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  1. 83Dee

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I don’t think I ever remember a coach purposely holding back scholarships in order to save them for the next year. Not that it never happened I just think that would be very rare.
  2. 83Dee

    **College World Series Thread**

    Thank you..... I should have been more specific. I am looking to stream the radio broadcast while at work.
  3. 83Dee

    **College World Series Thread**

    Is there a way to stream this game, anyone?
  4. 83Dee

    ***CWS Opener: Texas vs Arkansas***

    Will the game resume on ESPN??
  5. 83Dee

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    It's time for some fun prognostication: Who is next for the good guys?
  6. 83Dee

    Texas Lands 4-Star PG Courtney Ramey

    Can he shoot?
  7. 83Dee

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    It was an April Fool’s joke.
  8. 83Dee

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    We uninformed require more info....
  9. 83Dee

    Jacob Young to transfer from hoops program

    Texas basketball is in this weird zone that is not good, and this (though we had success with Barnes) traces back to his regime. There are two broad paths I see to being greatly successful in college basketball: the Gonzaga path, where you keep and develop your players for four years (see Texas Tech and their senior-laden roster). Or, the Kentucky path which is turning your team over every year and simply reloading with McDonald All American caliber talent. Texas seems to be somewhere in the middle. We aren’t recruiting KU or North Carolina like talent every year; but we have tremendous turnover. I used to play the “what if” game in the Rick Barnes era.... “what if” ________ (Aldridge, Tucker, Gibson, Turner) fill in the blank..... would have just come back one more year.... we could ha e been a contender. Im not sure I have the answer.... but I see a problem. Kentucky turnover without Kentucky talent.
  10. 83Dee

    Jacob Young to transfer from hoops program

    I’ll take a guess based on my eyeballs.... playing time. I liked the way Jacob played... athletic, pushed he ball up-court with great speed.... but he came here touted as a shooter and we never saw it. Shooting actually appeared to be the weakness in his game. I wish him well. He seemed to have a good attitude; even when his minutes were very sparse.
  11. 83Dee

    Mo Bamba announces he will enter the NBA Draft

    Agree... but the fate of this team and quite possibly Coach Shaka won't be decided by Center play but the teams ability to shoot from beyond the arc. And a bonus would be from the free throw line.
  12. 83Dee

    Mo Bamba announces he will enter the NBA Draft

    Never doubted this for a minute; and Bomba never hinted that it would be anything but one and done. He made the right decision; but I wish the opportunity wasn't there for this decision to be made. One and done isn't good for NCAA or NBA basketball.
  13. I hope you're wrong, players can improve from one year to the next. I have to admit that I don't see how the same issues won't exist next year..... only without Bomba.