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  1. Big Daddy Cane

    Cannot Log out of Hornsports

    Post more!!!
  2. Big Daddy Cane

    Commitment Spotlight: Peter Mpagi

    I started to like this young man when I first saw this back in March: https://n.rivals.com/news/houston-prospects-weigh-in-who-will-win-a-title-first-texas-or-a-m-
  3. Big Daddy Cane

    Forum Mobile Interface Issue

    Add me to this list. Only website on my phone that does this.
  4. Big Daddy Cane

    Longhorn News/Discussion (Non-recruiting)

    Sad news for our first opponent next season. RIP!
  5. Big Daddy Cane

    NCAA passes new transfer and redshirt rules

    The redshirt rule I am ok with. The transfer rule seems a little vague and open. On one hand with the conferences still having control, what will actually be allowed? And on the other hand, will this become open season the minute a kid gets his feelings hurt because he didnt start as a freshman? Overall I like the concept and freedom for the players to move around. Just hope there are some controls in place to keep this from becoming a circus.
  6. Big Daddy Cane

    2018 MLB Draft Thread

    Congrats and Good luck! However, I am pulling for the Dragons!!
  7. Big Daddy Cane

    Kyler Murray

  8. Big Daddy Cane

    Ole Miss v Tenn Tech game

  9. Big Daddy Cane

    Ole Miss v Tenn Tech game

    A lot of ole miss t-shirts being set on fire at the station.
  10. Big Daddy Cane

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Here's an article on it. Damn shame for sure. He was a baller. Wanted him to be a horn. Bullet dodged!
  11. Big Daddy Cane

    Ole Miss v Tenn Tech game

    Boom! Super Regional in Austin!!
  12. Big Daddy Cane

    Ole Miss v Tenn Tech game

    Joeywa, Thanks for the updates. Would love a super regional in ATX.
  13. Big Daddy Cane

    Austin Regional Thread

    SC Top 10. Great play unfortunately.