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  1. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    It's a lot better than his uncle, Pocket.
  2. *****Texas vs. West Virginia Game Thread*****

    That is a likely scenario. I think both schools will be urged to make it happen.
  3. *****Texas vs. West Virginia Game Thread*****

    No excuse regardless of exp. Complete dumbass play
  4. Cade Brewer OUT vs West Virginia

    I cant remember a team with this many injuries in practice.
  5. Five Thoughts Following The Win Over Kansas

    Exactly! I firmly believe Foreman wouldn't have much more success if any this year than our current backs. I also believe some of our returning lineman from last year were not any more capable last year than this year. We may not have a great RB or a serviceable line but what we are doing, scheme wise, is magnifying our deficiencies.
  6. Could someone please explain to Pat Forde all of the injuries we've suffered. How dare him try to blame our offensive woes on coaching.
  7. Five Thoughts Following The Win Over Kansas

    Lomas Brown and Kevin Glover were multiple year all pro selections. Detroit had an average line.
  8. Five Thoughts Following The Win Over Kansas

    I've never seen a great back with a bad offensive line. Ive seen several good backs look great with a good offensive line. A great offensive line can make any back good. Look at Bama.
  9. Five Thoughts Following The Win Over Kansas

    Our O-Line is awful no doubt but the scheme, more specifically the formations, are exasperating the issue. Daniel mentioned "max protection" and how we still cant create a clean pocket. In my opinion lining up in max protection is the worst thing our coaches could do at the moment. Max protection is bringing 9 players "in the box" including the QB. I've notice us doing it several ways this year utilizing two TE's, two RB's, H-backs, ect... The problem is what the defense can do in that scenario. They can always bring one more than you can account for with 8 blockers, they can drop someone from the LOS to cover and blitz someone lined up in coverage, they can play man on the two receivers with a safety over both and get a coverage sack. It just allows the defense too much flexibility and when that happens the blockers get confused. Our line struggles to block when they know who they are assigned. Even when we have three or four receivers a couple of them are 5 yards from last man on the LOS. That's another player to potentially pressure the QB. We need to keep 5 lineman, the QB, and RB "in" and get the other 4 players as far away as possible. Make the defense cover sideline to sideline. In almost every team sport the defense wants to do two things, take away time and space. Limiting time makes people play faster than they prefer and usually that causes people to make mistakes. Limiting space restricts your options and allows defenders to dictate what you do or where you go. When we bunch up around the ball we are conceding both time and space. Regardless of scheme the formation is the only tool an offense has to move the defense where you want it. If you want to run inside move the defense outside. If you want to run outside move the defense inside. If you want to limit QB pressure move people away from the QB. I could understand if we had a good offensive line, TE's, and H Backs that could impose their will on defenders but we don't. We have an ass load of receivers and two good QB's. When we lineup sideline to sideline the defense has to cover 2,400 sqft every 5 yards. That's tough for 6 defenders and using less than 6 is a big play waiting to happen. We may not be able to block 5 with 6 but at least we can see if they can cover 4 with 6. They don't seem to have a problem covering two while our eight are blocking.
  10. Helmets

    Absolutely LOVE that decision! The only easy day was yesterday.
  11. Holton Hill suspended for remainder of the season

    I've got a great story of a coach that thinks of his players as his own. There is a young man I know who is an upper classman and currently starts at an FBS school in a power 5 conference. One night as a freshman he was driving some of his teammates around after curfew. The next day his coach came by his room and took his keys. He told him he could get them back whenever he was going home but he would have to turn them back in when he returned to campus. The kid didn't like it so he called his dad to tell him what had happened. The dad, who was a highly successful, well known football player, called the coach and informed him that he needed to give his son the keys back. He told him he owned the vehicle and he would decide who kept the keys. The coach told the dad he could come get the keys, since he owned the vehicle, but he would need to take the vehicle and his son back home. The coach then informed the dad that as long as his son was on this team he was a member of HIS family and would follow HIS rules. He then proceeded to tell the dad if that wasn't acceptable or he ever called again for similar reasons his son would be done playing football at the university. The dad called his son, told him to do exactly what the coaches told him and never call him again to complain about the rules or punishment. That is a true story and I'm sure some parents wouldn't like it but it is exactly how it should be done. At some point everyone is held accountable for their actions. I personally would prefer those lessons be taught on a team or in a classroom rather than in a courtroom or at the morgue.
  12. Holton Hill suspended for remainder of the season

    I may be wrong but I don't take it as a jab. If my kid is screwing up when I'm not around I want someone to get his attention. I would hope his rhetorical question "why are we in this profession?" is to point out that helping these kids to become men of high character is far more important than playing some game. If that's not his point he needs to find a new profession.
  13. Holton Hill suspended for remainder of the season

    Not totally off the subject...Have any of you looked at Josh Gordon's documentary on Uninterrupted? It is mindboggling.
  14. Holton Hill suspended for remainder of the season

    He could have been selling Xanax. They don't get kicked off for that.