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  1. 83Dee

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I missed this somehow / somewhere.... who or what is Fong??? Thank you.
  2. 83Dee

    Ehlinger shoulder update

    I think Shane throws a really good long ball. One of his best attributes.
  3. 83Dee

    Ehlinger shoulder update

    I disagree. If he’s cleared by the medical staff, let him play if it makes the team better. We need all hands on deck for all games (see Tulsa).
  4. 83Dee

    *****#9 Texas vs. Baylor Game Thread*****

    “A win is only ugly for a day.” Bill Parcells
  5. 83Dee

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Are you counting players redshirting in your optimum number??
  6. 83Dee

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    They will get an influx of commitments when Mike Leach takes over in December.
  7. 83Dee

    *****GAME THREAD - TEXAS vs. OKLAHOMA*****

    Random, I know.... Who is the DL who wore #55 yesterday? Christmas-Giles? passes the eyeball test.
  8. 83Dee

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I believe he is committed to Tennessee. Wrong UT.
  9. Perhaps call a meeting of all true freshman and D Young. Topic? It's generally a really, really bad idea to run backwards with the ball at the D1 college level.
  10. Most UT fans think Texas has the resources, history, recruiting base, etc..... to be elite. So, we do come across as spoiled when complaining about wins. This game while yes, is a win.... in conference.... on the road.... against the purple genius.... but it goes to show that we aren't in the zip code of where fans think our potential is. Clawing out a win against lower tier D1 teams (KState, Tulsa) is cause for alarm if you are elite. Texas is certainly not elite at this point. Are we headed in that direction??? I guess time will tell. But I thought with the "right coach" it would occur at a much greater rate of speed.
  11. I saw that after I wrote it.... no really, I'm not a plagiarist!
  12. Agree.... pretty much. Look - Sam is our QB for the next 2 1/2 years. If he were going to ever lose his starting job, it would have happened by now. He has upside that is incredible! His competitive nature, his ability to run, and his live arm.... But I'll be honest, his inaccuracy absolutely prevents our offense from getting into any semblance of "rhythm" and keeps it below average. It must be deflating beyond words when everything is executed.... EVERYTHHING from pass protection, to route running to everything else that goes into executing a play.... and it is rendered unsuccessful because we can't play catch. Errant pass in other words. And I'm not just talking about incomplete passes - passes where the receiver is wide open and has to go to the ground to make the reception or spin around backward just to make the catch. In my humble opinion, this is killing our offense! We now have on offense: NFL caliber receivers, a fine back in Watson and what looks like a special back in Ingram, a good TE (finally) in Beck, and don't look now.... but an offensive line that can actually pass protect and create holes for our running game (bravo Herb Hand). And, yes a QB who does learn and improve. I don't know if you can teach accuracy, or if it's like footspeed (you have it or you don't)….. but I submit - that 3rd down errant pass to Collin Johnson late the 4th quarter could very well have cost us the game. If accuracy can be increased, then by all means an all out effort must be had here! I'm rooting for Sam because I love the kid and he is our QB for the next 2 1/2 years. He seems like a solid citizen, a good leader and a fierce competitor. He seems to have stopped handing games to the opponent late in the fourth quarter. Let's hope accuracy is also something that can be improved?
  13. Our offense scored 10 points.
  14. I guess I missed the announcers predicting our plays. In any case.... do you think Patterson had time to look at the formation, and adjust his defense before the ball was snapped? Serious question.... I’m not trying to be argumentative. By the way, I thought it was established that Herman has been calling plays?
  15. Every play looks creative and genius when it is executed. I'd say that execution is a much, much bigger issue than play calling. Criticizing a play call after it doesn't work is kind of like criticizing an investment AFTER the stock drops. I agree with you that our offense average at best. However, it is improving..... primarily due to better OL play. If Beck is moved from OC to QB coach as suggested and TTech goes .500 as suggested.... there's your new OC - COACH BRO!