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  1. Big Daddy Cane

    New Top 25 poll

    And if they continue winning, they'll keep climbing in the polls. That will get them closer to winning the B12 and possibly becoming a playoff contender. Not sure about your comment about them being a title contender.
  2. Big Daddy Cane

    Ehlinger shoulder update

    My 2 cents: If he's medically cleared, let him start. This team has shown inconcistency in being able to finish and we need all available bodies to get it done. Baylor was 1 play away from winning the game. Ksu, tulsa and ok all could have handed us an L. I've looked at the schedules and teams ranked ahead of us are going to knock themselves out. If we win out, we have a great chance to make it to the playoffs. We can't afford to take anyone lightly.
  3. Big Daddy Cane

    New Top 25 poll

    The rankings aren't based on fan's expectations. They have earned that ranking. Where would you rank them?
  4. Big Daddy Cane

    Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)

    What's with this doom and gloom about everybody passing us up? Notre dame struggled, ucf struggled, 2,6,7,8 lost. I dont see us any worse than 7. Even if georgia and lsu are ahead of us, they both have beatings coming at the hands of bama. We need usc to beat nd and that would help our sos and hand nd the loss we need. Still need other help, but keep winning and even if we miss the top 4, a ny6 bowl is ahead of my expectations. Win and they will come!
  5. Big Daddy Cane

    Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)

    I think we'll be ahead of georgia, but may get jumped by lsu. Even though we played a horrible game, we weren't the only ones, so getting the w may be enough to move us into the top 5-6. Notre dame has to lose.
  6. Big Daddy Cane

    Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)

    Klatt is money. He is saying same thing we've been saying since '09. He has always given Texas respect, but not afraid to call it like it is. He also trolls agsy pretty hard, so there's that.
  7. Big Daddy Cane

    Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)

    At least Patterson has a short drive home. Lol. Probably sleeping in that hammock.
  8. Big Daddy Cane

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    NTG, so if you bring the team orange slices, is that a recruiting viloation?
  9. Big Daddy Cane

    HornSports Members Predictions Rankings

    Harrison, I thought I was dead on with my Texas - too much Opponents - not enough Seems spot on to be over the last 5 weeks. No? Lol.... Good luck everyone!
  10. Big Daddy Cane

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    When are the big boys visiting? Maybe just me, but seems like most news/ commit watch candidates are dbs and wrs. Where's the beef? I know the staff has a plan, but I would feel better with a few more big bodies looking more interested.
  11. Ok, everyone's been asking is Texas back? I think it depends on what your definition of back is. They're on a good little run, but what if they shit the bed against baylor or tech? Are they no longer back then? I think they are on the right track and that loss to maryland may have been exactly what they needed. A swift kick in the ass and now they understand what the coaches are talking about and buying in. For me, if they are "back" the only game that the get a pass if they lose is WV. They need to play for or win the conference title to say they are back. Win 10+ games per year and be in the conversation for a ny 6 bowl. I like how we're trending, but too early to say that Texas is back.
  12. The 3 positives that I take away from this game are: 1. Got the W 2. There are plenty of teachable moments for the coaching staff to keep the team humble and hungry 3. Even though it got ugly at the end, they knew how to finish. This team hasn't been able to do that against top notch competition in a long time. I like the upward trend and the team seems to be buying into what the coaching staff is selling.
  13. Big Daddy Cane

    Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)

    I couldn't figure out the tweet that you have up there, but here's a shorter one.
  14. Big Daddy Cane

    *****NFL - Cowboys vs. Texans Game Thread*****

    Yes sir!
  15. Big Daddy Cane

    *****NFL - Cowboys vs. Texans Game Thread*****

    Let's go Texans!