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  1. Good points, although Okafor redshirted last year so he's still got 2 seasons left. Also, it kills me to think Hudson may be done with football. In that 2016 class, the 3 guys who really excited me were Hudson, Erick Fowler, and Jordan Elliott
  2. Does Willie Tyler's commitment influence the prospective 2020 OL class? I just hope no one there is scared away by the growing OL numbers. I'd love to snag Lindburg and George.
  3. My impression for the O-Line is: LT: Cosmi LG: Braun C: Shack (backed up by Ghirmai) RG: Okafor or Angilau RT: Kerstetter or Jones
  4. Shack looked a lot better after his injury. He wasn't having the same snap issues that had plagued him in 2016 and 2017, and he had a lot fewer holding calls, like you said. Apart from the KSU game where he had 2 really dumb penalties, I was pretty happy with his play in 2018.
  5. Rafiti Ghirmai is getting snaps at center, per TFB. Edit: Also, it sounds like Angilau is taking snaps at guard.
  6. I think the thought is that Cosmi will slide over to LT.
  7. bdf? Big donor football? I'm not up to speed with aggy's paranoia lingo.
  8. That's photoshopped. Here's a link to the actual portal, where you'll see that (as of 11:30AM) he's not listed: https://247sports.com/Season/2019-Football/TransferPortal/ Quick reminder to not believe everything you see/read on the internet.
  9. Now that it's almost 8:30AM, I assume Jake Majors's commitment is coming at 7:30PM rather than 7:30AM? I mainly use 24-hr time for work, so that combined with the lack of an AM/PM distinction on Majors's tweet...yeah. I feel like an idiot for refreshing twitter every 5-10 minutes for the past hour, wondering what the hell is taking him so long
  10. Ah, you're right. I assumed all teams listed on there had offered. I totally missed the "offer" column. My bad.
  11. Interesting. His 247 page shows an offer from Texas. Maybe whoever edits the 247 offers list got a bit trigger happy?
  12. I think that was McKel Broussard. There was a lot of talk about him for a few days, and now nothing. He apparently impressed a lot of people at the All-American Game. It seems like his whole recruitment is being played fairly close to the vest, so I don't know that the lack of news is necessarily a bad sign. His twitter seems have a ton of pro-UT stuff, and it looks like the only P5 offers he has are from UT and UCLA.
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