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  1. Agreed 100%. In no way do I allow Evans to change my priorities. Hopefully Robinson commits soon, good or bad. That way Texas can adjust it's priorities going forward.
  2. Yeah, the young man had Ramonce Taylor type talent. Really puts the last few years of Mack's tenure in perspective. Wasted talent at the skill positions and poor OL play.
  3. He reminds me a little of DeSean Hales. Anybody remember him? Insane highlights, too bad it never translated at UT.
  4. Stone, Wheaton or Byrd. Can't go wrong with any one of that trio.
  5. Better yet, I hope we go 13-0, in the playoff, and full at RB when NSD1 rolls around. I'm sure there will be some around here who will call me petty or even aggy-ish for posting this, but where do we draw the line? Evans doesn't care about Texas, why should we watch what we say?
  6. Just watched Pouncey's highlight reel. He's good but the coaches need to work on his form tackling, he comes in way too low with his head. More crown of the helmet contact than face mask. He's gonna get hurt sooner or later.
  7. Why won't Evans commit to Bama? By his own words there shouldn't be any suspense, unless he's lying.
  8. More bulletin board material as far as I'm concerned. I know Herman won't stoop to that level, but I would.
  9. If we get Robinson and Jordan I will jump for joy. Robinson acts like he wants to come here and is a stud in his own right, and from what little I saw of video at last summers camp, Jordan reminded me of Romance Taylor.
  10. This. Saban will not hesitate to pull the offer if he thinks he'll get a better RB - OL combo.
  11. I'm beginning to think there is much more to the story than we will ever know. Team mates don't tweet things like we have seen just because a player leaves because of home sickness.
  12. I wasn't aware he had visited. Too much to keep up with. I should probably keep notes.
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