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  1. Longhorns Going Bowling, but Where?

    If we beat Tech it will be Alamo or the camping world bowl if we lose it’s the texas bowl or liberty bowl.
  2. Don’t know why we keep getting these Nebraska rejects to coach our offense.
  3. No More Discussion…This is Ehlinger’s Team

    I’ve heard this before. It is highly unlikely that Sam goes through the season unscathed we are going to need Shane at some point.
  4. *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

  5. Buechele update (9/8/17)

    Surely this means Heard moves to QB permanently?
  6. *****Game Thread - Texas vs. Maryland*****

    Gotta get Warren the ball more if he gets hurt he gets hurt but to not give him the ball more was a mistake.
  7. Professional Boxing

    Mystic Mac is going to get battered.
  8. Break Out Player 2017

    Kyle Porter.
  9. I thought Herman couldn't recruit? 😂
  10. NFL Draft Thread

    Foreman should have came back.
  11. NFL Draft Thread

    Well a lot of guys who should have been horns have been drafted so far lol.
  12. Porter Carter Young That's what I expect our rb depth to look like as the season goes on.
  13. March Madness

    Kansas and Kentucky are out this makes me very happy.
  14. Damn imagine if we have to play a walk on this year.
  15. All the rbs were pretty much out except for Kyle Porter.