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  1. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    Sounds like a plan. Let's just see what happens
  2. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    What I'm suggesting is simple. Had our defense that played USC would have showed up against Maryland we would have run the Terps out of the stadium i hate to break it to you but all the moxie in the world won't help if your defense sucks. What we been missing is a defense.
  3. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    I want to emphasize again how well our defense performed on Saturday. They had a couple of hiccups but to hold USC to 17 pts in regulation is unbelievable. I reviewed our Offensive play by play again and that information really drives home the fact that we had no business being in this game. Our defense kept us afloat along with Collin Johnson. Our offense was truly atrocious when you really examine their performance throughout the game. If you omit the final drive and the overtime periods from the statistics its clear how anemic we were for the other 12 possessions. We completed 9 passes for 147 yards (there were a couple of flip jet sweeps that are considered passes that I didn't count) with 2 interceptions . If you couple that with the fact Collin Johnson had 5 receptions and 123 yards on those drives its incredible. The rest of our guys had 4 catches and 24 yards. That's only 2 more than USC's defense. We rushed for 96 yards when you don't count the 22 yards we lost in sacks. We scored 3 points. In the 1st half we had 87 passing yards (76 by Collin Johnson) and 32 rushing yards (without sacks of course). Think about that for a minute. Everyone not named Collin Johnson on the offensive unit accounted for 11 passing yards and 10 rushing yards. The USC defender who grabbed Chris Warren's facemask moved us forward 15 yards. Todd Orlando and his crew almost beat USC.
  4. Chris Warren III

    After watching yesterday's press conference with Coach Herman and reading Coach Beck's comments following Saturday's game I believe the coaches know they dropped the ball (pardon the pun) in utilizing Chris Warren. Coach Herman was extremely defensive when he was questioned about Warren's lack of rushing attempts. He actually referenced the San Jose State game as an example that they were getting Warren involved, which made no sense to me. Herman also implied that the 3.9 yards avg yards per carry was proof that running Warren would not be effective. Both of those responses were feeble attempts to defend the play calling. I believe Herman knew they were poor excuses and that's why he became agitated when it was brought up again. Since Coach brought it up lets examine Warren's early production against San Jose State compared to the USC game. His first four rushing attempts in the SJSU game gained a total of 20 yards. His fifth carry was 8 yards, his sixth was 26 yards, and his seventh was 41 yards. His average increased from 5 yards per carry to 13.5 yards per carry in three additional attempts. His only four against USC gained 15 yards. Its also worth noting that Warren gained 3 yards on his only carry during our first offensive series. He gained 3 yards and 4 yards respectively during our fourth series in the 2nd quarter. He gained 5 yards on his final carry during our last drive of the game. Big backs tend to wear down a defense and find more success as the game progresses. I'm not saying Warren would have tripled his yardage with three more attempts against USC but it only takes one good run during the course of a game to dramatically increase the yards per carry average. At least give Warren the 5 attempts Porter received. I think he could improve on the 9 total yards and the 3 yard scamper Porter had for his longest run of the day.
  5. Sorry!! I type like I talk, just one big runon sentence after another. I'll work on it.
  6. I didn't take your comment as an endorsement of either QB. I've been hearing those same pundits stirring up a QB controversy and felt your post provided me the opportunity to give my 1.6 cents. I agree, we are in a good spot at QB exponentially better than the past few years or currently at left tackle. I know our O lineman are trying their best but they are going to get someone killed
  7. Everyone on sports talk radio also said we had no chance to beat USC. If they got paid for being right instead of getting paid for talking I might put more credibility in their statements. Those guys deal in volume not value. We all have our opinions on this board in regards to the QB and none of us really know much we just have a preference. I completely agree that Sam has the skill set that fits Herman's offense but his skill set is not substantially better than Shane's to overcome his deficiencies in experience. Sam is one tough son of a gun and I love his passion and competiveness. If we didn't have a returning QB who was equally competitive, had been through the fire, and played pretty stinking good thus far I would be all for throwing Sam to the wolves and letting him learn on the fly. I just believe at this point it is senseless and possibly detrimental to Sam's growth not to allow him to develop like any other freshman should be allowed. I still don't know what Shane did over the past year that convinced people he isn't a good QB or at the very least good enough to prevent us from having to start another true freshman. Shane stunk against Kansas and TCU last year no doubt about it but the whole team stunk in those games. Prior to that and with the exception of OK State we were within 7 pts in every game and our defense was absolutely abysmal. I would like to see what Shane could do with a year under his belt and what seems to be a much improved defense. He was the runner up in the Nike Elite 11 and he beat Lamar Jackson, Sam Darnold, and Jalen Hurts to win the Manning Academy QB competition this summer. The kid can freaking play. Then there is giant elephant in the room people seem to ignore. Shane beat Sam out for the starting job. The QB coaching genius that knows his system better than anyone, including talk radio host, named Buechele the starter and said again after the USC game when Shane is healthy he is the starter. My theory on this "QB competition" is that some people believe, since we were not good last year and lost to Maryland this year, we need to change everything. Buechele went 5 and 7 last year as the starter so he's obviously not "the guy" at QB. We only have one other QB on the roster and he has the makings of "the guy" at QB so he should be the starter. He hasn't done anything to prove he is the answer except being the QB when we shut out San Jose State and lead a 91 yard drive to take the lead against USC. Those are two good things and that series against USC was special but that is an extremely small sample size to warrant a starting QB change. I appreciate Jameson's hard work and insight covering the team but to say "if Shane was playing behind the same offensive line we saw on Saturday, he would have had the same stats" is ignorant. Shane's stats may have been worse, they may have been better, or possibly the same. No one knows what would have happened and the unknown is the root of this whole controversy and I include myself in that statement. I think but I don't know that Shane will have a very good season this year and be one of the top QB's in the Big 12 or possibly nation. I think that because I saw a lot of positives in him as a true freshman last year and normally players get better with experience. I cant say that about Sam because I have no idea what he will do over the course of a season. He might come out and break every record in the book or he might be a complete disaster. I really would prefer not to roll the dice on the unknown until the known actual proves he cant do it and I don't think he has proven that in any way at this time. I'm fine if everyone disagrees with me because it seems Tom Herman does agree with me and he's a Mensa member so the rest of y'all can suck it.
  8. The RB grade was too low for exactly the reasons you listed. Maybe they should have gotten an "I" (incomplete) You are right on two points Sam led a hell of a drive at the end of the game and he performed as well as could be expected in that situation. I'm just asking for the grading system not to be on a bell curve, "for a true freshman ..." that's a qualifying statement. Grade the position not the player. If Shane had played and you gave him a B- for that game I would be saying the exact same thing.
  9. RB "C-" and we never ran the ball? QB "B-" 2 picks, 2 fumbles, 52% comp., missed on every deep ball. Sam played well for a freshman but lets not sugar coat it. What would Shane get with those stats?
  10. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    Last play of first half was a mental breakdown from Wheeler. He was covering the RB. He ran with him toward the sideline and looked back at the QB and stood there while the back went back to the inside. The defensive call was good terrible execution. The two bad snaps were not Shacks fault. Sam signals when he's ready then the ball is snapped. The center does not snap without the signal and he can't see the QB. On both snaps Sam was looking toward the man in motion. Maybe he thought he had time but the center can snap it at any point once the QB signals they are ready. The center will vary the amount of time between the signal and the snap so the defense can't time it. If you notice the entire O line moved immediately when the ball was snapped that doesn't happen unless they hear the signal and are expecting the snap. There is no QB controversy if we want to win games this year. We went through hell last year while Shane cut his teeth just like most teams that start a freshman. There is zero reasons to do it again this year unless Shane is hurt. Sam hasn't done anything to take the starting job
  11. *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

