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  1. oldhorn2

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Sometimes you just tip your hat to the other guy. I say good luck to him. This is not supposed to be easy. We have to EARN our way into the most desired place to be. We have to take care of business and if/when we do, we will begin to win these battles.
  2. oldhorn2

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    I suspect he has no idea what a W is. He certainly doesnt have much experience with them.
  3. oldhorn2

    NCAA passes new transfer and redshirt rules

    ok thanks....that helps a lot... I just read it wrong.......Which it the first time I ever did that.....
  4. oldhorn2

    NCAA passes new transfer and redshirt rules

    So this means....a school can be figured to be loaded for the next year....if they just had a great,great running back or QB so the scouting staff looks around for the best QB or RB in college ranks and starts recruiting him to have his only possible chance at being on a national championship team.....Think that wont happen? It might even be a Hieseman hopeful.
  5. oldhorn2

    Kyler Murray

    Hell......let it play out! I think it will be interesting to see a college QB play that makes more than his coach.....Kind of like that construction foreman that won 57Million in the Lotto , but wanted to keep working. His boss told me..." he is a good worker, but now he might be a little hard to supervise...."
  6. oldhorn2

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    tough break for him. Had he been able to stay at Baylor under Bryles he would still be playing football. All Bryles' players had diplomatic immunity in Waco
  7. well....the votes are in.....I read where Oakland is fine with him playing football and he said he is gonna play football. It doesnt matter what we think. I guess what everyone is counting on here is that he is hard to catch.
  8. Dion Sanders did well in both MLB and NFL...I think he even once hit a home run in Yankee stadium and later scored a touchdown the same day. Aint but one Neon Dion however. Switch to Bo Jackson....NFL rookie of the year or was it baseball?......Either way he was great at both......till he broke his hip in a football game....good bye either career. Lets see....Bo was about 210 or 220....Kylee is about ....uh....well.....remember the carnival rides where they had Goofy holding out his arm and the sign said...if you are not at least this tall you cant ride?
  9. oldhorn2

    Oh Aggy, Part Deux

    so.....Saban is ALMOST always detail orientated......great boat ride except for that one tiny detail.....
  10. oldhorn2

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    TFB says it is gonna be a big weekend
  11. oldhorn2

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Man I want to believe you.....but this is looking like that sign in the bar that says ..."Free Beer Tomorrow"...
  12. oldhorn2

    More questions about who were the best?

    I remember Chris Gilberts first game.....I had never heard of him. We were all waiting to see Bill Bradley in his debut. Bradley was so anticipated as a certain super star that he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated before he ever played a down......so....we all sat down to watch Bradley begin his star studded career. Chris Gilbert ran for somewhere between 130 and 150 yards that game. It seemed like every time he got the ball he just went off untouched. I might have been somewhat somewhat cloudy on my recollection as I had smuggled in a bota filled with bourbon, but I am sure it went exactly as I remember....
  13. oldhorn2

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    funny thing about time......"this week is gonna be a big week" has been going on for several months it seems and I am still waiting for that big week to show up....
  14. oldhorn2

    Way too early predictions - Longhorns

    you're singing my song Doc....you're singing my song.
  15. oldhorn2

    More questions about who were the best?

    My problem with Roy Williams is the same as my problem with Malik ....they were good, but had the talent to be so much better. Had Malik played like a banshee with his hair on fire who knows how good he could have been. He always had trouble shedding blocks and looked like he simply took plays off. Nobis never took a play off, not even in practice. Derrik Johnson never took a play off. Malik was very good.....so damned much talent, but when you are talking about the best, you need to play like you want to be remembered as being one of the best. I guess what I wanted from Malik was what Malcom brown did. ...play like a beast even without the great cast around you.