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  1. I was wondering how to pronounce that last name.
  2. It’s the only way he could play this year...in Texas
  3. I looked up the UIL State Executive Committee minutes from today. Tomball ISD was appealing a decision of the District Executive Committee that rule a student had moved for “Athletic Purposes” the appeal was denied. That means the student can’t play at Tomball or the HS they transferred from. They are not allowed to participate in any UIL activity for one calendar year. That really stinks for the kid.
  4. If he was denied by the Executive committee it usually indicates the move was deemed “for athletic reasons”. When that happens the student can’t play at any UIL school for one calendar year.
  5. i need some help remembering something. On June 28 I was glancing at a Texas recruitment board and everyone was in full blown panic that our Horns were NOT going to have a good class. Was that on this site or some other site with posters of lesser intelligence and belief?
  6. I bet he could put on enough weight to make it. He’s about the same height as OU’s last two QB’s. Of course he should try to avoid the Mayfield beer gut.
  7. It’s easy to convince people if you show them the proof. 2012 Braxton Miller (1,271) 2013 Carlos Hyde (1,521)Braxton Miller (1,068) 2014 Elliott (1,878)Miller(938) 2015 Greg Ward Jr (1,114) 2016 Greg Ward Jr (518) 2017 Sam Ehlinger (381) 2018 Tre Watson (786) Sam Ehlinger (482 with 13 more rushing TD’s than any other player) when Herman was the OC at OSU and through the end of this past season a QB has led the team in rushing 4 out of the 7 years and was the second leading rusher the other 3. What’s our pitch “come be the featured back at Texas and rack up 786 yards and 3 TD’s”?
  8. ^ This. Its a perception issue. Us, and the Big 12 as a whole, are considered pass happy spread teams. That’s great for recruiting WR’s but not so much RB’s. Even Herman’s OSU offense was/is heavy on QB runs. If we ever establish a run first “smash mouth” offense we will pull the top backs but we will stop getting the top Receivers.
  9. This O line recruiting talk made me curious. How well do the HS rankings project for future success? As it was pointed out some of our best were not highly rated. We are not alone. Last years 1st and 2nd team O line AP All American team. Ranking out of HS: 5 Star-2 4 Star-3 3 Star-5 Last Years 1st and 2nd team O line NFL All Pro team. Ranking out of HS: 5 Star-0 4 Star-3 3 Star-3 2 Star-2 Unranked- 3 It seems the big boys on offense are a little harder to evaluate.
  10. After reading some of these comments it seems like the “dead period” refers to the state of Texas recruiting. In case anyone forgot we have a football season coming up in a few months. We are in the mix for several elite players. Verbal commits aren’t worth the paper they are written on. Take care of your business and your business will take care of you. Stay calm and let this play out, we will be just fine.
  11. He will be in the transfer portal or shopping JUCO programs by the end of his first year on campus. Write it down
  12. This is random but if I had that Jersey on my abs would look exactly like the opposite of his
  13. Ringo will probably fall in and out of love several times during this process. We are on the short list and regardless of where we are at the moment on his list it’s still fluid. If we take care of business on the field in the fall we’ve got a great chance to seal the deal. Georgia has been in the playoff conversation for the past 3 or 4 years so obviously their recent success trumps what we are selling.
  14. I really feel for the kid. He’s a combination of Thor and Mr. Glass. I have no doubt he will succeed in life but I would love for him to have at least one season of injury free football.
  15. We are in a great position right now. In the past we had to hope we could hold on to guys during the season and hope they believed in the vision. This year the season will sell the program and guys like KeKe and Zach want to play for a contender.
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