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  1. I think he didn’t go to class the entire final semester - knowing he was going pro at season’s end. There was some controversy as to whether or not he should be able to play in the bowl game after the semester ended.
  2. If you’re looking for logic and reason on a fan forum, you’re in for a long quest.
  3. This class is shaping up very nicely! QJ and Eaton are probables.... that leaves just a few spots left. Who would you put on your realistic wish list?
  4. Lol.... very true. I think every group rationalizes a bit. We dabbled with #5 some during the Strong years. But they have embraced these to a high comedic level.
  5. Probably been said.... but is there a Collins timeline? i read that Collins is a legacy. Did his dad play football for UT?
  6. They are becoming caricatures of themselves.
  7. 14 good looking recruits in.... Who would you say are the most important recruits remaining?
  8. I’m a bit behind and don’t have time for catch-up reading.... is Eaton a take, minus Alford?
  9. Anyone know the origins of “errbody?”
  10. This is the first year at Texas Orlando is playing with pieces that fit his scheme.... not taking 4-3 DL and plugging them into his version of a 3-4. D might be better than expected.
  11. If everyone stays relatively healthy....
  12. I’ll go 10-2 and a tier 1 Bowl game.
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