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  1. But they are in the SEC. So they got that.
  2. I totally agree with you. But I will say now that I’m getting up there in years, the years are flying by, football seasons too. But off-seasons... On the bright side, off-seasons may make you feel like you lived a bit longer.
  3. Bet our interim coach isn’t interim anymore.
  4. Doesn’t take as big a job of selling The Hill...
  5. I never did everything my mama said. If I did, I wouldn’t have ended up in the Marines.
  6. McConaughey and a cannon... I’d pay to see that... on TV.
  7. It’s that SEC logo. Because it sure ain’t that a”trophy” case.
  8. Yes it does. Sad thing is I’ll be pulling for them. I like to watch well coached basketball from Texas. So long as it isn’t from collie station or Waco.
  9. I agree. I’m an Astros fan and remember Bregman started his career about 1-38. Worked out pretty well since then. Baseball and small sample sizes.
  10. How about Armanti and D’Onta. We wanted Armanti and had to take his brother. That one was 50/50. I liked our side of the 50 pretty well. Not sure that 50/50 isn’t a good percentage on recruits.
  11. If I remember correctly, the last package deal Texas took worked out well.
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