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  1. killerjoe

    Keith Jackson Passed Away

    Another good one gone. He made what he did seem so easy. Rest in peace, Mr. Jackson.
  2. killerjoe

    2017-2018 Bowl Schedule

    Thank you Aaron.
  3. killerjoe

    Common Guy Prediction Thread - Hillbilly aggy

    Texas 21 WVU 20 We run the ball today.
  4. killerjoe

    Dear Echeese . . . . .

    Happy birthday, EC !!
  5. killerjoe

    Brief Announcement

    Give 'em hell, young man !!
  6. killerjoe

    What happened to "Burnt ends"?

    Give me a glass doc, I'll drink with ya.
  7. I spit coffee all over my computer screen !!!!
  8. Why don't we revisit this in about three years ?
  9. I hope he makes it. Good luck, VY !!
  10. killerjoe

    Tevin Mack suspended

    I don't watch much basketball, but I happened to catch about 15 minutes of the TCU game. They just don't have the look of a team that would run through walls for their coach, imho.
  11. killerjoe

    ***Official Update Thread***

    Thanks Bogey ! JB...I'm just going to ignore your arrogant ass.
  12. killerjoe

    ***Official Update Thread***

    Excuse me, but are we supposed to know who SJW is?
  13. killerjoe


    Just a thought...how many of those coaches had as big a mess as Charlie had to clean up ? There are a lot of intangibles that are not reflected in your research.
  14. A true gentleman and a class act inside and outside the ropes. The world is a little bit poorer place now that he's gone.
  15. killerjoe

    "Fumble" at end of Texas vs Cal game

    ...and speaking of okie state, it took almost a year but they finally were victimized by the same bullshit officiating that we were last year. Kinda did my heart good.