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  1. Ringo will probably fall in and out of love several times during this process. We are on the short list and regardless of where we are at the moment on his list it’s still fluid. If we take care of business on the field in the fall we’ve got a great chance to seal the deal. Georgia has been in the playoff conversation for the past 3 or 4 years so obviously their recent success trumps what we are selling.
  2. I really feel for the kid. He’s a combination of Thor and Mr. Glass. I have no doubt he will succeed in life but I would love for him to have at least one season of injury free football.
  3. We are in a great position right now. In the past we had to hope we could hold on to guys during the season and hope they believed in the vision. This year the season will sell the program and guys like KeKe and Zach want to play for a contender.
  4. After a little research I have to confer with SHA, it’s a big deal to beat Texas. This picture was taken in Saban’s office in 2014
  5. I doubt the Lourve has room to display all the available art of Alabama’s Aggie beatings
  6. I’m going to jump farther ahead. I’ll be excited to see how many of our current recruits are playing in next years spring game or recently signed and checking out their new team. After we win the Big 12 and compete in the playoffs next year the spring game visitor list will be epic.
  7. Don’t be surprised if he comes full circle and ends up in Austin. That flip was an impulse decision
  8. Just looking at Willie T I believe 300 lbs would be a good weight for him. He could definitely carry 325-330 but McKnight needs to put those 25-30 extra lbs on him. He’s actually mobile when he decides to go. For a team short on legit OT bodies he could be a great get
  9. I have a feeling that we will have the #1 class nationally in 2020. I like the way it’s shaping up
  10. This thread is “Longhorn news/discussion” Your Daughter is a Longhorn and that’s great news!!! You’re on topic Congratulations!
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