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  1. Common Guy Prediction Thread - Hillbilly aggy

    Texas 21 WVU 20 We run the ball today.
  2. Dear Echeese . . . . .

    Happy birthday, EC !!
  3. Brief Announcement

    Give 'em hell, young man !!
  4. What happened to "Burnt ends"?

    Give me a glass doc, I'll drink with ya.
  5. I spit coffee all over my computer screen !!!!
  6. Why don't we revisit this in about three years ?
  7. I hope he makes it. Good luck, VY !!
  8. Tevin Mack suspended

    I don't watch much basketball, but I happened to catch about 15 minutes of the TCU game. They just don't have the look of a team that would run through walls for their coach, imho.
  9. ***Official Update Thread***

    Thanks Bogey ! JB...I'm just going to ignore your arrogant ass.
  10. ***Official Update Thread***

    Excuse me, but are we supposed to know who SJW is?

    Just a thought...how many of those coaches had as big a mess as Charlie had to clean up ? There are a lot of intangibles that are not reflected in your research.
  12. A true gentleman and a class act inside and outside the ropes. The world is a little bit poorer place now that he's gone.
  13. "Fumble" at end of Texas vs Cal game

    ...and speaking of okie state, it took almost a year but they finally were victimized by the same bullshit officiating that we were last year. Kinda did my heart good.
  14. Ryan Newsome Transferring From Texas

    Good luck to you, young man. I hate to see you go, but if you feel you must......well....bye.
  15. UCLA gets paid. . .did TEXAS misstep?

    Personally, I can live just fine without those UA clown suits....just opinin'