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  1. Better bats and defense will go a loooong way. Get the first game of the series would be big.
  2. Looks and sounds like electric atmosphere there tonight, almost like regional final. Both pitchers seem to have settled in. Love David Ash behind home plate.
  3. And they do have a good brewery. Prairie Ales. Darn good stouts. Prairie Bomb Stout series is awesome. Just sayin
  4. Man, that was a Horns down overload segment. Envy does not suit them.
  5. Saw the same as well, had to rewind to double check. Sure enough he did. Cmon man. We’ve moved on, so should you.
  6. Where is that DISLIKE button? We dont want to lose him.
  7. Always been here and a big supporter of Kate. oldhorn had it right, she brought in a top 5 class!
  8. I’d actually like to know who has a stronger schedule?
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