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  1. Wahoo! Cause I’m tired of reading about Bradshaw!
  2. 4 errors today? I wonder what the season club record is? We can’t be far off.
  3. Didn’t know where to put this: Question I saw on another board: Bru played both ways in high school. With our shortage in lb’s, is there any considerations of putting him there? We have a beavy of wrs right now, so why not? My apologies if broached previously.
  4. Wait, what? They tied Missouri on Sunday? So aggy is now kissing conference foes? Sheep will be jealous! beat the hell out of them!
  5. Took their time and got it right.....even though we didn't get a replay until after decision was made.
  6. Evan is a good friend of mine. Tell him I said hello, and will discussing matters with him later in the evening. And what the heck just happened at home?
  7. Best of luck to them, but I’ll be monitoring the joey baseball thread.
  8. Better bats and defense will go a loooong way. Get the first game of the series would be big.
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