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  1. RickyFlair

    Texas Hosting a MAJOR Surprise Visitor...

    I don’t quite understand when kids say they “want to play in the SEC”. I could understand wanting to play for Georgia, Alabama, LSU, or teams that might actually compete in the conference but picking A&M so you can play in the SEC is like me wanting a heavy weight boxing title shot in the year 1989. You get a lot of publicity pre fight but the 30 to 90 seconds after the first bell rings makes you realize how idiotic your decision was.
  2. RickyFlair

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Leal’s recruitment reminds me of Daylon Mack’s (hope for different result). Every time he shows up on a campus that’s where he is going. I hope Leal notices our 3 star, Poona Ford, won Big 12 D lineman of the year and 5 star Mack hasn’t produced jack squat in three years.
  3. RickyFlair

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Johnson doesn’t seem to be carrying any bad weight
  4. If those two players are the ones involved it’s obviously not an indictment on the school. Only an idiot would give money to a benchwarmer and our bag men are not idiots.
  5. RickyFlair

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I think the sight you were looking for is TexAgs
  6. RickyFlair

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    DSeasAll Wier2Wier MC CausICan
  7. RickyFlair

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Here is the “hulk” recently.
  8. RickyFlair

    Note On Keaontay Ingram

    Zero chance for aggies. Roscoe has pushed hard for TCU but Ingram is 100% to Horns.
  9. RickyFlair

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    What if DMAC is the guy in the picture? It would explain why he doesn’t want us old guys creeping and the quick escalation from friendly banter.
  10. RickyFlair

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    If trades were allowed we could send Shane and take Hurts. I think both QB’s are better fits for the others offense.
  11. RickyFlair

    5 Quick Thoughts: Texas vs. Missouri

    The Oline looked better but our offense is still a mystery. I hope we start next year with the QB position decided. The defense looked very good and should be even better next year. The guys finally look comfortable and are flying around the field. Orlando has earned every bit of his paycheck. Herman’s “dance” at the end of the game was pathetic. He not only looked like a fool with his movements but it showed tremendous immaturity. Some will defend it saying he was having fun with his players but he should save that for the locker room. If we want the program to be taken seriously our head coach can’t act like an idiot on national tv. Hats off to Herman, the staff, and players. They were well prepared and dominated an opponent I didn’t think we would beat.
  12. RickyFlair

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I wouldn't get to worried with who doesn't sign early. Its new for the athletes and some want the experience. Lets be glad if we get some early and view the rest as "business as usual". If the ones we are after don't sign early elsewhere we will just sign them in February.
  13. RickyFlair

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Looking at this years roster I count 15 O-Lineman back (not including seniors and juniors I know are leaving). We have 6 non scholarship O lineman? I also didn't realize Tope Imade had switched back to offense. I welcome the help from JUCO and I hope they work out better than Nickelson our only current JUCO O-Lineman.
  14. RickyFlair

    2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    What does that even mean? Was Conner Williams one of "his guys"? How many defensive players were "his guys"? This board was stupid happy on signing day in 2015 and 2016 but now those guys aren't good any more because they aren't "his guys". I hope Herman cleans up in recruiting this year and every year after that but to say the team wont be good until all of "his guys" show up is absurd. I'm not knocking Herman. The same thing was said when Strong took over and then it became "his guys" are young, when they get experience we will be good. Take the kids you have and make them "your guys", it's called coaching or teaching. When the players aren't performing up to your standard you keep working to get them where they need to be. You don't throw your hands up and say "I cant do anything with these guys because they aren't what I need to be successful". That is an excuse and it divides a team.
  15. RickyFlair

    Jimbo Fisher Effect!

    I don't know if Jimbo will be the answer for the Ag's but they were willing to put their money where their mouth is. They wanted an established coach from a big program so they shelled out $75 million to make it happen. We are paying the same salary today that we paid our HC in 2009. It's funny to me that the richest football program in the country is able to consistently hire the "savior of their program" for $5 million.