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  1. CoachEmUp64

    Commitment Spotlight: Derrian Brown

    Boom, welcome to the 40!
  2. CoachEmUp64

    Some opinions and some info

    the runs that im talking about 1st quarter 8:19 clock 2nd quarter 4:16 on clock maybe they weren't walk in TD's, but there were chunks of yards left on the field due to poor vision. I'm just nitpicking and trying to explain why he didn't play much in the second half. I believe he is the future as well, I just think the coaches rolled with Watson and Young after that bc of those mistakes
  3. CoachEmUp64

    Some opinions and some info

    That plus Gary getting ejected and have roach play in the middle, added onto already being down 2 other lbs, were our biggest problem on D and thats why we couldn't stop the jet sweep (football 101 play) execution was piss pooor, coaches need to rip their butts 10 different ways until USC game
  4. CoachEmUp64

    Some opinions and some info

    Ingram is the future, but he was benched and didn't play much in the second half bc he left 100+ yards and 2 rushing touchdowns on the field. Both outside runs, doesn't trust his blockers and cuts back inside into heart of pursuit by defense and gets 6-10 yards on runs that were blocked perfectly and he could've walked into the endzone. Go back and rewatch the game.
  5. CoachEmUp64

    College Football Schedule - Week 1

    Can we get one of these for this week? @Aaron Carrara
  6. CoachEmUp64

    It’s Game Week....

    41- 17 UT
  7. SIAP Did yall see the report that OSU confirmed Herman was at the stripclub with Smith during a recruiting trip to florida. What a joke. OSU and their fan base is placing blame on everyone else except Urban.... p.o.s. This feud is only going to get worse. Every dirty little secret will come out.
  8. CoachEmUp64

    It’s Game Week....

    Just a reminder that Wheeler has to sit the 1st half of the Maryland game due to a targeting call in the bowl game.... such bs
  9. Question about borers... Is there any treatment I can use on my tree to save it? Or if I'm already seeing dead limbs and no new growth is it too late?
  10. CoachEmUp64

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Well after a couple months off for summer and spending time with family, I'm back to the message boards! After catching up on what I missed, looks like y'all didn't miss a beat lol.
  11. CoachEmUp64

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Here's who I think the 4 "Shh" silent commits are that will pop within the next few weeks. Maybe one today and one tomorrow... 2020 QB Hudson Card 19 OL Tyler Johnson 19 WR Jake Smith 19 CB Marquess Caldwell (flip from Oregon) 19 TE Jared Wiley
  12. CoachEmUp64

    2019 Recruiting Board/Thread

    Per TFB: – The most recent commit (which was the latest shh) is a 2020 player. However, he may not be all the big news this week. There is a possibility Texas could be in store for more good news this week and if things go according to plan it’ll go public this week, as well.