coaching matters. We deserve nothing less.
  5. I'm curious if anyone with knowledge has done any comparing and contrasting Tom's very successful 1st year at Houston with his very disappointing 1st year at Texas. Shouldn't there be an obvious reason for the difference? Did Tony Levine leave him an especially stacked house at Houston vs our empty cupboard? Was there a super similar system in place at Houston while ours was a total reset?
  6. Report: Chris Warren To Transfer From Texas

    I still believe in Sam, though he's given me doubts. Mainly I hope all the moxie that an 18 year old kid needs to start at QB for the horns, also meant being a little over-confident. He's been humbled on the field now, and maybe because of that, he'll grow between the ears over time enough to not hurl the ball into bad spots at terrible times. If he can grow that way, the sky is the limit.
  7. I'll still have faith in Herman if he can keep this class together, add a few guys like Cook and some lineman, and finish in the top 4. Because that would be a miracle. And Jesus is just alright with me.
  8. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Another report (from Houston Chronicle) Sumlin is gone after their LSU game. It's probably been discussed but can't find it - any kids we try to poach off those goofy bastards?
  9. Why I love the aggies

    Ha! No I split time between SW Oregon and Far West Texas. Was up there doing a little this and that.
  10. Tom Herman Weekly Press Conference Updates (November 20)

    I should probably change my name to Spalding
  11. Tom Herman Weekly Press Conference Updates (November 20)

    I think the Hager call was close enough to just accept and move on. It was freaking brutal and though slomo changes things he seemed to put his head back down before delivering a blow that looked like it may have killed the kid. If that was Sam we’d be apoplectic. Let’s just hope he comes in angry next week puts his hat (cleanly) on the Tech QB a few times.
  12. Five Thoughts Following The Win Over West Virginia

    That’s nuts man. Any team in the country would love to have Sam Ehlinger. True freshman don’t do what he does very often. And i’ll wager he does exactly what you say he can’t more than once in the next few years.
  13. Why I love the aggies

    Because I can sit in a bar (Jakes seafood) and drink scotch and eat shrimp after I lost my glasses last night while my wife shops for books in Powell’s bookstore across the street in downtown Portland and root like hell for Mississippi. to beat those whiny idiot bastards.
  14. At this rate it's going to be his achilles heel, I just hope it's in a Brett Farve kinda way.
  15. 5 Thoughts Following The Loss To TCU

    If we win the rest of our games and keep the recruiting class together, Herman will have done no worse than Kirby Smart or Nick Saban in their first years before him. So we've got that going for us, you know, if it happens.