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  1. Ha! Not by me. I doubt many really thought he would be fired after last year. This year could go either way. I’m willing to bet a sodie-pop that he’s back. My typical posture is that if you have the right coach, you can tell early (see Rick Barnes and Mack Brown). This four years has been a billboard for mediocrity! I could certainly see declaring “not the right fit” and going a different direction. I could also see making a case for giving him another year, see below: 1. Huge buy-out 2. Can recruit gangbusters 3. Several W’s against top ranked teams 4. Shaka was a huge “get” when he came here. He would have been on the radar of any blue-blood basketball power looking for a coach. I was stunned we got him. This could buy him extra time. Dont attack me. If anything I’m trying to prepare the peeps for another run. Each W in the NIT makes me more confident of this.
  2. My opinion is that Shaka will be back. Don’t misconstrue what I said as support or opposition. Shaka will be back with a very talented group that he recruited. Next year will make or break him at Texas.
  3. Shaka will be back with this projected starting 5: PG - Coleman Jr SG - Ramey So SF - Febris Jr Stretch F - Hepa So C - Simms Jr Also a lot of experienced depth. Get used to the idea. Hey, they played really hard today.
  4. How appealing is our basketball program to a top notch coach? I know our athletic department can pay and that is a big consideration.... but quite frankly, the fan support embarrasses me at times. I think DelConte can probably do something about this, but as of right now the apathy would certainly factor into a coach like Donovan who could likely choose anywhere he wants to coach at the college level.
  5. Good news! I think Ringo will be a Star.
  6. Redshirt? On Depth chart in 2019? Any prognostications?
  7. 2021? Based on the projected talent in state (and Texas’ ability to recruit)??
  8. C - Shack G - Braun / Okafor T - Cosmi / Kerksetter Does this look about right pre-spring?
  9. I’m going to respectfully disagree with this. Sure it’s a bad time for a WR, but I think watching gamefilm still means something. He’ll be drafted, and if not LOL to anyone who ranks a time on a stopwatch over how someone actually plays.
  10. We need yet another emoji for sarcasm (see you could use it right here).
  11. After last year, I could make the case for an equal number on defense....
  12. Indeed. The later days of the SWC were like this. We had a very bad year toward the end and 4 or 5 teams tore their goalposts down after beating us.
  13. Is it only surprising to me that a young HC at a power 5 school’s next stop would be an analysist position? Glad to have him, but he must have excelled as a position coach and coordinator to get where he was? Not a slam - glad to have him - and granted, maybe I don’t understand the new world of “support staff.”
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