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  1. Big to win the CC this year and keep OU out of Texas. Get that 7 number down under 5.
  2. To me it sounded like this was done 2 days ago. Alford called Jimbo last night to tell him and Tom after to accept.
  3. Is there a live announcement link for noon
  4. Q from OU that put up 6 TDs against us. Size matters, but not in a RB. Sproles has had a long career in the NFL. My kids HS had a 5'7" RB Justin Forsett that went to Cal and played 10 seasons in the NFL. Had a 1500 yd season and Cal and a 1200 yd season in the bigs. At our small TAPPS school guys couldn't even touch him. Way too fast for that competition. Lots of examples of short dudes that can run the rock.
  5. Just if you've ever been to Georgia, gag. Athens vs ATX is not close.
  6. Well I had Fournette last year in fantasy as my #1 pick. What a bust. 439 yds, 3.3 yds/carry and whopping 5 TDs. Death of a pick especially when you are picking last.
  7. I know that's what I said. When I said "next year" I meant 2020. We have 3 this year in 2019, will have 4 the following (2020), and then 4 the one after that (2021) if everyone stayed. My point is everyone won't stay as nobody is going to sit 3rd or 4th string very long. Heck guys won't even sit 2nd string when they have a clear path to the starting spot if they'd just be patient. We lost 2 good QBs this year in the portal. My guess going forward is if things are working right and you can take a QB every cycle, you lose 1 every 2 years. But gone are the days a kid's going to ride the pine for 3-4 years to start 1-2.
  8. 3 scholarship QBs at a time is as many as you can keep happy. 4 and someone is leaving anyway. Assuming Sam stays for his 4th year we'll have 4 next year. And then 4 again the year after. Someone will leave. You just don't want to have 2 leave like we did this year. We are really exposed if Sam goes down and recruiting has nothing to do with it. Rising had a clear path to be the starter for 2 years. Guys just won't wait.
  9. Feel like we would have had it this year if Rising or Boo would have stayed. But it's great to keep having pipeline every year so that when a kid transfers out (or 2), we're not left hanging dry.
  10. What are people hearing about Thompson? Figure good chance he's going to have to win a game or 2 somewhere along the way in 2019.
  11. Will be interesting to see what tOSU does on the field without Meyer. What we need to remember is little OSU seems to churn out backs year over year. If they can do it with 3* talent we sure the hell out to be able to.
  12. We certainly have early playing time for a 6'6" WR.
  13. Last year we didn't recruit in state well. Got our class with a mix but a much heavier mix OOS than normal. This staff has to prove they can recruit well in state to maintain the level everyone expects. Still plenty of time, but we better have another 10+ win season. With all the QB changes in the Big12 this is our year to shine. Just get it done.
  14. With Meyer gone, don't see the draw to tOSU that was there before. What's yanking these out of state kids to that boring town?
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