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  • Texas vs Iowa State kickoff will take place on Saturday, November 17th @ 7:00 PM at DKR-TMS in Austin
  • Texas Football schedules Georgia for home and home series in 2028 and 2029
  • Texas Football ranked 13th in AP Poll and 14th in Coaches Poll


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  1. Hmmm, because he had no reason to stay in school and was eligable for the draft.
  2. I know you have a buddy, but I was told throughout most of the season, he wasn't high on the staff. My ears are around daily, close to Chip and company. I agree on the rest, but he had no desire to return.
  3. When your front 7 isn't very good, shit happens.
  4. I don't see that as a good comparison, He wanted out. There was some disconect with he and the staff.
  5. I wonder who that could be? He's a Southlake kid, money isn't an issue. There is simply no reason for him to chase the bag unless he want's out.
  6. TexExSpur

    HornSports Members Prediction Thread: Iowa State

    Very similar team to WV. Purdy has them feelin' it right now, he is 5-0. He has two road wins under his belt. It's time for him to get checked. IT will be senior night and I expect them to go out with authority. ISU plays tough and they're not the ISU of old. Texas will need to play their first complete game from start to finish (I'm afraid to say) and if they dont, I see them losing this one late. Gut 28-24 ISU Heart 35-24 Texas They have exceeded my expectations for the most part, I was hoping for a minimum of 8-4. It's obvious this team could have been in the double digits and I like where things are headed. Hook'em
  7. TexExSpur

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    If Floyd was involved in landing a kid, you'd have to think it's a Cali prospect. Right?
  8. TexExSpur

    Zach smith losing his shit

    Dude got way too deep in his cup last night! He doesn't seem like a fella long for this world.
  9. TexExSpur

    5 Thoughts Following The Win Over Tech

    I love me some kicker the dicker! The offense finally looks like an offense, the defense gives me the sad.
  10. TexExSpur

    HS Members Prediction Thread: Texas Tech

    Carter has a high ankle sprain
  11. TexExSpur

    HS Members Prediction Thread: Texas Tech

    It's worse, Texas front 7 is lacking and they've had poor gap integrity and poor tackeling the last few weeks, but....OU sucks.
  12. TexExSpur

    HS Members Prediction Thread: Texas Tech

    Duffey was a 50% passer versus a worse defense than our own. Key is pressure, a spy on Duffey and forcing bad throws.
  13. TexExSpur

    HS Members Prediction Thread: Texas Tech

    I hate to live in the past, but I still wish Duvernay would have fallen down at the 10 or even the 5 after his catch. Can they contain Duffey and force him to make bad throws? Key to the outcome. There is no way that freshmen is playing with the reoccurance of a collapsed lung.