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  • Texas Basketball falls to #7 Kansas 80-78 in Lawrence on Monday night


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  1. It’s not shocking. There are only say 350 starters in the NFL. There are give or take 90 drafted per year. The power 5 graduate 600 or so defenders. Less than 2 players per team or drafted a year. Take the two best junior/seniors per team. These are just the guys that are drafted. And then feed and train them full time and if they work hard and get a desire to destroy someone physically they can make $100 million. That’s a college player evolved into an NFL player. NFL defenders are the best of the college players in a survival/thriving of the fittest. And why it is harder to watch than college football. Most of the fun is taken out. Sad to say but the only fun is if and when a guy like Baker Mayfield (very hard to say) thrives. At least you can tell he’s enjoying the game
  2. But if the A’s gave him $4.7M with no recourse, they deserve the stringing. If they offer him a Major League contract and a lot more guaranteed, they’ll deserve what they get. With that gamble if they get a Hall of Famer they’ll deserve it. But if they get nothing it will hurt worse a spot on the 40 man roster is precious. Giving it to a player who can’t help for a couple to three years is stupid. This could be the classic throwing good money after bad.
  3. Wayne

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I don’t know too many 225 pounders that don’t.
  4. That assumes they ever had them.
  5. We don't want CTH to become known as Coach December/February. Let's hope he earns the moniker of Coach January.
  6. After this season I won't second guess CTH until Texas loses or he doesn't win a game in the way I think they should. So I'll give him to the first week next year at least. Until then he's golden by me.
  7. We would still have had two losses and missed the playoffs.
  8. Wonder who hurts worse... aggies or bama fans. I think aggies. they needed to put another vicarious national championship to put on the outside of kyle field.
  9. Wayne

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    The Bru-mance is over.
  10. Wayne

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    No it wasn’t. But only because Belushi stopped the Japs from invading California in 1941.
  11. Wayne

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Maybe that has changed. We’ll see. If it has we should have some great classes. The ones we’ve had haven’t been bad just not deep enough or coached up. But you are correct.
  12. I didn’t mean to insult male cheerleaders who work with female cheerleaders. I get that.
  13. I totally get your point. I spent 5 years in the Marines and we’d say we would “kick your a**” or “knock the sh** out of you”. But “dick stomped” and stuff packed just ain’t manly... sort of like male cheerleaders. Oh yeah. Forgot about that.
  14. Wayne


    The only place Manny failed was here. There had to be a reason. Too many cooks in the kitchen, maybe. Somebody upset that a 30 something was in that position, perhaps. Did Manny really get to own the defense here?