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  1. Agree! I thought those 2 had a shot. UFA is not a bad thing at all if you approach it the right way.
  2. Omenihu is the 1st Longhorn to get drafted. Congrats big boy!
  3. I'm not well versed in Jimbo's contract, but lsu may not be able to afford to buy him out
  4. Lol. I was going to post earlier that at least we will win this one regardless of my attendance....
  5. My bad. When you said 1st one you get to see, I thought you meant you were here.
  6. We got into the 9th floor suite. Nice digs. Get in here pocono.
  7. Guess I'm bad luck for the baseball team. Will stick to watching it on tv.
  8. True. KS outfielders haven't had to move much to get outs
  9. Lol. Bryce settled down and is looking good. Get these bats going and we're in business.
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