    #1. Our defense almost beat USC and a Heisman front runner. #2. Tonight the offense went back to the Maryland game plan. No Warren and throwing the ball way too much. Sam made some great plays and used his feet to get out of trouble. He also made many mistakes that would or should have gotten us blown out if the D wasn't lights out. If we don't stick to the CW3 run game we will ruin Sam and Shane not to mention keep losing games. If Heards package is what we did tonight then scrap it and let him stick to receiver. #3. Herman and Beck need to focus on letting our guys work to their strengths instead if being Offensive gurus. When we had a defensive minded HC or defense sucked when we got an offensive minded HC our offense sucks. This game was ours and our coaches took us out of it.
  12. *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

    Run the damn ball!!!! We are keeping them in the game
  13. *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

    I hate/love this part of the week. Over the course of the last 3 weeks my feelings for the Horns have been disgusted, encouraged, and at this moment somewhere between hopeful and excited. I know in three hours my state of heart and mind will shift dramatically to the positive or negative pole. My weekend will be awesome or terrible due to one event. I tell myself every week "guard your heart, don't get invested, don't drink the Kool- Aide". Then I spend hours on Hornsports reading news and comments and get sucked back in again. Nothing I can do about it now. Horns up!!! Let's get this game started. Time for Horns to shut the doubters up and remind the world WE ARE TEXAS you better learn to deal with it. Woooooooo!
  14. That's why I asked who sc was because we were definitely the underdog in the 2006 NC game. They were 2x defending champs, 2 Heisman trophy winners, and the belief prior to the game was that the USC defense was arguably the best of all time. It may have been an 8 point spread but no one really gave us a chance.