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  1. A real class act. Best of everything and thank you, young man !!!
  2. Give 'em hell, Kid and thanks for the memories !!
  3. Best football game I've seen all year at any level !! Two excellent teams just beat the snot out of each other for forty eight solid minutes. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Lubbock at night, cold and windy = recipe for disaster. That said, straight from the heart because my head knows better Horns 45 saggies 42
  5. I just have this one observation. It looks like they finally learned how to get the bubble screens blocked and considering the number of times they call that play, that is a big deal.
  6. Horns on a streak-busting mission. broke the toad streak last week, break the Little Apple streak this week. Horns 27 K-State 14.
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