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  1. Mookie feels more like parents/family got involved with distance, much like last years loss in Rondale Moore. He ended up choosing proximity to home.
  2. The Mookie news is a little odd. There's plenty of slot recievers out there.
  3. Delete Grandy, he has already taken a medical.
  4. He got hurt early on. "Made his career debut on special teams in the Longhorns' road victory at Kansas State ... had one tackle in a 48-45 win over No. 7 Oklahoma ... played in the 23-17 victory over Baylor ... played in the 42-41 loss to No. 12 West Virginia ... played on special teams in the victory over No. 18 Iowa State ... played in the 24-17 road win over Kansas ... played against Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship Game ... helped the Longhorns to a 28-21 win over Georgia in the Allstate Sugar Bowl."
  5. 6'4" athletic 272 # blocking guard for the run game!!! I hope they get him.
  6. I'm not sold on this kids work ethic. We need the bodies, but we don't need a cancer. If he signs with Texas, I hope he works his ass off to see the field within two years.
  7. Looch thinks he's playing out a planned spurn without actually saying it. He thinks this whole thing has been in the works for months with a last minute switch to his circle jerk squad. That's what Texaggy thinks.
  8. Bru made for an entertaining weekend, but I think that'll pretty much end the class outside of Grad transfers as late as May. I highly doubt Shep makes his visit, they'll try to pump up that Jimbob Super Bowl bash with his flip come this weekend. As for the kid coming in this weekend, there's a serious amount of competition at the position, so I'm not real sure they can sale it, but. Ya never know with all the good press!
  9. He has been accepted and could do just that on their own dime until it is all straightened out. This is unknown territory, otherwise.
  10. I think 80% have been granted said waiver thus far.
  11. “met with the USC staff and compliance earlier today.” “entered the day with intentions to enter the transfer portal.” its unknown what is to follow
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