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  1. I dont care that he is a aggie recruit. It is too bad that football is now such a big business that the kids get treated like pawns on a chess board to be played by fat old men with no ability themselves that only have power. In the end, it is a good learning point for Demas
  2. this is am old story. I put something up about this last year , or at least months ago and asked what the deal was?...Nobody knew much. I dont think anyone thought it would come to pass(me included), but there it is. I think it had something to do with the number of times he has transferred school to school, but I dont remember. I dont think it is in any way a character reason, just that the UIL sees him as a sort of mercenary. I will try and find out what I used to know about this. When you get this old you change from saying I wish I knew then what I know now to I wish I knew now what I knew then....
  3. this is great.... I dont know who anyone is talking about and I am still excited.....
  4. lets see.... Best mascot.......no... best dog mascot......no best mascot in the secsecsec......no best dog mascot in the secsecsec......no gets first choice to sleep in any aggies bed.....YES!
  5. ........so by my count, aTm is 1-4 against non secsecsec P-5 foes, but is 9-11 against the secsecsec 2 things come to mind there....a few posts ago, someone posted that aTm is winning 54% of conference games since joining the secsecsec so they must be getting worse in their last 20 games.....hmmm(Sumlin>Fisher?) the other thing is aTm win percentage much higher against secsecsec than non secsecsec( P-5).....proof positive the secsecsec myth is about to be exposed...
  6. is there a brace that protects for that high ankle sprain?
  7. What I will NEVER understand is why a season old injury is not dealt with in the off season. This is not a new injury. Why , oh why did the staff wait until now to deal with this? or......did he get hurt when he came flying into the fray to defend Sam from Oaissi?
  8. Hell....we were THE University back when Woody was coaching. Pissed Baylor off to the point they started calling themselves ...THEE University...
  9. I saw a glimpse of a tidbit that said during the scrimmage a few fights broke out....They said Sam and Ossai got into it and Eagles(I think) came flying in to defend his QB. Anyone else hear about this? Not often the black shirt gets into fights.
  10. SHA....I am thankful that the "field" exam on these guys did not reveal anything serious, but until they start hauling MRI machines and cat scanners on those golf carts, I am going to just sit here and shiver.
  11. they said Sterns "rolled his ankle".....that can mean anything really, but "tweeking" a knee......that could be anything from 2 weeks to all year.... I swear we need to line the locker room with.....make that the RB room....with chicken feet....make em sleep with a raw egg under the bed.....wave the smoke and feathers on em....a few "hail Mary's"....and maybe just hope for some good luck. We ought to be flush at RB......then we had one go down with a brain anurism.....one that is made of glass(KJ)....one that has been injured(Ingrahm) since he got here....and ALL were damned high talent backs. Now our fate rests with a true freshman that was recruited as a WR/linebacker with out a single carry in college and a guy that has been a hard worker, but not a stellar back so far that fumbles a lot. These are all good young men that work hard and deserve our respect.....but man alive....we need a good break for a change when it comes to our RB's
  12. I feel bad for Sanders, but what I need to know is how long will Ingrahm be out? I hat,hate,hate when the first word out of camp is that the guy "tweeked" a knee....what in hell does that mean? Any knee trouble is serious, but this could be really serious. What has anyone heard?
  13. I was excited to hear the Thompson committment news and just as fast was devastated to hear that both Sterns and Ingrahm were injured in the scrimmage and both are on crutches. DOOM!
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