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  1. Her opinion is that I spend too much time on sites such as this one.
  2. And another question while I’m at it. We recruit DTs and DEs. Sometimes even NTs (or nose guard if you will). In our 3-4, would you say we have a NT and two ends? Or, a NT and two tackles.... or a NT and one of each?
  3. I always thought Fr indicates “true freshman” and Frosh indicates “redshirt freshman”.... you know, like a mix between Soph and Fr.... am I wrong?
  4. 83Dee

    Sights from the Hardwood: Texas 75, WVU 53

    I still have faint hopes that Shaka turns this thing around. Boy, would it be better if he did.
  5. More interesting to me is who makes up our 2nd team OL. It will be interesting to see which of our young OL (besides the obvious - Jones) is developing the quickest.
  6. My name is Daniel so I’ll take a stab: C - Shack G - Kerksetter & Okafor T - Jones & Cosmi of course, Spring ball might have something to say about this. There May be a more qualified Daniel.
  7. 83Dee

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Coaches seem to love Shack. I think he plays with a nasty edge that they appreciate. I always wondered why they left him at center when every snap was an adventure. But last year he seemed to correct it and play great for the most part (Herb Hand??)
  8. 83Dee

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I agree. Toward the end of the year (after his return) Shack played great! His snaps were even better. Edit - I subsequently read what ut040713 wrote.... great minds.
  9. 83Dee

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Who is our back up center next season? Do we have any interior linemen in these classes? I’m thinking Angilau and maybe Ghirmai move to guard?
  10. 83Dee

    ****NSD2 Running Thread****

    Lol... In my mind, he wasn’t committed. Whoops…
  11. 83Dee

    ****NSD2 Running Thread****

    Spotlight should be prewritten
  12. 83Dee

    ****NSD2 Running Thread****

  13. 83Dee

    ****NSD2 Running Thread****

    That was a bit of a surprise wasn’t it?
  14. 83Dee

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    The NCAA is about as toothless as a newborn baby. Joel Klatt (credible source) openly states that cheating is rampant in the SEC and to a lesser degree in the ACC. They have no interest in even attempting to seriously police their own rules. Its like they regret what they did to SMU and TCU (the living death penalty) and decided to never act authoritatively again.
  15. 83Dee

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    It seems to me that an “uncommitable offer” is an “oxymoron”. If I were a recruit I would treat it as a “nonoffer” until I received a “commitable offer.” All the discussion about “is this a commitable offer” gives me “tired head.”