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  1. I am with Dee on this one.....channeling my inner Groucho here.... I am suspect of any coach that would accept this job.
  2. oldhorn2

    2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

    aggy is maintaining that Demas is in fact the # 1 recruit in the country. Has anyone else heard the ever so faint rumor that Demas is a grade risk?
  3. but...but...but...dont they know Jimbo is coaching up all those under rated stars at aTm?....
  4. easier to understand solving world hunger than to understand aggy logic.....
  5. big dates ahead...: * spring practice *spring game *HS graduation ...Do we have any grade risks?...For the first time in a while I havnt heard of any... *reporting day...do they all show up? *start of fall camp...love getting those reports..(should say NOT getting the reports...damned tight lipped reporters...) * first game.. Ok, I have it all worked out....I am ready!
  6. they dont have to be close....I have aggy friends that actually were bragging about how close they played Alabama....I said...you lost by over 3 TD's That isnt even close in hand grenades....they said yeah....but we played em closer than anyone else...in the REGULAR SEASON.....advantage aggy!.....WHOOP!
  7. oldhorn2

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    actually....NW Oklahoma is beautiful....It is called green country for a reason. We had a place on Grand Lake at Grove and next to us was a 100 acre pasture with 100 head of cattle. They could not eat the grass as fast as it grew.....always belly high. I couldnt believe it......Even so it was infested with Lice, ticks, and the damndest chiggers known to man. The moral is that no matter how nice it looks....it it still full of blood suckers.
  8. absolutely. In fact, I hope we go one better and send Herman or Beck or Stan by his home to check on the family and see how they are doing. It is the right thing to do and the sort of good thing that pays karma dividends down the road. Get well soon young man.
  9. oldhorn2

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I thought the guy from Virginia was around 330 and was like a 3 year starter....all ACC and all that. What happened to him?
  10. well....thats only because the sip "bump" machine goes into action....
  11. tells you all you need to know indeed. Zero sum effect I believe. We schedule Bama and LSU so therefore Bama and Lsu schedule us....what aggy is trying to say is that THEY dont schedule big 12 games....That my friend tells you all you need to know
  12. oldhorn2

    Commitment Spotlight: Bru McCoy

    where is Overshown playing?
  13. oldhorn2

    PWO question

    I see we now have Elinger, Jett Bush and 2 others I cant remember right now.....What is up with that? I see that the FWK was charging $8000.00 to the families for getting their sons a PWO at various places. Was FWK invilved with our PWO's or did we just sign them up without his permission? If we did that does that lessen his leverage? I am somewhat serious asking this. I dont like what he brings to the table and cannot help but feel what he does is somewhat seedy. Is FWK and his ilk the future of college sports?
  14. not just this year....the last 3 years cumulative bowl record has the secsecsec near the bottom as far as W-L records go....