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  1. There was this annoying SMU fan sitting in front of me and they had scored to cut the lead to 3 I think. And he turns and says 2 safeties and we win. Jones returns the KO and I say back. Going to take 6 of those now.
  2. Remember a 102 yd kick off return against SMU in 78 my freshman year that turned that game around.
  3. Why I was very confident we'd beat Bama in 2010. They weren't built to stop Ship in the slot. They had 255lb backers to stop LSU. Still the most disappointing game in all my years and that included the 78 and 83 cotton bowls.
  4. When we got Urquidez and Hudson from Baylor we thought we'd pulled off a pretty good pick pocket. Things sure turned out differently. Feel bad for both of them.
  5. I really thought LJH needed an other year more than CJ. He just hasn't played receiver long enough. Here's one more guy that should have played 4 years. Patience grasshopper. Hopefully future Horns will learn from this. If you aren't a 1st day pick, stay in school.
  6. I'm not worried about the back 5. It's the front 6 that worry me.
  7. Anyone that watched Mond and Sam last year knows. Sam is light years ahead. Mond's mechanics still are very suspect. Mond might continue to grow into a good QB, but Sam already is one.
  8. watch the comeback tackle on Georgia QB in the 1st quarter. He's going to break out for a 1st down, and GJ comes out of nowhere and tackles him for a short game. Huge play early in that game.
  9. I'd say if a program recruits in the top 10 it should BE in the top 10. Simple as that. Rest is player development and coaching which appear to be on track.
  10. Also maybe he's just WAY more mature. Look how much Sam has grown over his starts. Hell people were calling Vince to be a TE 1/2 through his career. Most guys just need time to grow into the position.
  11. I will give you the old piece. I drove all the way up there in 82 to see Texas get pounded the week after we beat OU 34-14 and were ranked #1. We left in the 3rd quarter. Stadium back then was like a HS stadium and I was literally scared the old stands would collapse and I'd die along with the team. Maybe my dislike is lack of a real hotel. I should have gotten funding for a Marriott or Hilton 15 years ago and I'd be rich. I'm not saying on a public forum how much fun or lack thereof to work with that big corporation there. Wish you the best. I think my point was it's not just the atmosphere where you live. It's what team are you playing on? Arky is just pitiful. Arky will never win a conference championship. Never. Who wants to play for a losing team unless you have options or unless you think they will turn it around. I just don't see them ever competing in the SEC. They wouldn't compete in the B12. Just not enough recruiting base. When they left the SWC they left behind their Texas base.
  12. Don't tell me what I have a clue about. Walmart was one of my primary customers for years. When I first started to go there, the best hotel was the Hilton Garden Inn and if it was sold out you were stuck at the Best Western or worse. Now they have an Embassy Suites and Aloft, but still no major Marriott/Westin/Hilton. I've been there probably 50 times over the last 15 years. It nice country, good fishing, good place to raise a family. But this is for an 18-22 year old kid. Different decisioning goes into that my friend. And if I were an 18 year old kid NWA does not in any way shape or form compare to ATX. And just to reiterate, I HATE when people say shit like "you have no clue" when the person making that statement clearly HAS NO CLUE about the original person. As fishing is one of my top priorities, I'd personally take NWA over ATX today. But when I was 18, no way in hell would I turn down Texas. Then there is this little thing of one program that actually has a pulse and the other that is one of the worst P5 schools around. Why would any kid go there just to go 4-7 and miss their bowl game. Makes no sense.
  13. Why the hell would any kid live in northwest Arky over ATX? I mean seriously. I've been to XNA many times. It's actually not as bad as you'd think but it's no ATX. And play for one f the worst teams in D1 over Texas. If he's having any remote thoughts, I have to question his sanity.
  14. O will be fantastic. I am worried about D and consistency on special teams from both FG and punter. We've come a long way though from the days of getting extra pts and fg's blocked in the same game.
  15. Best I can remember was the Roy Williams class. This might be better. Time would tell if any of them would be as good as Roy was though.
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