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    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    What about Green?
  2. Bob Barker 007

    ***Texas @ Texas A&M Game Thread***

    Yeah, that makes sense. There's still time to get a run or two.
  3. Bob Barker 007

    ***Texas @ Texas A&M Game Thread***

    We should have done a safety squeeze to tie the game. McKenzie is a lightweight of a batter.
  4. Bob Barker 007

    ***Texas @ Texas A&M Game Thread***

    Nico and his Little League control gifted A&M those runs.
  5. Bob Barker 007

    Bilas Index, Volume 1

    Jay Bilas calling a Duke game is worse than listening to the lunatic Bill Walton call a game. Bilas made it seem like Texas was the worst bunch of degenerates he had ever seen and gave Duke a pass every chance he got. That occurred while Texas was up 10+ points until late in the 2nd half. What a blowhard.
  6. Bob Barker 007

    Weekly Film Review: USC (by Ryan Bridges)

    Great breakdown, Ryan! This is easily the best analysis of the football game each week. The Cade Brewer touchdown was almost an exact copy of the play the UH offense would run over the past two years, with Herman and Applewhite calling that same play to McCloskey of UH on numerous occasions in the red zone. I was at the game on Saturday, and the jump pass by Darnold was incredible. The blitz was on Darnold in half a second. Darnold shuffled his feet forward quickly and immediately released it over the top. There's not really anything the D can do about that. His first touchdown pass was just as good in terms of touch and timing. It was a great game, and I am hopeful that the team will continue to build off of it.
  7. Ridiculous call and ejection. This umpire needs to get thicker skin. Pathetic.
  8. A well-deserved firing. I mentioned the poor guard coaching a few times during the season. I just wish Lucas could be demoted as well - it was a horrible offseason decision to make him an assistant. Both Cason and Jai Lucas have done a terrible job with the guards this year. There has been no improvement with the system offense, shooting, passing, or really anything from the guards. Cason really did not get any improvement from the guards last year for most of the season. Hopefully this move will improve our current coaching situation, and maybe Shaka will actually try to run his offense next season. If not, see you later, Shaka.
  9. Bob Barker 007

    Friday Chat

    Here's a quick take on where Texas basketball has improved, and where it has been poor. Decent or improved during the past two seasons: Defensive system Frontcourt offense - improvement from Ibeh, Cleare, Allen Rebounding - improved after slow starts in both seasons Bad or did not improve: Turnovers Shooting Guard play Offensive system I'm not sure who's in charge of the guards and the offensive system, but I think that's where I think significant changes need to be made.
  10. Bob Barker 007

    Texas Junior Day Breakdown

    How soon can we get DBU rolling again? I'm really excited about the defensive back recruits in this class. Any chance we see a commit from a DB before the end of the summer?
  11. Bob Barker 007

    Friday Chat

    When I think about the basketball team, I keep going back to Smart demoting Morrell in favor of Jai Lucas. Last year's team, while inconsistent, certainly seemed to improve under the assistant coaching of Cason and Morrell. I understand retaining Lucas for recruiting reasons, but the coaching has gotten worse this year, and I don't think it's solely because of Smart. There was continuity with the trio of Cason, Morrell, and Smart that might have changed by promoting Lucas.
  12. Bob Barker 007

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I don't know much about the 2018 class yet, but I do know that there are a lot of good players in the Houston area this year. Should we expect a lot of them to be heading out of state, or do you think they will be willing to hear out Herman, Sumlin, Morris, etc.? If Texas can keep them within range and have a good start to the season, I see no reason why we can't get a couple of 5 stars this cycle.
  13. Bob Barker 007

    Patrick Hudson Transferring???

    What a relief! I don't think anyone wanted to go through another saga with him again.
  14. Bob Barker 007

    Eno Benjamin's Patience Finally Pays Offs...

    Is Eno the running back Texas has been pursuing hard, or are we still working on getting someone like Dobbins?
  15. Bob Barker 007

    2017 Recruiting Thread Part 1

    LOL. Let's take a look at Houston's recruiting classes before Herman and with Herman: 2013: 56th, 2nd in AAC, Players with a grade of 86 or higher in the 247 Composite: 1 2014: 76th, 5th in AAC, Players grade 86 or higher: 0 2015: 92nd, 7th in AAC, Players grade 86 or higher: 1 Tom Herman's first full class: 2016: 36th, 1st in AAC. Players with grade 86 or higher: 6 4 among the top 500 in the nation (Oliver, Dickson, Lark, and King) A former 5 star QB (Kyle Allen) A top 20 national JUCO player (Rodgers) All other players were 3 stars Tom Herman at Ohio State. 9 recruited players graded 90 or higher 4 of them from Texas, including J.T. Barrett. He started the Texas pipeline for Ohio State.