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  1. I'm afraid I agree. I have seen too much bad football for too long to allow my orange colored glasses to give me hope. If we are competitive in this game, I will break out the pom poms once again and call for a contract extension. But even considering a win is beyond my heart's ability to overtake my brain.
  2. I've been around a bit and have noticed a troubling trend in UT football. It goes something like this: Unit struggles mightily / New coach or philosophy is introduced / Unit improves. Each time what the new coach brings or the new philosophy is as follows: Simplify things, let the players stop thinking so much and just fly around and do their jobs. I first remember hearing this early in the Mack Brown era with the OL. I have heard it with the defense on many occasions (Robinson made the correction twice) and it occurs with QBs. Now I am hearing it with this team. Can we just sign an agreement to never get things too complicated again so that we don't ever have to "simplify?"
  3. I meant Gary Johnson, not Carter. Carter may have helped at LB vs Maryland?? Both last year and this year, when McCullough is in the game seems to have a knack for being around the ball and does a nice job getting to the QB when he blitzes.
  4. Five point plan to limit the damage against USC, for what it's worth..... probably very little: 1. Play Hager much more as a pass rusher. Pass rush has been poor and that combined with a secondary that tends to allow people to run around free could be lethal. Hager can get to the QB.... please get him on the field more. 2. Give Chisolm more snaps. See pass rush observation above. I didn't see much of Chisolm but what I did intrigued me. Our current DL may grade out okay, but they do not pressure the QB very well. 3. Treat Warren like a weapon (which he is). Stop with the consistent rotation and give him the overwhelming majority of the carries. Stop with the committee already. 4. Let Shane heal completely before putting him back in a game. He has the edge over Sam (right now) because of experience and accuracy. But the overall difference between the two is minimal. A less than 100% Shane makes Sam the better option. A re-injured Shane makes us less formidable for the rest of the year. 5. I won't pretend to know the intricacies of the rotation, the psychology, who practices better, etc.... but here is my fifth bullet point - Johnson and McCullough are now starters at LB. Keep them on the field until they require a breather.
  5. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Random question here.... not sure where else to post it. Did Ketchum get the boot from "the Horn" in Austin?
  6. I think I was concussed for watching the entire game.
  7. Serious question.... I apologize if this has been covered prior. Did this injury occur on the big hit on our first possession? I was thinking all game that Shane didn't have the same zip on the ball that he had last year. Some of the longer throws that require some gas were down right scary! Am I alone and was this the cause?
  8. Urban Meyer Takes a Public Dig at Tom Herman

    Meyer was grandstanding..... Herman didn't blame the loss on Charlie Strong. What is the feud between Meyer and Herman?
  9. What you are thinking of is Vince's sophomore campaign vs Michigan in the Rose Bowl. Vince's freshman year he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with a football. He had a good, perhaps great group of receivers who were used almost exclusively as blockers for his running. By the end of his sophomore year, he was still deadly as a runner but was also adequate as a passer. His junior year Vince could slay you with his running or passing and became "unstoppable."
  10. My Thoughts Following The Maryland Debacle

    Good post Epictetus, I hate to nitpick, but I take issue with your use of the words, "holding penalty." I don't think it is a good and respectful use of the terminology. I remember the golden years under McWilliams, Macovic, Brown and Strong when I could gripe about a "holding penalty." "You could call that on every play!" I would shout at my television. A "holding penalty" lends itself to the game of football as it gives you water cooler fodder on Monday for why you really should have won the game.... the refs stink! These were not holding penalties. I'm not sure what you call what our tailback did.... he took a helmet in the chest as he wrapped both arms around the base of the defenders helmet and then acted like one of the Von Eric's as he attempted to flip the defender over his falling backwards body. I don't think that is really "holding?" Moreover, holding is when you can argue whether or not a player was "outside his body" when he had a fist full of jersey. Our right tackle looked like he was making a chain for a game of "Red Rover" as he back peddled.... looking for someone to block with his arm out at a 90 degree angle holding onto the jersey of a player someone else was blocking. Perhaps he just got his sports mixed up, but I don't think this was "holding." Now, our sure fire first round draft pick.... what he did is holding. This is why he is entering the draft early and won't be with us next year.... he was beaten by a spin move; and rather than allowing his already injured QB to get further damaged, he extended an arm, grabbed a jersey and acted like he was water skiing behind a speed boat. This is how you do it, old school, but even at that I really couldn't argue with the call.... it robbed me of that joy! What I am looking for next week is holding penalties which are traditional enough that I can complain - "we were hosed!" If I see that, I will know these kids are being coached up by a coaching staff that pays attention to detail!
  11. My Thoughts Following The Maryland Debacle

