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  1. utb040713

    Dave Aranda Says No To A&M

    So that's a swing and a miss on Aranda and Akina. The word of the day is "schadenfreude".
  2. utb040713

    BON's Way-Too-Early Spring Depth Chart

    No Hudson on the depth chart? I have to assume that's only because he might not be ready for spring ball. I think he'll definitely challenge for the starting RG spot.
  3. utb040713

    Please FIX this site

    I've been having issues on Safari on a relatively new computer. A good chunk of the time, the site will load partially, then I get a popup that the "Safari encountered an error and had to restart". Seems like it's only on this website that I'm running into an issue. I get that AdBlock will alleviate the issue, but I'd rather not take advertising money away from a site that relies on ad revenue to remain free. I'm sure they'll get the issue resolved as soon as they can.
  4. utb040713

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Good. It's sad that guys like Mike Roach, who I really respect, have to be associated with a buffoon like Chip.
  5. utb040713

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I have to disagree there. If the extent of the article was that Herman was a tough coach, that's one thing. But the article also seemed to imply that Herman doesn't give a damn about his players. I can't really blame a 17-year-old kid for being dissuaded in signing with a team where the impression is that the coach doesn't care about them.
  6. utb040713

    Post NSD1: Who is left on the board?

    Manvel's just south of Houston. Google maps says it's a 3 hour drive from UT to Manvel. He's going to be really limited in his transfer options if he's looking for a significantly shorter drive home than that...aggyland is about 2 hours from Manvel, and I don't see a homesick player transferring (and missing a year of eligibility) to live 2 hours from home instead of 3. That leaves U of H and Rice as his only FBS transfer options.
  7. utb040713

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I believe he hasn't signed yet. No clue when he's signing.
  8. This is the issue. Ok fine, the INT is on Ehlinger. But Beck has to know that Ehlinger has very low football IQ and has a tendency to make dumbass decisions in pressure situations. Why in the world would Beck put that in Sam's hands in that situation? Run the damn ball, and if you don't get the 1st down, you have Dicko to pin them inside the 20. Make them march down the field to beat you.
  9. utb040713

    Longhorns Going Bowling, but Where?

    I think the loser of the Clemson/Miami game would get an at-large bid to the Orange Bowl. That would mean the #3 ACC team would go to the Camping World Bowl, which would most likely be Virginia Tech.
  10. utb040713

    Longhorns Going Bowling, but Where?

    So I was having this debate in another forum yesterday, although I've revised my analysis a bit since then. Here's my thoughts: From Wikipedia, here's the tie-ins, in order: CFP or NY6 Bowl, Alamo Bowl, Camping World Bowl, Texas Bowl, Liberty Bowl, Cactus Bowl, and Heart of Dallas Bowl. Also, there's the at-large bids for Cotton/Fiesta/Peach Bowl. My guess would be that OU will make the CFP, and TCU has a good chance at an at-large bid. I think Oklahoma State would almost certainly get selected next, which would be the Alamo Bowl if TCU gets an at-large bid. If UT wins next weekend, I'd say we'd almost certainly get selected ahead of WVU due to beating them head-to-head, and name recognition. If ISU wins next weekend, it would be tough to say who gets selected next, since they will have an 8-4 record vs our 7-5 record. If UT wins and ISU loses, I believe UT would go to the Camping World Bowl (if TCU gets an at-large bid) or the Texas Bowl (if TCU doesn't get a bid). If UT wins *and* ISU wins, Texas will most likely go to either the Camping World Bowl, the Texas Bowl, or the Liberty Bowl, depending on TCU's status and whether ISU gets selected ahead of UT. If UT loses next weekend, we would probably be looking at either the Cactus Bowl or the Liberty Bowl. Now, if we take a Bayesian approach and assume that UT's odds of beating TTU are 75%, ISU's odds of beating KSU are 50%, TCU's odds of getting an at-large bid are 50%, and both KSU and ISU have a 50% chance of getting selected ahead of us if they end up with 1 more win than us, here's the probability of UT making each bowl: Camping World Bowl: 28% Texas Bowl: 37% Liberty Bowl: 28% Cactus Bowl: 6%
  11. utb040713

    Common Guy Prediction Thread - TCU

    TCU wins 21-10, with our only TD coming off of a turnover that sets us up with great field position.
  12. utb040713

    Observations From The Baylor Win (Running Thread)

    That's the thing. It seems to even out between helping and hurting us, because they don't call holding consistently at all. I know after the RRS, a lot of my OU friends were complaining about the refs not calling holding on Texas. After watching the last 3-4 games, though, I think the officials just can't call holding consistently, and that it's not biased toward one team (or teams) in particular.
  13. utb040713

    5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    Agree with every point except #4. Given the performance "C. Johnson" had, I'm convinced that was actually Calvin Johnson coming out of retirement and suiting up. Seriously though, he's a beast. I look forward to seeing what he can do with Shane/Sam for the next few years.
  14. utb040713

    *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

    The vast majority of the blame for this loss lies squarely on Tim Beck's shoulders.
  15. utb040713

    *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

    Herman just said Warren had an "eye laceration". Doesn't really make a ton of sense, since he was still out there blocking for most of the game and was targeted by Ehlinger several times in the 2nd half.