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  1. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    LOL?...SHA....I aint laughing.
  2. Weekly Film Review: USC (by Ryan Bridges)

    well said.....We lost to a degree on Darnolds immense ability to make a play when needed. Sometimes you have to tip your hat to the other guy. The pass you describe and that jump pass were special.
  3. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    If worms carried pistols, birds wouldnt mess with em.
  4. 2018 Recruiting Board/Thread

    dont forget how aTm stormed out of the gate an completely over powered Nichols State....(pssst......not exactly) .....uh what do you mean not exactly? ( ....you damned fool...Nichols State led most Of that game)....Oh! Never mind
  5. Damn Ricky....If I ever dreamed I could have said that so well I would have to wake up and apologize..
  6. after watching some clips, I can see why Warren was not in the game much. If the call is not to Warren, he is a total liability. He cannot/will not block. He singlehandedly almost got Sam killed on a 3rd and 4 which was a waltzover for a first down had Warren simply blocked his man. Instead of Sam having mucho room to run for the first he got instead a full force hit in the backfield that Warren stopped and stepped aside ( of his man) so as not to impede.Is Warren too good to block, too bad to block or too indifferent to block? If the only plays we can use him on are runs , we may as well have Heard in the pistol. Everyone knows he is going to run it.
  7. Connor Williams Injury Update

    I hope he has whatever he needs for longtime future health. He has enough "tape" right now to sell himself to the NFL. Conner....you do what is best for you and your future. We thank you for your service. His focus should be on getting 100% by the time of draft physicals. It is not his fault we are razor thin on the line. He did his part damned well.
  8. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    He fielded 3 inside the 5. The first one he made incredable moves and brought it out to the 29. That may have cost us the game because he thought he could do it every time and we paid the price.....Sort of like the guy that goes to a casino for the first time , throws a quarter in the slot and hits for a few hundred.....he then spends thousands the rest of his life only remembering that payday he hit. I remember thinking at the time....uh...oh!...he is gonna try that over and over, and sure as hell he did. I have to compliment the staff for removing Durveney from the KO return team after his crap showing against Maryland. They will at least "have a discussion" with Mapps. Unlike Durveney, he at least showed some aptitude for the job.
  9. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    Man!....that is just wrong. We played Georgia off the field in that game and had a 7-3 lead with just minutes to play as I remember it. Georgia was 3 and out damned near every series. Once again with the clock winding down we forced another punt ...AND ALL WE HAD TO DO WAS LET THE DAMNED THING BOUNCE AROUND AND WE TAKE A KNEE AND WIN. But no.....our guy tried to run up and field the ball at the last second and muffed it. Georgia only had to go 10 yds against a suddenly deflated defense...game and Natty over. I will never get over that game.
  10. 5 Thoughts Following Texas/USC

    Warren got lots of snaps last night but only 4 carries??? I dont get it. I do understand having Porter back there though. The kid can flat out block. He completely folded a few guys breaking through. Sadly that was necessary because #75 completely whiffed sometimes and his man came in the backfield untouched. Why would the strongest man on the field choose to dive at the knees of his guy allowing himself to be vaulted and Sam crushed? Dammit man engage him!!! We missed Shanes accuracy last night, but sure got good use from Sam's bull runs. I have no fault with whoever the coaches use going forward.Colli and Armenti made unbelievable catches......Poona and Malik! Poona and Malik! I had hope they were that good, but prior to last night I had no proof. I wont make an issue of it but twice our WR were either held or flat out mugged but no flags thrown.Also, I know that guy quickly released Sam's facemask, but I dont think Sams head gets snapped around like that just because someone wipes their hand past it.Twice our guys got hit in the facemask by the crown of a helmet. Even still, I thought the refs were very good in this game. In closing....WTH?...I want to know why Warren is used on goal line plays only as a receiver?
  11. *****Texas vs. USC Game Thread*****

    Ricky....it is called being a fan. Frankly, if you dont feel exactly that way then you are NOT a fan....you are a bystander. You know who bystanders are dont you?...They are those sorry bastards that get better seats than you do and spend the whole game getting up and down to buy some crap that you cant afford and wont shut the hell up talking about their sorry assed kids.
  12. QB Update

    Texbound....I know you are younger than I am so I will offer this bit of advise......never ever form opinions of anyones skill level based on a spring game.
  13. Couple More Roster Notes For USC

    arent Boyd and Hill sophomores?
  14. QB Update

    respectfully....I disagree. If the coaches feel that way, then ok. But starting a freshman in an away game of this magnitude just because the fans think so is not a wise course.
  15. QB Update

    I dont care if we run Dickson under center. I just want to win.