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  1. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    Agree with every point except #4. Given the performance "C. Johnson" had, I'm convinced that was actually Calvin Johnson coming out of retirement and suiting up. Seriously though, he's a beast. I look forward to seeing what he can do with Shane/Sam for the next few years.
  2. *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

    The vast majority of the blame for this loss lies squarely on Tim Beck's shoulders.
  3. *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

    Herman just said Warren had an "eye laceration". Doesn't really make a ton of sense, since he was still out there blocking for most of the game and was targeted by Ehlinger several times in the 2nd half.
  4. *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

    I came into this game thinking that I'd be OK if the Horns stayed within 2 scores of USC. Instead, they lose by 3 in double OT and I feel like I'm going to throw up. I haven't felt this sick after a loss since Cal. If I were on the defense, I'd be pissed. The defense played their best game in several years, and the offense looked horrid. I'd be more OK with that if it were a talent issue or something. But it wasn't. The talent was there. Chris Warren III is averaging 6.7 ypc throughout his career, and he gets 4--FOUR--carries in one of the biggest games of the year. We line up for 4th and short on several occasions, and Warren is kicking dirt on the sidelines. We try and ram the ball in from the 3 yard line with our 2nd string QB rather than our 255# bowling ball of a running back. I lay the majority of blame for this loss on Tim Beck. He is shaping up to be a worse hire than Shawn Watson. I don't think it'll happen, but I think Beck needs to be let go during the bye week, just like Bedford should've been let go during the bye week last year. Also, we have GOT to stop shooting ourselves in the foot. Too many penalties, too many botched snaps, too many special teams miscues (looking at you, Reggie). If the offensive playcalling was better, we would've won handily. If we didn't have so many self-inflicted wounds, we would've won handily. Instead, it's another loss. Overall though, I'm encouraged by what I saw on the field. The defense has made the Maryland performance look like an anomaly. Sam has gotten quite a bit of big game experience. Now if we can stop shooting ourselves in the foot at inopportune times, we might be able to overcome the ineptitude at OC and come away from this season with a decent record.
  5. Damn. I was hoping he would get some decent reps this year. Terrible news.
  6. Buechele update (9/8/17)

    Let's at least wait for Sam to take his first snap before we anoint him the savior of UT football. He could be the next Colt McCoy, or he could be the next Garrett Gilbert. I'm definitely intrigued to see what Sam can do, but I'd rather it be under different circumstances than this.
  7. Buechele update - 9/7/17

    Wait a minute. You're assigning blame to Herman for not "getting" a transfer QB, and then admit that Zaire should have come to Texas? This isn't the NFL where you can throw money at a free agent at a position of need and your problem is solved. A player has to decide to come here. Even if there were other guys out there in G5/FCS/JUCO, there's no guarantee that they would have been worth a scholarship or that they would have had any interest in coming to UT.
  8. QB Isn't the Problem (by Ryan Bridges)

    Great read as always. As I've said many times since Saturday, if your true sophomore QB throws for almost 400 yards and you still get thrashed...the QB isn't the main problem.
  9. Potential Injury News

    I honestly don't understand it. There's no reason why Shane should be throwing 52 times in a game. What's wrong with leaning on Warren? The dude is built like a Mack truck. He's averaged 6.2 yards per carry throughout his college career, but you have a fragile, 180 lb QB running the ball 15 times (yes, I know some weren't designed runs) while CW3 only ran the ball 6 times. Also, the decision to split carries between Warren and Porter reminds me of the decision to split carries between JGray and D'Onta in 2015. The decision to pretty much abandon the run game altogether when you have a true sophomore QB and a really talented runner like Warren is absolutely mind-boggling.
  10. Not Afraid to Say Heard Should Be Playing QB

    Remember Iowa State in 2015? Defenses figured out that if they just spied him the whole game, he was totally ineffective. Buechele didn't look great--and in my opinion he didn't play as well as his stat line suggests--but calling for the QB's head after he completed 65% of his passes for almost 400 yards in his sophomore year doesn't really make a lot of sense.
  11. I think part of the difference in where D'Onta will likely be drafted has to do with a shift in drafting philosophy regarding running backs. In 1999 (Ricky's year), RBs were taken at #4 and #5 overall. In 2000, RBs were taken at #5, #7, #11, and #19. Three RBs were taken in the first round in 2001...you get the idea. Fast forward to more recent drafts: in 2011, no RB was taken until #28 overall. In 2012, only 1 RB was taken in the top 30. In 2013, no RBs were taken in the 1st round. In 2014, none were taken until #54, late in the 2nd round. 2015 was a bit of an anomaly with 2 backs taken in the top 15, but last year, there was only 1 RB taken in the 1st round. If you look at their college numbers, Ricky and D'Onta are very similar. Ricky averaged 6.2 YPC, and D'Onta has averaged 6.4. IMO, with another great season, D'Onta would move into the 'top tier' RBs in Texas history, alongside Ricky and Earl.
  12. Texas in a Bowl Game this Year?

    I believe his analysis was incorrect, about the UCLA/Cal game being the deciding factor. He (along with most others) are now saying that a loss by either South Alabama or Louisiana-Lafayette would put Texas into a bowl game.
  13. Herman to Texas, It's Official

    Sorry for the stupid question (I started following UT football relatively recently), but why is getting Brewster such a huge deal? Solely recruiting reasons?