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  1. oldhorn2

    Football practices - any info?

    fair enough. We dont have to agree on everything to hope for the same thing.
  2. oldhorn2

    Football practices - any info?

    all I can say is I enjoy both of ya'lls posts. Generally you both seem to know quite a bit about the game. Keep em coming. That said....the very last guy I would expect to get any useful info from would be Tom Herman. Nothing against Tom, I just take "coach speak" with a grain of salt. Why in the world would anyone expect the coach to lay out what he really thinks of his team. It would ALWAYS work against him. If Boyles asked me a question I would have a blank stare as well. I would not dream of giving that dumb SOB any useful info what ever. Boyles and Chip Brown are not friends of this program.
  3. oldhorn2

    Football practices - any info?

    Doc......just so you know....I appreciate whatever you have to pass along. This being an internet message board, each of us can accecpt/reject any and all information that comes our way. This is after all the equivalent of overhearing a conversation a conversation at the racetrack and rushing over to place bets..... At any rate, Thanks for giving us something to read during this dead period where we are desperate for any word whatever. By the way....when I posted on another site that Buschele might be a surprise this year, a guy that is also well connected told me that his passes on out routes still looked like a wadded piece of paper on a windy day. Keep it coming Doc...What else are we going to read to keep us from going crazy for the next 16 lousy days?
  4. oldhorn2

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    my guess was that in "wife speak" it meant..."you are a dumbass"
  5. oldhorn2

    My Take On The DeShon Elliott Stuff...

    We know nothing about this rant on Twitter other than the end results. Perhaps the coaches are jerks that needed to be called out. Perhaps the coaches feared " bad" elements attending this party and simply tried to warn current players away. We may or may not ever know the real deal, but it certainly makes for some interest in an otherwise boring dead period.
  6. oldhorn2

    The Dead Period Hang Out

    Just remember....YOU started this thread...so you have to live with the results...
  7. oldhorn2

    The Dead Period Hang Out

    this guy walks up to the golf pro and says he has a tee time in 20 min. and he doesnt want a cart. He doesnt see well so he wants the caddy with the best eye sight. When he walks up to the first tee there is an 85 year old man with his clubs. He asks what the guy is doing , he says he is his caddy. The guy looks him over and asks ..." how is your eye sight"?....the geezer says...20 - 20....the guy says ok... He hits his drive...a mighty whack....he turns to the caddy and asks..."did you see where it went?"....Old guy says yep....the guy says where is it?....Old guy says..."I dont remember"
  8. oldhorn2

    Phil Steele's Preseason Top 25

    Trust me....if you really want to be a "stinkin genius" you will never ,ever be "right" in those discussions..... with business associates , water cooler guys, and anyone you run accross on the course or bar, you want to be "right' in those discussions...............NEVER with the wife!
  9. oldhorn2

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    ok....I admit to being behind the curve here....but what in hell is a DT QB?
  10. oldhorn2

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    lost in all of this is that we have moved up to the # 10 ranked class....with 13...
  11. It just gets better and better the more I read it. This slow change in philosophy they have had to under go has seen the mighty aggy go from 11-2 with that inferior Big 12 roster ...to 9-4...to 8-5; 8-5; 8-5...to 7-6.... sort of diminishing returns on that new secsecsec strategy it seems. Man!...they are the classic example of that parable that ended......"he who knows not and knows not that he knows not".....
  12. My God!!! Do these guys ever read what they write?......you dont understand until you play a season or 2 of secsecsec ball the kind of guys you need to get??? Did he really write that?....strange that the only season they had ANY luck winning in secsecsec play was their first season in the secsecsec when they had a roster of guys from the Big 12...How does that compute to them?
  13. oldhorn2

    Commitment Spotlight: CB Marques Caldwell

    how come when something is a badly kept secret I am the only one in the known Universe that isnt in on it????
  14. oldhorn2

    Commitment Spotlight: CB Marques Caldwell

    wow Daniel.....you said this was a done deal for a while, but since Mc Causeland's write up was dated May 30, I guess you meant it had REALLY,REALLY been done for a while. Good get. Welcome young man!
  15. oldhorn2

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    embrace the pain!....pain is only weakness leaving the body!