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  1. Since it’s in the books, how would this class rank??
  2. Joel Klatt on an interview with BAD Radio in Dallas - said that cheating is rampant in the SEC and ACC. Take that for what it’s worth, but Klatt is an ambassador of sorts for college football. Certainly has no personal reason to hurt the game.
  3. I have to admit not following baseball this year much more than tracking the box scores and our record. What I do know is I thought baseball had gotten it right! Baseball was back!! Pierce took that goodwill earned last year and now I wonder if last year was a mirage? But, as I said, I don’t follow closely. I’d be interested to hear from those who have followed closely, what in the Wild Wild world of sports happened? Pitching, fielding, injuries, we lost everyone from last years team???? also, is help on the way?
  4. Pencil in Earl and Vince for every response. For my third I’ll take Kenneth Simms. Youngsters won't remember him.... DOMINANT!!
  5. Ha! Not by me. I doubt many really thought he would be fired after last year. This year could go either way. I’m willing to bet a sodie-pop that he’s back. My typical posture is that if you have the right coach, you can tell early (see Rick Barnes and Mack Brown). This four years has been a billboard for mediocrity! I could certainly see declaring “not the right fit” and going a different direction. I could also see making a case for giving him another year, see below: 1. Huge buy-out 2. Can recruit gangbusters 3. Several W’s against top ranked teams 4. Shaka was a huge “get” when he came here. He would have been on the radar of any blue-blood basketball power looking for a coach. I was stunned we got him. This could buy him extra time. Dont attack me. If anything I’m trying to prepare the peeps for another run. Each W in the NIT makes me more confident of this.
  6. My opinion is that Shaka will be back. Don’t misconstrue what I said as support or opposition. Shaka will be back with a very talented group that he recruited. Next year will make or break him at Texas.
  7. Shaka will be back with this projected starting 5: PG - Coleman Jr SG - Ramey So SF - Febris Jr Stretch F - Hepa So C - Simms Jr Also a lot of experienced depth. Get used to the idea. Hey, they played really hard today.
  8. How appealing is our basketball program to a top notch coach? I know our athletic department can pay and that is a big consideration.... but quite frankly, the fan support embarrasses me at times. I think DelConte can probably do something about this, but as of right now the apathy would certainly factor into a coach like Donovan who could likely choose anywhere he wants to coach at the college level.
  9. Good news! I think Ringo will be a Star.
  10. Redshirt? On Depth chart in 2019? Any prognostications?
  11. 2021? Based on the projected talent in state (and Texas’ ability to recruit)??
  12. C - Shack G - Braun / Okafor T - Cosmi / Kerksetter Does this look about right pre-spring?
  13. I’m going to respectfully disagree with this. Sure it’s a bad time for a WR, but I think watching gamefilm still means something. He’ll be drafted, and if not LOL to anyone who ranks a time on a stopwatch over how someone actually plays.
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