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  1. Let's beat them on the field. So much to happen in the fall. Hell, we don't even know O will be the coach next year.
  2. He should let us settle it on the field
  3. If the O isn't up to the D, that's a great sign for us. WVU's QB looked abysmal in the bowl and a new coach. If there is ever a season to win the Big 12/10 this is it.
  4. Gary Johnson is 220. How many NFL LBers are 220? LJH ran a 4.78. How many wideouts run that. They didn't get drafted because either they were undersized or slow. LJH going to the Saints was better than getting drafted. Get to learn from the best coach in the NFL not in Boston. And Payton isn't an ass. But dang, these Jrs need to listen to their draft grades and if you're not in the 1st 3 rounds come back. LJH should have known what he would run. How can he not see this coming?
  5. I understand early playing time, but do you really want your name associated with that abomination of a D OU has?
  6. Rivals doesn't show Georgia has offered
  7. Huge position of need right now. He could get 10-12 touches a game at RB. No way he gets that level at WR. Plenty of time to move to WR after this year.
  8. Top 8 is just a bit much for me. Just go through the process and wake everyone when you get a bit closer.
  9. Most back pain gets better over time. I've got f'd discs at all lumbar levels plus a few cervical ones. Celebrex gets me through the rough spots. I work out 3x a week but am moderately cautious with anything that hits the lower back too hard.
  10. There was this annoying SMU fan sitting in front of me and they had scored to cut the lead to 3 I think. And he turns and says 2 safeties and we win. Jones returns the KO and I say back. Going to take 6 of those now.
  11. Remember a 102 yd kick off return against SMU in 78 my freshman year that turned that game around.
  12. Why I was very confident we'd beat Bama in 2010. They weren't built to stop Ship in the slot. They had 255lb backers to stop LSU. Still the most disappointing game in all my years and that included the 78 and 83 cotton bowls.
  13. When we got Urquidez and Hudson from Baylor we thought we'd pulled off a pretty good pick pocket. Things sure turned out differently. Feel bad for both of them.
  14. I really thought LJH needed an other year more than CJ. He just hasn't played receiver long enough. Here's one more guy that should have played 4 years. Patience grasshopper. Hopefully future Horns will learn from this. If you aren't a 1st day pick, stay in school.
  15. I'm not worried about the back 5. It's the front 6 that worry me.
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