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  1. with a Prince and a Princely coming in It is only fitting that the go to a Royal stadium (DKR) what?.....dont tell me I am the only one that got this.....
  2. Chip says he is very distraught and is considering transfering to some place that will let him play.
  3. Doc you say that but to lose two top recruits from the sane class before they ever get to play a down is something I never remember happening before. I wish both young men speedy recovery whether they ever get to play again or not.
  4. Damn!....first we lose our talented RB Thompson to a brain issue, and now our talented LB early enrollee De'gabriel Floyd, may be lost forever due to Neck problems. I wish the best for those young men. I dont recall ever losing two very promising players before they ever had a chance to play one down in the same class. I hope we are getting them the best care available so they have a chance at a normal life whether they ever see the field or not.
  5. and here I was thinking that free agency in College football was going to be the ruination of what we thought was amature college football......but now open national recruiting for high schools comes along and tops that. next thing I know pro contracts will be signed while the baby is still in the womb based on genetics.....surely the apocalypse is upon us......
  6. Hazing.....the haven for cowards and bullies...it serves no other purpose other than allowing the snivlingest of cowards to Lord over those that they would never otherwise be able to challenge. It doesnt build character, breed closeness, aid in bonding or any other lame excuse you hear the proponents argue .....
  7. Jimbo....wasnt he the guy that had a losing season his last year at FSU and then quit in the middle of the season?...hmmmmm
  8. they need it....we dont...so what for?....It could never again be on Thanksgiving, so it would never be the same . It would not mean anything conference wise, so it would never be the same.... If it could never be the same, why do it?...meaningless..... the old adage is quite true........you can never go back!
  9. of course it is crap. Not just this bowl season, but the last 3 years the secsecsec has like the 3rd worst bowl record of the power 5 conferences. For those keeping score at home that is the bottom half! Since most secsecsec teams avoid playing any power 5 team in the season (alledgedly because of the "tough" secsecsec schedule) the bowls are the only time they play them. the myth of the secsecsec has been exposed.
  10. and aTm's trophy case?....about 1/1000 the size of their" Moral victory" trophy case.....and lots smaller than their "triumphnat losses" trophy case....
  11. aggy claims he is a fake and the only reason he is getting these times posted is because of the UT "conspiricy"....not secsecsec good enough.....you want proof he is over rated?....Bama didnt offer him.
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