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  1. So we’ve got 17 now, and there’s a good chance we’ll have Ty Jordan and Josh Eaton in the next week or so. That would put us at 19 commits in a class where 22 is probably the limit. If my notes are correct, the staff is targeting White, Smith-Njigba, CTJ, Ransom, Rogers, and McClellan as flip candidates (with varying degrees of likeliness), and are in a good position for Hester, LVBS, and Collins. Seems like the staff is going to have to be very picky about this, especially since the “conventional wisdom” is to leave a couple spots open for guys who break out during their senior year like Ojomo, or “big fish” who unexpectedly want to get on board.
  2. Between this and the Eagles news, I’m suddenly very thankful for the depth we have at WR.
  3. TFB is saying Alford is expected to announce on Friday.
  4. That's a little weird that EMS was called for a "minor injury". Still though, really glad to hear it wasn't anything too serious.
  5. I’m not 100% sure what Longhorn Frenzy is, but I feel like this old take by our good buddy Taylor Hamm fits in well here.
  6. Lots of CBs coming in for Xavion Alford to A&M.
  7. Texas was actually 2nd with an average of 93.27 before Jerrin's commitment. That's a good position to be in, where a top 200 commit brings the average down.
  8. My non-expert guess would be 20, maybe 21 or 22 if the last few guys are studs. Texas has 79 guys on scholarship, but only 12 seniors and 13 juniors.
  9. I predict 9-3 in the regular season, with losses to LSU (too much inexperience early in the season on defense, especially at CB), OU, and another in-conference loss (probably ISU). Maybe that'll be enough to make it to the Big XII title game, but that's hard to predict. I expect Texas will go to a relatively high-ranked non-NY6 bowl and kick the snot out of someone.
  10. Crazy how quick things change in recruiting. Even 2-3 days ago, I never would've dreamed we'd be sitting pretty with Bijan and possibly trailing for CTJ.
  11. Reminds me a lot of D'Shawn Jamison's tape, except Bowman seems even more eager to give up ground while running east-west.
  12. Translation: Evans’s recruitment is a circus. When was the last time Texas won a recruitment that was an absolute circus, especially with the SEC involved?
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