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  1. SHA....I love ya man, but I am too damned old to understand what that post means. Seriously.....is that good news or bad news?....and who is it about?,,Broughton or Madden?
  2. I dont know about everybody else, but I get damned excited when I read on Brainiacs that Jake Smith is like "the fastest kid in the world" type stuff. When you consider he is not just some track guy playing football, bur a damned skilled receiver that happens to be faster than anyone.....I cant wait! ....and that Hookfin , who was supposed to be 2 years in the weight room away from being a player comes in at 300....and not a sloppy 300 either....and that Gbenda is going to play early.......Damn!.....let the season begin already!
  3. here is a tip.....never argue with aggy......no point at all.
  4. reading those player tweets it makes me think there was more of a reason for him wanting to go back home than missing his Mom. I dont know about the coaches, but it seems the players were not "kissing anyone ass" Otherwise, I wish the young and confused man the very best.
  5. apparently, it is not a major infraction to chisel false titles on your stadium wall...
  6. Earl was indeed special. He remains in my opinion, the second best football player to walk the 40 acres
  7. the trouble is that they aint Earl or Billy until they are. Every year guys come on the scene with lots of fanfare and only sometimes do they turn out legit. Things happen...ala Romance Taylor ... If a guy is a stud so to speak he is worth the effort, but there aint but one Earl...
  8. May be a different genra, but the idea is the same. I was watching a very rare interview with both Charlie Munger and Warren Buffet, who together have run Berksher Hathaway since the beginning.... Charlie was asked how they handled disagreements....Charlie said they didnt disagree. He told Warren..." you will end up agreeing with me because you are smart and I am right"....
  9. # 1. What in hell does aggy know about scheduling decent teams? # 2. What has aggy EVER done to deserve to get us on their schedule?..........whoop!
  10. this is hard to impossble…...but the first name you take is Nobis!....how you pick between Vince and Earl is beyond me, bu Nobis absolutelyhas to be in there.
  11. with a Prince and a Princely coming in It is only fitting that the go to a Royal stadium (DKR) what?.....dont tell me I am the only one that got this.....
  12. Chip says he is very distraught and is considering transfering to some place that will let him play.
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