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  1. Didn't know where to put this, but here ya go. Looks like Derrian Brown on the road to recovery and at the least he could have a normal life!
  2. Didn't see a draft thread and not trying to derail this one but.... Kyler just measured in at 5'10.1 and 207lbs, call it a hunch but I think he goes #1 overall. If he runs sub 4.4 forty hes a lock for Top 3.
  3. More coaching rumors: the top lb in the nation from Mesquite Horn is transferring to Duncanville. Forget his name. Samples continuing what he did at Skyline for years. Duncanville is one of the few 6A schools in the state that has open enrollment still, where you can live outside of the district and go to school there so technically these kids don't have to move. Is it fair? Idk, thats a debate for another thread. I myself, say more power to him. That's why he took that job in the first place, so he better take full advantage of that open enrollment haha.
  4. 4 years to play 3, so he could come in and if he cant contribute immediately we could red shirt him
  5. Depending on how many sets he did, he probably one rep maxes somewhere around 450-500lbs
  6. Per coaching rumors Stone has an extreme helicopter following him around (if you catch my drift). Probably something the staff already knows about and has a plan for. But I think there's been times in the past this staff has passed on recruits bc of influences around them. Interesting to see how this plays out.
  7. UT offered the Green twins out of Allen. They are legit. Both play WR, but could honestly play anywhere on the field.
  8. Good news coming tonight! Should be the start of a strong OL class
  9. Im with you. Just knowing that we wanted to take 4 in this years class and are going to settle for 2 and probably a Grad transfer we have more room on the depth chart
  10. Majors is Texas to lose. I don't know how hard we're pressing at this current moment with guys like Lindberg way a head on the OL board. Interesting to see how many OL we take this cycle with a lot of top talent guys in state and easily room to take 4-6 OL
  11. There's another one out there, maybe from Cali or something.
  12. If he doesn't eventually play baseball for the A's, within whatever time frame they gave them, he has to pay back the signing bonus.
  13. I think Kylers move is actually extremely smart. He wants to go NFL, but knows the shelf life is short. Why not see if he can get the MLB to match his offer? Smart kid
  14. Ja'Quiden Jackson needs to be at the top of everyone's lists. He's a guy you give a shot at QB and find out later where he helps your team. If developed he could be Cam Newton. No joke
  15. Cain always looked for a reason not to come to Texas....
  16. I guess Johnson technically flipped from Iowa State
  17. Duncanville's QB is an ELITE athlete, I dont know where he translates to at the next level. Probably not at QB, but in the right system he could be a really good QB. I don't think he's as good as Tristan Wallace or Shawn Robinson was in HS (as of right now tho). Duncanville's defense is the star of the show. They are all big and fast. Safety/OLB has NFL ceiling. Keys to game: They haven't been tested all year. Weak district. Weak non district schedule. How will they respond to being in a close game? How will they respond to a team that can match them blow for blow? Should be a great game!
  18. Even with Urban out, Wilson is still all OSU.
  19. @Sirhornsalot Longviews QB is the coaches son and he's a straight runnin stud. I think TCU offered last week. He's special. 2020 I think
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