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  1. Don’t be surprised if he comes full circle and ends up in Austin. That flip was an impulse decision
  2. Just looking at Willie T I believe 300 lbs would be a good weight for him. He could definitely carry 325-330 but McKnight needs to put those 25-30 extra lbs on him. He’s actually mobile when he decides to go. For a team short on legit OT bodies he could be a great get
  3. I have a feeling that we will have the #1 class nationally in 2020. I like the way it’s shaping up
  4. This thread is “Longhorn news/discussion” Your Daughter is a Longhorn and that’s great news!!! You’re on topic Congratulations!
  5. How dare you! The only reason most of us visit the site several times an hour is to stalk these recruits 24/7 and jump to conclusions with every visit, tweet, and rumor shared. Marathon or not I Shall Run the Race.
  6. Possibly but that’s not what or who I’m hearing. I’m not sure if it’s a position Herman has always intended on having or he has an opportunity to add a quality offensive mind to the staff and the position would allow that to happen.
  7. Anyone heard rumblings about us hiring an “Offensive Analyst”?
  8. Using the phrase “as of today” multiple times is normally a foreboding sign
  9. I believe the NCAA knows how corrupt college sports have become and fear opening Pandora’s box would cause irreparable damage. It’s gotten to the point where some schools are daring them to do something about it. I would bet there are very few programs without a couple of skeletons in the closet.
  10. I’ll be the first to admit I know very little about Arkansas except that the tooth brush was invented there. If it had been invented anywhere else it would be named the teeth brush. I was also told the phrase “hey sis are you up?” is considered fore-play in that neck of the woods. Those two things made me realize I wouldn’t want to live there but to each his own.
  11. I guess he could have had that fear but I wouldn’t think it is valid. The NBA is going positionless basketball with more tempo the only top tier players that might not want want to play his old style would be traditional centers. Of course we seem to get some pretty good bigs so maybe that’s what he’s selling. I think professional basketball has the least amount of skill specific emphasis of all the sports. Not saying the players aren’t skilled but a raw, big and athletic kid will get drafted higher than a great shooter or passer. Case in point is Ben Simmons. He’s considered a top tier point guard and he has yet to make a 3 in the NBA. That’s almost two years. He is big and athletic though. Get a group of 6’8 athletic kids running that HAVOC system and you could win a bunch of games and send a bunch to the league.
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