    I think you misinterpreted. I in no way am approving of the coaching or playing effort. I meant what I said, we are blasting him pretty good for week 1. We had people defending Charlie after year 3..... although that group had dwindled to a significant minority. Honesty, I think the "short leash" with a lot of Longhorn fans is because they have real fatigue for the product that has been on the field for about 7 or 8 years now! I'm not talking about typical disgust at a bad trend, I'm talking about doing other things rather than taking the time to even watch it on TV. I know several people who fit this category. I think this might actually be worse for Texas football than other explanations.
  12. My Thoughts Following The Maryland Debacle

    Don't bête on it. I am not sure what you need to do at Texas as a LB to lose your starting position? I don't think it is a merit based system.
  13. My Thoughts Following The Maryland Debacle

    Herman is getting blasted after one game.... I don't remember another coaching staff ever having a leash this short. Part of the reason is ridiculous expectations - I am as guilty as any. I drank the Kool Aid.... seeing what happened at Cougar High, soaking in the MENSA talk; attention to detail talk; urine test talk; special forces (teams) talk.... Yes, part of it is ridiculous expectations. The other part is just Herman's personality. He is an alpha - he controls the press conferences. He is confident - just shy of arrogance. This is neither right nor wrong - it is who he is. And, he will be loved for it if he wins. He will be our precious little Bill Belichick. If he doesn't win, the flood of criticism will be greater because of it (see John Macovic). Yes, I drank the Kool Aid and had ridiculous expectations myself. I have changed. I now use Mack Brown as my measuring stick. He came into a program that was in shambles. In year one, after beating New Mexico, his team got blasted and I mean blasted by UCLA. They were outmanned and outclassed. Not only that but they lost their blue Chip quarterback to injury (Richard Walton) and had to go with redshirt freshman (Major Applewhite). The point is, by the end of that season, that team was playing about as good as any he had. They went 9-3 and then blasted Jackie Sherrill's Mississippi State team in the Cotton Bowl. This is my new measuring stick. I want to see week by week improvement and a team playing good enough to compete honorably in a bowl game by the end of the season. Herman is certainly getting paid like a Mack Brown, I want to see he and his staff perform like a Mack Brown! I will sit through a rebuilding process with my pom poms if I can see it happening. But as orange as my blood is, I am getting rather tired of what I have been witnessing for the last 7 years or so! I have a lot of yard work that needs done. and could use my ticket money for things like putting my kids through college.
  14. Greatly enjoyed the read.... You grade a bit higher than I would.... but you are probably less emotional than I. Special teams were bipolar; high highs and low lows. Duvernay, you are an excellent receiver..... go and ask the coach to never, ever play you again on kickoff return. As a matter of fact, if they do, I may just quietly stand up, turn the TV off and go mow the lawn.
  15. *****Game Thread - Texas vs. Maryland*****

    Welcome aboard, I hope you continue posting. I'm going to throw something out there that I have been thinking for about 1 1/2 years, but have never really stated it this way. I will leave out specific names, only because I am such a class act (pause for laughter). For Charlie's last two seasons and now one game into the MENSA coach's tenure, we have seen really, really bad defense and really, really bad offense (the exception being last year on offense). There have been different coordinators and now a new head coach, and quite frankly it looks identical. During this time, there is something that has stayed rather constant - the players. This group of players plays very poorly. They can't: block, tackle, pass rush or cover to be specific. Yet, our attitude is that they are not being coached up? We in essence have bought into "the ingredients are there - the cake just needs to be baked" idea. Let me offer an alternative solution..... we are not a talented football team at all. In other words, I believe a lot of players are considered to be talented because of how they were ranked coming out of high school, but I'm here to suggest that many of those were misses. If you erased from your mind what any of these kids were ranked coming out of high school, then how in the world would you possibly think any of the following units have "good talent": Defensive backfield Offensive Line Linebacker I saved linebacker for last because I would suggest that in my years of watching Texas football (starting in 1975) the last three years has been the absolute worst linebacker play I have seen. Yet we think they are loaded with talent there. OL I'm really only referring to a couple of spots who were highly ranked coming out of high school. Here is my suggestion to Coach Herman - one I doubt will receive much approval - but hey, this is just a forum for discussion, right? : If you are going to lose, lose with youth. I believe the current group of highly touted prospects will continue to have "poor gap integrity" and continue to take "poor pursuit angles".... will continue to have an absence of pass rush and will continue to be poor at tackling and covering. Why not go with some fresh faces that will be there during your "make or break year?" And for goodness sake, if you have a kid (Roach, Hager) that seems to be able to make plays, DON'T PUT HIM ON THE BENCH!!! Yes, watch the film from previous years and see how these kids play when the lights come on.... though, yes, practice is important. Yes, I'm writing this season off. Question whether or not my blood is orange, it's okay, but I'm using sound logic based on three years of repeatable observation. And finally.... I hope I'm wrong.