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  1. If aggy wins 3 out of 4 against Clemson, UGa, Bama and LSU, I'll tip my hat. Anything less and they will be nothing but blow-hards.
  2. We were all in alignment with the Texas recruiting strategy.
  3. Good Lord girl I hope you're right. I can see the parallels after you brought them to light.
  4. I thought they were calling it a foot sprain.
  5. IIRC isn't that a Charlie Strong move?
  6. I guess I completely missed when he was arrested. It is beyond stupid to carry a weapon in a metropolitan area unless you are licensed. The only other reason to carry a weapon is because you are going to an area where you need one and that's even more alarming.
  7. They seem to like the JC route with LB's. And I can't complain with their choices so far.
  8. Did CBS Sports buy Rivals? Or was that Scout Inc?
  9. Thank goodness he's alright.
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