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  1. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    It was an April Fool’s joke.
  2. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    We uninformed require more info....
  3. Jacob Young to transfer from hoops program

    Texas basketball is in this weird zone that is not good, and this (though we had success with Barnes) traces back to his regime. There are two broad paths I see to being greatly successful in college basketball: the Gonzaga path, where you keep and develop your players for four years (see Texas Tech and their senior-laden roster). Or, the Kentucky path which is turning your team over every year and simply reloading with McDonald All American caliber talent. Texas seems to be somewhere in the middle. We aren’t recruiting KU or North Carolina like talent every year; but we have tremendous turnover. I used to play the “what if” game in the Rick Barnes era.... “what if” ________ (Aldridge, Tucker, Gibson, Turner) fill in the blank..... would have just come back one more year.... we could ha e been a contender. Im not sure I have the answer.... but I see a problem. Kentucky turnover without Kentucky talent.
  4. Jacob Young to transfer from hoops program

    I’ll take a guess based on my eyeballs.... playing time. I liked the way Jacob played... athletic, pushed he ball up-court with great speed.... but he came here touted as a shooter and we never saw it. Shooting actually appeared to be the weakness in his game. I wish him well. He seemed to have a good attitude; even when his minutes were very sparse.
  5. Mo Bamba announces he will enter the NBA Draft

    Agree... but the fate of this team and quite possibly Coach Shaka won't be decided by Center play but the teams ability to shoot from beyond the arc. And a bonus would be from the free throw line.
  6. Mo Bamba announces he will enter the NBA Draft

    Never doubted this for a minute; and Bomba never hinted that it would be anything but one and done. He made the right decision; but I wish the opportunity wasn't there for this decision to be made. One and done isn't good for NCAA or NBA basketball.
  7. I hope you're wrong, players can improve from one year to the next. I have to admit that I don't see how the same issues won't exist next year..... only without Bomba.
  8. Good points! I used to complain about Tom Penders teams saying precisely what you pointed out about KU above.... it’s tough to shoot well in enough consecutive games to seriously contend for a title. I stick to what I originally stated, but will amend it slightly because hyperbole was employed: the game is evolving into layups (dunks) or threes. It has become dumb to do otherwise. But that said, if you can’t shoot threes effectively, it is really tough to compete! I’m no math wiz; but my limited knowledge tells me that hitting 20 shots from beyond the arc is the equivalent of hitting 30 elsewhere. This makes it crazy to shoot anything less than super high percentage shots unless you are behind the arc. By the way, I agree with you... shooting in general is this teams primary issue. From threes, to put-backs, to free throws.
  9. Here’s a hypothesis - formulated in in my laboratory, which could perhaps be cause for discussion? My awareness of Longhorn sports goes back to my childhood in the mid-70s. This puts us right around this wheelhouse: End of Royal / beginning of Akers; Abe Lemons; Cliff Gustafson and Delo$$ was brand new. This timeframe covers many, many sports seasons; many coaches and a few Ads. Anyhow, here’s my hypothesis: If you take the three primary sports at Texas: Football, Basketball and Baseball and look at the last four years (whether or not you count the current .500ish record in baseball as a “season”)…. You cannot find four consecutive years which are worse than the most recent four in any of these three sports. I can almost guarantee you this is true for football and baseball. Basketball gets murky because of the Wetlich years….. However, he did share a SWC championship in his tenure so I give him the nod over the four most recent seasons. If I’m correct (and I believe I am) just ponder this for a minute…. we are at our lowest point in almost 50 years in the three most important sports at UT! What’s my point? I guess I’d like to know how this can possibly happen at THE University of Texas? What in the world has gone wrong?? Certainly something is rotten in Bellmont Hall? I have a few theories, but would first like to know what you think about my hypothesis and what you think the cause is??
  10. I see it differently than you. Basketball is ALL about shooting / defending the three. Go and watch a game at the Middle School level these days, and it is the same. Shaka recruits like he is playing in the 80s... he favors athleticism over shooting.... and unless this changes in haste, it will be the single most prominent factor in his ultimate dismissal. So, I see things differently than you. Our biggest flaw is an inability to shoot 3s effectively.
  11. 2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    What did I miss? I agree with regard to the AAS; low quality.
  12. When do the Lady Horns play in the NCAA basketball tournament?
  13. I’m not trying to be argumentative, and I know before I type this out that it will sound pessimistic. I appreciate your optimistic view of things, and I once shared them with you. The bottom line is this, something is really wrong with the University of Texas’ athletic department. That’s a broad statement and I have my theories with more specifics, but stay with me for just a moment. I would submit to you that UT athletics has an order of importance as follows: Football Men’s Basketball Baseball Woman’s Basketball Volleyball We could quibble on this, but take a look at the top 3. Texas, which likes to think of itself as a blueblood with so many advantages: Facilities, Money, Location, Great City…. Is a mediocre team in a bad power 5 conference, in each of the 3 most important athletic programs. I could make a case that in my lifetime (I’m 51 years old) Football and Baseball (based on performance for the last 4 years) is in the worst shape it has ever been in. Basketball is a close second, only being slightly eclipsed by 4 years with Bob Wetlich – and even that is questionable because he shared a conference championship in basketball. Remember what I said, I am going by “performance on the field / court of play” and not gaging other indicators. Since 2009, we have heard the same excuses or sunny opposition for bad performance on the field / court of play: We are young We have had injuries We are recruiting well and brighter days are right on the horizon The problem is we never get “experienced,” all teams have injuries, and this great recruiting never materializes into actually putting a good product on the field / court of play. Honestly, I think we as a fan base have been patient enough. Please don’t take away my “fan card” status because of this post. I know it is negative, etc…. but I’m just getting really tired of the three bullet points above! If we are this blue-blood program with all the advantages, I’d really like to see a conference championship in one of the big three sports…. Heck, right now I’d settle for a meaningful game after the halfway point in a season. Rant over, I’m out, and yes, I still love my Horns!!
  14. I hear you; but the youth excuse has been used too often for too long in too many UT programs. With scholarship limits today, almost all college teams are young!